How to Write a Problem Statement in a Nursing Research Paper?

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Solving a nursing problem research paper is not an easy task. A lot of time, study and research is required to write it in a proper way. The problem statement and statement of purpose are 2 major aspects of your nursing research paper.

How to Write a Problem Statement in a Nursing Research Paper?

Your writing pattern also largely depends on your writing topic. You always need to adhere to your writing topic while preparing the research paper.

What Are the Main Types of Nursing Research Paper?

  • Problem focused: irregular breathing pattern, coughing, RT decreased expansion of lung, AEB dyspnea, etc.
  • Health promotions: enhanced coping for family
  • Risks: risks for the ineffective clearance of the airway, RT accumulation, lung secretion, etc.
  • Possible: low self-esteem for chronic causes
  • Syndromes: chronic pain syndrome

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What Is Problem and Purpose Statement in Nursing Research?

According to our Research statement for nursing help provider experts the statement of nursing paper state the actual intent of your paper. The nursing research paper problem and Purpose statement focuses on the main issues that is being discussed in your research paper.

This problem statement deals with the what, who, where, when, why, etc. of your nursing research paper. So, you always need to write the problem statement after the abstract and before your paper introduction.

Your statement of purpose of the nursing research paper follows just after the problem statement. Then, you need to expand your nursing research paper on research methodology as well the subject central themes.

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How to Write a Nursing Research Problem Statement Paper?

5 Easy Steps to Write a Good Nursing Research Problem Statement

  1. Understanding the given topic: First, you always need to go through and understand your given nursing research topic very thoroughly before starting to write. Here the key points that are to be noted include paper subject, main points to discuss, aim of your research paper, etc. This problem statement is quite different from the hypothesis that is a logical thing to prove your research. In your nursing assignment paper, the problem statement stats the core issue. Here you can use only the 3rd person with past tense. Here you always need to discuss the purpose, nature and every other detail of the nursing research paper in a whole nutshell.
  2. Nursing Research Problem Statement List: Here you need to collect all the needed details you can include in your nursing problem statement. This part is a short one and should not exceed 7 to 10 lines. Here, you can begin with an introductory statement or line. The nursing problem statement is aways informative as well persuasive. This will set your introduction background. In this section you can initialize your discussion points in the paper. The problem statement list are as follows:
    • The problem: the root cause of the nursing problem statement
    • Effects: processes or people who are affected
    • The results: root cause of the discussed problem
    • The solution: the best proposed solution with benefits
  3. An In-Depth Analysis: Although the problem statement is short but it is quite comprehensive. It includes certain details of your nursing research paper. The actual purpose of your nursing problem research paper is to highlight more in your own study area. It is also the statement of the organization, sector, as well core issues of the nursing research paper.
  4. Summarizing your points: The nursing problem statement gives a thorough description of your subject topic. This is the very first thing that your reader sees first. Thus, you always need to keep your writing language academic, professional as well intriguing. In your nursing research problem statement, you need to highlight the research topic, methodology and solutions. The problem statement always needs to be very much relevant as well as to the point.
  5. Clarifying: Your nursing problem statement tells your reader regarding your research. Along with this it also discusses all the practical applications of the nursing research in practical life. This problem statement takes the argument in your nursing paper further. Here you need to write to the point. Write straight with the core issues of your nursing research paper. Ex: if your nursing problem research paper is about shortage of major nursing equipment then, start with a statistical report or something similar.

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What are the 3 Elements of a Nursing Research Problem Statement in Community?

Every nursing problem statement has 3 main elements: The vision, issue and research methodologies. All these elements together constitute the foundation of your nursing research paper. Your main nursing research paper discusses the 3 factors by using stats, charts, tables and calculations.

All types of research papers need to have a very unique vision, approach and purpose. It gives your readers a deep insight about your topic. Here, you can also get an opportunity in elaborating on your stated arguments as well expressing. Each of these 3 elements are elaborated below:

  1. Vision: Your research paper is aways incomplete without a proper vision. Along with the with collection and references of other people’s data you also need to add your own vision on the given topic. With the help of this vision, you can also explain briefly things you need to accomplish in your nursing problem research paper. As a student, you can choose to take a localized as well universal one.
  2. Issue: Here, you need to discuss all the details of your research. Here you need to find out the main areas you need to focus in your nursing research paper. Here you can also write about the journals, books, as well scholarly articles from where you have cited in your papers. In this part you can also discuss how your research paper can benefits certain aspects in nursing profession. The issues are to be considered as the body of your nursing problem case research paper. In this section you need to state your points and premises of your research. In this section, you need to present your arguments in such way to give your assessors a clear idea on the given topic.
  3. Method: Your professors or the assessors always look into your nursing research methodology in your paper. Your nursing research paper can be critical, statistical or descriptive. Here, students can also add extra annotations and footnotes towards the problem statement end. Do not forget to mention all your citations in your nursing research paper.

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How to Write a Nursing Research Problem Statement?

There are 5 main questions to be focused in your nursing research problem statement. These are as follows:

  • Who: This section determines your reader base that is for whom you are writing this research paper. The nursing papers commonly relates to any specific department, organization or group. You need to write likewise.
  • What: This section covers your nursing research boundaries. It gives the general format on what to be included in your research paper.
  • When: This part of your nursing research problem statement sets your research frame. Here you need to discuss regarding the long term as well short-term goals of your paper. Thus, it given a lot of insight and credibility to your nursing problem research paper.
  • Where: Every country has its own set of medical guidelines, techniques, and procedures. And the majority of students want to limit their studies to their home country or state.
  • Why: The “why” is crucial to your investigation, so save it for last. You explain why your paper is important to the nursing community in this section. This part also analyses the impact of your study on disease treatment and diagnosis.

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