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Banyan Tree - Sustainability of A Brand During Rapid Global Expansion: Business Ethics

Introduction of Banyan Tree - Sustainability of A Brand During Rapid Global Expansion of Various Domains and Verticals Using Finance

Banyan Tree Limited has its plan to expand its business in various domains and verticals using finance. The development and growth of this business are drastic and more than 25 luxurious resorts were introduced here and in some non-Asian countries. The extension is now made to introduce multiple spas and resting centres. The CEO of the company is Ho Kwon Ping and he is the brain behind all the featured ideas and methodologies formulated. Experimental procedures are followed and the brand is taken successfully to various sectors.

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Determination of Banyan Tree

  1. To recognize the importance of understanding the main concepts thereby setting marketing strategies based on goods and services.
  2. To gain maximum experience on the supply by getting through the difficulties based on the ratings given by the customers. Customer satisfaction is the most important concern of our employees.
  3. To assess and evaluate the impending risks that are likely to occur inside an organization. 
  4. To stick with the motto of the organization in getting the challenges acquainted to bring up social responsibility.

Case Study Analysis of Banyan Tree

A case study is generally written in a descriptive way to bring out the practical exercises. Writing a Case Study is a thought-provoking task that needs enormous care and attention to the subject. You are to examine the minute details carefully to bring in the main constraints in the stream of learning and production. Important decisions leading to the growth of an organization are taken based on the Case Study Analysis and Solution. To Write a Case Study, you need to go through the basics of the intended subject covering all the mandatory requirements. Case Study Solution can be obtained by using certain analysis methods and related suggestions. You can further analyze the subject by taking sufficient notes and other important points.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a complete compilation of a company’s profile holding its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By Conducting a SWOT Analysis one can completely understand the entire process that is going on inside the organization involving in achieving the desired goals. Before starting up any form of work, it is usual to carry out this analysis to check the reliability and working consistency. Case Study Analysis Methodology requires default performance to fetch in internal policies of a company. Only positive sides of the cases are taken into account leaving the repose behind. 

Pestle Analysis

Pestle Analysis is a method that helps in monitoring the socio-economic factors that are likely to pose an impact inside an organization. If you are intending to start a new business inside or outside the country, you are likely to carry out pestle analysis. Foreign markets have a certain framework to be formulated while collaborating with a business deal. All the important factors are to be considered while initiating the business proposal. Existing factors may or may not have a direct impact on the ongoing process, but that needs to be addressed. An overview of How to Solve a Case Study and How to Analyze a Case Study will be set known by this analysis. 

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Essentials of a Case Study

You can go through various Sample Case Study Analysis available in the company’s profile to know more about it. You can have several questions interrogated while going through the summary. If you are still unaware about writings and all, get through the hands-on for better clarity. You are to structure a case study with needed segments presenting all the required information. You can write a Case Study Analysis Example to attract the viewers with practical scenarios sorted out. You are required to identify the outstanding concepts of the case with a precise summary that helps the people in taking their own choice of decisions fearlessly.

Important Segments of a Case Study

  1. Introduction about the Case – It is always recommended to go through the subject more than once for better understanding. If you are starting a case study on your own, you have to go through several related case studies holding multiples figures and tables. Case Study Examples with Solutions give a clear picture and outline the main theme.
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  3. Evaluation of approved Choice of Actions– If the identified problems stern the growth of an organization, leadership qualities are to be enhanced to bring in the correct selection of choices at right time. All the key issues are thoroughly investigated to get the main outline of the case and the resultant factors are scrutinized for further exploration.
  4. Selection of the best-suited Solution–If the appropriate course of action is chosen wisely, the mission is accomplished and you can get a detailed explanation about the subject. Rational analysis is to be done in picking the best-suited solution. 


The peripheral importance of the case studies is to be understood to bring an impressive form of reports. If the subjects are examined in a detailed way, you will come to know about the critics and acknowledgements. Circumstances that are likely to influence the performance of the organization are adjudged by theoretical analysis only. In that way, all the case studies are drawn effectively.

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