How to Write a Philosophy of Nursing: Complete Guide with Examples

Nowadays, nursing is one of the most lucrative careers for students worldwide. It not only has opportunities for good income but also carries a lot of nobility. Doctor always needs the most skilled nurses to assist them from inland as well overseas.

How to Write a Philosophy of Nursing

Proper nursing is equally important for any patient, along with regular treatment from doctors. Any ailing patient in the hospital always needs proper care and supervision from skilled and experienced nurses in any hospital or nursing home. Good nurses are also required in reputed clinics to carry out various health care related operations and activities. Thus, there are a lot of opportunities in the nursing profession.


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What Is a Philosophy of Nursing?

A philosophy of nursing is a type of statement that outlines the ethics, values and beliefs with all the professional motivation. It fully covers a nurse’s perspective regarding education, patient care ethics and practices. It helps in identifying the beliefs and theories to shape the job easily.

What Is a Personal & Professional Philosophy of Nursing for Students?

The Personal & Professional Philosophy of Nursing for Students is holistic, empathetic, and culturally sensitive care to all patients. It is always necessary for nursing students to be patient advocates, teachers, providers, leaders and managers to deliver top-quality nursing care.

It is actually about compassion and getting an idea o the physical, emotional as well scientific levels of the patients. As professional nurses in the future, there should be a personal commitment towards long-term learning via good education and experiences to improve your nursing knowledge.

How to Write Your Nursing Philosophy Paper?

  • First, find out what interests you most in nursing: There can be many reasons you will be interested in choosing the nursing profession, like being treated very well by a nurse or any of your family members being treated well by a nurse. You can also be inspired in general by how nurses treat and care for even dying patients and make them well. Now, think back about the moments of the people and times that inspired you to be a nursing student. For example, why do you prefer the nursing profession to a doctor so that you can be closer to the patients?
  • Figure out why the nursing profession is important to you: Find out what you will get if you care for your patients, educate people to be health conscious and contribute to the team of healthcare professionals. You can build good relationships with your patients to make them comfortable during treatment. You might also enjoy the challenges often faced in the medical field while saving lives. It would help if you incorporated any of these particular elements in the nursing philosophy statement for more motivation.
  • Enlist your nursing strengths: You always need to know very well about your own core competencies as a professional nurse in the future and keep trying to improve them. Here you can list your skills and personality traits essential to being a nurse. Some of these traits are as follows:
    1. Empathy
    2. Integrity
    3. Interpersonal communication
    4. Kindness
    5. Leadership
    6. Organization
    7. Time management
  • Do a proper outlining of your own personal values: Enlist your values for giving an excellent approach to becoming a nurse. Some of these are enlisted below:
    1. Integrity
    2. Service
    3. Innovation
    4. Community
    5. Equality
    6. Accountability
    7. Teamwork
    8. Patience
    9. Quality

Now, you need to connect the way these personal values are related to your nursing. Ex: if your personal values include teamwork, service and accountability, then you might join them as follows:

  1. Nursing is a noble service for your community, your patients, and their families.
  2. It would help if you always collaborated as a healthcare team member to provide comprehensive care.
  3. Being a nurse is holding yourself to the standard of any facility to the healthcare community for providing the best, safe, and most dedicated healthcare to your patients.
  4. Consider all the positive impacts you need to have as a nurse: The nursing philosophy system may also include your own nursing goals to motivate you as well as guide you to progress in your career. Ex: your impact will be to improve the lives of your patients through health care and education.
  5. Reevaluate your nursing philosophy for career advancement: As you progress towards your career as a nurse, you need to overcome all your professional challenges to reach your ultimate goal. To ensure your nursing philosophy, you need to regularly review traits, skills, values, goals, motivations or patient approaches.


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What are Examples of the Philosophy of Nursing?

  1. “I believe it is essential for everyone in striving and demonstrating the characteristics of patience, honesty and compassion. My philosophy on nursing is that I use all these characteristics along with desire for a lifelong learning process.”
  2. “As an aspiring nurse my nursing philosophy is developing patient care skills through my nursing career along with nobility and honesty.”
  3. “My actual philosophy on nursing is that I take my nursing work more than a mere profession. I take it as a privilege to service the people of my community with utmost nobility.”

What are the Four Components of Nursing Philosophy?

  • Role: Your role as a nurse or a health care professional always plays a very important part in the world of global medical care. It is a job with a lot of responsibilities and nobility.
  • Process: The entire nursing process starts from noting down the patient’s current medical condition to taking care of the whole process.
  • Values: It is a very important aspect of nursing philosophy. It includes taking proper care of the patient throughout the span of his illness.
  • Knowledge: You always need to possess a very good and thorough knowledge of nursing as well as medical science in your profession.

How Can a Personal Philosophy of Nursing Help Your Career?

Your personal philosophy of nursing can help your career in a variety of ways, as follows:

  • Your interaction with the patients
  • Interaction with the patient’s families as well with the other healthcare professionals
  • Your obtained knowledge from the classroom

How to Create Your Philosophy of Nursing Paper?

  • Determine the thing that interests you the most in nursing
  • Find out why the nursing profession interests you
  • List your nursing strengths
  • Jot down your personal values
  • Consider your positive outcomes as a nurse
  • Reevaluate your own nursing philosophy to progress in your healthcare career.

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