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China Yintai- Developing Shared Value in China: Case Study Solution

Introduction of China Yintai Holding Co. Ltd. And Its Fundamentals of Business

China Yintai is specifically a famous investing group holding a variety of businesses extending to various verticals and domains leading to the extensive growth founded in the year 1997 by Mr Shen Guojun. Every single action of the group is controlled by the Chief Operating Officer and several initiatives have been made to have a strong base in the business domain filling the gaps and bridges to increase the base value of the initial investment. By having undergone specific training programs one will be able to make it up to the expected mark. Following are the important steps involved in arriving at a Case Study Solution.

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Be Acquainted With The Fundamentals Of The Business

Writing a Case Study is not a simple task and extensive care is needed while penning down a single scenario. A successful case study can be written only if all the basics about the business are known. The main concern you need to follow is going through lots and lots of articles related to the specific subject and you need to take hints by going through the main subject thoroughly. Readers can get a clear view of the subject by getting through the same scenario multiple times with keen interest. If the business is all about communication, you need to analyze and investigate the related subjects to get much clarity. The learning process will help you in filling the minute details and descriptions to make sure no loophole is left.

Investigate and Analyze the Case Study

To Write a Case Study, you need to have a clear picture of the scenario. It is important to go through the main theme and you need to gather existing information about the concerned topic. By doing so, you will have a general idea about How to Analyze a Case Study and all. To write a Case study in a good way you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Studying and Analyzing the Scenario – A case study is generally revolving around a particular matter of subject and the main essence must be observed and studied thoroughly by the reader for the possible outcome. There are multiple solutions and information available for an identified issue. Such studies are important to have in-depth analysis. By going through various sources you can get enough information on the subject.
  2. Investigation about the Information – Once all the information about the case is gathered, sufficient research studies must be carried out to identify the strength and weaknesses. SWOT Analysis is generally done with a Sample Case study Analysis. It helps in understanding the key players to be involved in the main case to drive it further. 
  3. Knowledge Gathering and Management – Knowledge acquired must be discussed along with other players of the case to have multiple gatherings acquired. Management deals with certain protocols to be followed while dealing with Case Study Assignment Help and Case Study Analysis Methodology. Such ideas are highlighted in this discussion. 
  4. Developing Information Map – Information Map is prepared with utmost care as it is the ultimate base for the subject and you need to give the Case Study Examples with Solutions. If the case is about the origin of the Company, you need to study the background information and related development procedures dealt with it. Every single organization possesses a vision and mission for accomplishing the target. Such information must be listed in the information map for further processing. 
  5. Developing Possible Solutions – For a single issue, there exist multiple solutions for sorting out the case. Normally Managers are the ones who are responsible for taking important decisions inside an organization by understanding the standing crisis. Before making decisions, the situation of the company, current standing, and other external factors will be considered for sure to have well defined Case Study Analysis and Solution.

Carrying Out Pestle Analysis of China Yintai- Developing Shared Value in China

Pestle Analysis is generally carried out to know the general factors that affect the business development and growth occasionally and the findings are listed. 

  • Political Factors
  • Economic factors
  • Social factors
  • Technological factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Legal factors

This one is completely different and it has no impact on SWOT analysis. Pestle is extended as influences that are likely to exist in an organization. 

These factors are studied thoroughly to know the exact business scenario. It will reflect the basic ideas about How to Solve the Case Study. 

Case Study Analysis Outlines are listed here for further processing and you need to write a Case Study Analysis Example to get much clarity about the subject.


Executing the Main FrameWork for the Case Study

  1. In each organization, working time, working mode, number of players, the strategy of the program, and other main factors differ. 
  2. The resultant output of the case is generally defined by the effort of individual players and other team players who are contributing to the growth of the company. An appraisal is meant for all the players who are actively involved in it.
  3. If a framework is formed, it will be easy for the players to follow the routine and this needs approval from the higher authority for prosecution and development.
  4. Rather than preferring theoretical solutions, it is important to have practical solutions tried and carried out in every single instance. 
  5. If a proper plan is approved and followed, the level of case study is increased and even if it is low rated the resultant output will be commendable and much appreciation will be there for its appropriate execution. 
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China Yintai is diversified industrial development and investment group, with a portfolio of key businesses including Yintai Retails, Yintai Land, Yintai Gold, Yintai Tourism, Yintai Investment and Finance, and Yintai Foundation. And its business run in china and abroad and holds equity more than 100 Companies, And creating many more employment opportunities. The business is extended across various companies across the world to improve turnover and sales. You can get all your work-related issues carried out in a smooth way here.


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