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IKEA Case Study Hep - Solutions & Analysis

IKEA is a globally renowned furniture retailing company established in Sweden in 1943. With years of hard work and overcoming a series of challenges, IKEA is best known for providing furniture to its customers at affordable rates. You must be wondering how IKEA became the inspiring business model for many enterprises around the globe. The key objective of the IKEA Case Study Analysis is to bring light to the subject of achieving big goals and learning how to lead in whichever industry you wish to.

IKEA Case Study Help

With IKEA Case Study Solution and Analysis, you'll understand how IKEA focused more on its customers rather than revenue generation. The vision they had in mind was crystal clear- to become the leader of every home. You will learn how they build their trust in their targeted customers alongside building a brand identity. They provide well-designed quality furniture to their customers at lower prices which is rare. The customers are readily drawn to the low prices, and that's how they created a solid customer base around the globe.

Brief about the IKEA

IKEA has an inspiring story that goes way back to 1943, founded by a carpenter named Ingvar Kamprad: a 17-year-old boy from Sweden. What does IKEA stand for? The name itself holds a profound meaning: the first two letters, I and K, equal Ingvar Kamprad. E stands for Elmtaryd - the farm where he grew up, and A indicates his Swedish village - Agunnaryd, where the farm was located.

The company also initiated the production and development of pens, wallets, and jewellery at affordable rates, but furniture has been established as the mainstream for their business over the years. IKEA's business model is a successful example for many who want to develop a meaningful business and generate income.

With IKEA Case Study Solution and Analysis, you can understand that it depends on the idea of offering a varied range of furniture which is well-designed as per the needs of the customers and all of this at a low cost! The vision behind providing low-quality furniture is to reach out to the highest number of customers, and that's how they made their way inside plenty of homes, not only in Sweden but worldwide. Some enterprises provide high-quality furniture at high rates; however, IKEA stands out because they know how a consumer's mind works, i.e., they are attracted to low rates and ready to buy it. They follow a method that is basically both innovative and cost-effective. They have distribution centres in 41 different countries.

IKEA Case Study Assignment Help

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No idea becomes successful overnight; it requires years of determination and hard work. Throughout the years, IKEA has been working on its strategies to overcome the hardships. It has managed to secure its position by adapting to the changing business environment and improving its services now and then. With help from the experts, you'll get a deep insight into the innovative approach of IKEA groups and how they become the prominent retailers of furniture over the years.

IKEA: A Business Strategy

They were wondering about how IKEA dominates the furniture market. What's the secret behind their success? With IKEA Case Study Analysis and Solution, you will surely get the solution to all your queries. For this, you must dive into the business strategy of IKEA Groups; after all, every big or small plan impacts business management. IKEA realized the importance of 'lower rates' and how it can affect their market. They successfully determined their customers' needs and 'at what price' they wanted to own it.

IKEA communicates effectively with its customers by offering appealing products at low prices while maintaining the desired quality. With the establishment of IKEA showroom customers and commendable promotion and marketing techniques, it is far ahead of its competitors. IKEA Case Study Example shows how proper management and timely innovation of products can help your organization to survive in the long run.

SWOT Analysis of IKEA

For your IKEA Case Study Help, it is relevant to conduct SWOT Analysis. Under the SWOT analysis, we determine the elements ascertaining the upliftment of the organization.


In the case of IKEA, following a cost-effective method of furniture development plays a significant role. The foremost reason for its success is the 'low cost' of the products, which enables it to rule the furniture market.

Additionally, IKEA keeps up with innovation and adds a touch of modernity to its products.


In the initial years, American producers were a big competitor of IKEA. It has limited styles and lacks American preferences.

On the other hand, it has inadequate delivery services, and they aim to provide only cost-effective products.


IKEA understood the mind of the customers. So, it expanded its business in Asia by adapting tech-savvy methods to reach a vast portion of customers across the globe.


IKEA faced big-time competition from the earlier established American companies offering products at high prices. This made the business environment rigid for IKEA as American manufacturers were unwilling to adapt to the change.

PESTLE Analysis of IKEA

SWOT analysis is not enough to determine the market value of IKEA, and if you're looking for IKEA Case Study Questions and Answers, this segment will be helpful. This analysis highlights the political, economic, social, and technological factors:

Political Factors

A friendly political condition helps develop the country's economy. IKEA has its stores in 41 countries today and is a significant supplier in the Asian market due to favourable political terms. For instance, India and China are now welcoming foreign brands.

Economic Factors

Prevailing financial condition plays a significant role in determining the market's future. The value of the money and the purchasing power has a direct impact. Thus, IKEA is influenced by the weight of dollars.

Social Factors

A business must be familiar with the cultures directly affecting the customer base. IKEA has customized its catalogue for customers overseas in Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Technological Factors

With technological advancement, IKEA has developed its website. This helps the customers to have a look at the catalogue and also informs them about where is the nearest IKEA store.

Legal Factors

IKEA adheres to all the legal norms and occasionally meets all the legal requirements. This helps to ensure their reputation is maintained in a good way.

Environmental Factors

Reportedly, IKEA has invested $1 Billion towards renewable energy in less developed nations. In this way, IKEA is supporting the environment along with the society.

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