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Today, social work is a major part of the human society, thus, many colleges and universities in Australia offer graduation and post graduation degree courses in social work. These institutes give the students a lot of Case Study Assignments to be completed at home. Case study can be defined as a process or research record for the development of a particular group, person or situation within a certain period of time.

When we give a social work approach to a case study paper, it is concerned with the welfare of other people and with the changes promoting social justice. Here you need to take a solution-focused and client-oriented approach. The social workers try to improve the families and individuals.

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In a case study on social work, you need to portray the practical field in which the social workers carry out their duties. In this blog we will discuss about a few tips to write a good social work case study assignment.

What are the different approaches of social work?

  • They work at motile practice levels like mini, micro, macro, etc.
  • The social workers play many roles depending on their client or client systems.
  • They need to view the client in context and make notes of the connected issues.
  • Here they need to apply the theoretical works which explain various aspects in the society like human development theory, social systems theory, social development theory and organizational theory.
  • The social workers use the perspectives frameworks that offer the lenses through which the client is viewed. Some of the examples include ecological perspective, strengths perspective, diversity perspective, etc.
  • They employ all the practice models and theses to guide the practice ex: cognitive behavioral model, empowerment model and crisis intervention.

By considering all the above-mentioned social functioning issues, the social workers make the informed decisions on how to intervene into the key aspect of the client situations. You need to elaborate all these approaches in your social work case study assignment.

How to write a good social work case study?

If you are a social work student, you need to produce the academic case study papers that will help you in learning critical considerations, communications and applying the key social concepts.
You also need to produce professional writing that reflects the writing types in social work profession. These steps can be elaborated as follows:

1. Writing a critical review of any article, book, or literature: When you are reviewing a book or article, your work is not only to summaries but also to analyze as well evaluate to identify all the key patterns, limitations, strengths and implications of the text.

2. Summarize the article: You need to identify the thesis, methods used and the evidences presented in the text.

3. Do a proper analysis and evaluation: After summarizing, you need to analyze the relationship of the text to the key concepts as well other text in that field. You also need to know its implications and applicability to other scenarios. Students also need to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the article.

4. Give good critical reflection and description: In the case study papers on social work, you are asked to describe as well reflect up on any particular individual, agency, group, in-class interview, etc. In these assignments, you need to describe accurately on your subject. Here you also need to go being reporting by properly analyzing the things that you have described.

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What are the major parts of social work case study assignment paper?

  • Application of any theory: Some of the social work case study assignments ask the students to apply any orienting theory for any particular case. These theories help in explaining why social problems like addiction and child abuse takes place. Here you need to apply the theory successfully to solve the issue up to the greatest extent.
  • A research paper on social work: The research paper on social work needs that you can identify a problem and do researches work that can help you in solving that particular problem. You need to do a lot of preparation and study to write a social work research paper.
  •  Analysis of social policy: The analysis papers on social policy critically evaluate the effectiveness of the social policy. You need to understand the outcomes of any of these policies and make necessary recommendations for the true welfare of the society. These papers include sections like issue, background, analysis, recommendation and conclusion.

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