Free Business Case Study Examples with Solutions for Management Students

Most Important Business Case Study Example for Business Majors

Case study writing is one of the most integral parts of business management degree courses. The business management courses are offered by various subjects of specifications like finance, marketing, Human Resource (HR), system, operations, etc.

Business Case Study Examples with Solutions

Case study assignments are given in all these specialized subjects. These case study assignments are always to be written along with practical examples from the real industries scenario. Many of the business management and MBA (Master of Busies Administration) students are not experienced enough to write the Business Case Study Assignments in an ideal manner.

Thus, they need the best online case study report writing services from the leading provider in this sector. A lot of research, study, and business analysis are required to write these assignments correctly.

These case study assignments are given to assess the management and business analytical skills of the students. The grades you get in these assignments are very importing in your academic as well as professional managerial life in the future.

In these business case studies, you will be given a situation where a corporation is facing any problem in any department, related to your subject of specialization. You need to find the genuine solution to this issue with your knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Some Business Case Study Examples

There are many specializations in business management courses. A few case study examples in marketing management are as follows:

  • How Microsoft achieve excellent with proper market segmentation?
  • Why Facebook achieved worldwide success with proper market strategy?
  • What are the factors that contributed to the global success of Cadbury chocolates?
  • Why Xerox Company achieved tremendous success by applying the best market plans?
  • How Reliance industries produced a great brand loyalty among the target customers?
  • Why did Enron fail in the market?
  • What are the global marketing strategies of IBM?
  • Hoe Apple Inc. achieved its marketing goal with the help of founder Steve Jobs?
  • How can you solve any corporate issue related you huge market competing?
  • What are the solutions for economic slowdowns in the business market?
  • How you abide by even unfavorable government laws imposed in your area of business?
  • How to fix the best pricing for your product?
  • How to do the best market survey?
  • How can you utilize online marketing strategies?
  • What is the role of social networking in todays global busies arena?
  • How can you note the exact needs and tastes of your target customers?
  • How can you plan for the best SWOT and PESTEL analysis?
  • How can you apply the best 4 Ps of marketing product, price, plc, and promotion?
  • How to abide by all types of business marketing ethics and corporate social responsibilities?
  • How to fix your brand position by proper hologram?

There can be many possible solutions on any given corporate is like competent, economic slowdown, budget, etc. You need to suggest the best solution in the business case study presented to you. You also need to explain with proper reasons hoe our solution can indeed help the company.

Few Business Cases in Finance Management Are as Follows:

  • How to find a solution for a corporate organization suffering heavy losses?
  • How to plan effective financial strategies to compensate for the damages?
  • How to prepare for the best business profits in the market?
  • How can a company X get the best financial opportunity in a booming sector?
  • What is the best financial model to be adapted for maximizing the company profits?
  • What can be the best budgetary measures to see your company in good profits?
  • How to make the best tax plans to save your organization financially?
  • What are the top finance forecasting models for your business?

Availing an online Case Study Assignment Help service can always be very much beneficial for you since the experienced helpers will lead you in getting the top grades. They will always supplement your answers and solutions with current examples from the existing industry. This will impress tour assessors.

Some Business Cases in Human Resource (HR) Management Are as Follows:

  • How can you stop the increasing employee attrition rate of your company?
  • How to prevent headhunting of the top employees by competitor companies?
  • What are the best solutions to deal with the employee disputes?
  • How to recruit the best employee and prevent any corruption?
  • How to get rid of salary and increment conflicts?
  • Ways to fix the perks and incentives
  • What are the remedies of ill ambiances and how to improve it?
  • How to prevent software hacking and viruses in the HR department by taking proper firewall measures?
  • How to stop employee corruption?
  • How to set up a useful anti-corruption cell for the employees?
  • How to feel the exact requirements and needs of your staff?
  • How to handle all types of employee grievances carefully?

The staff attrition can be reduced by increasing the incentives, perks, salary and other allowances by your company. There should be good employee appraisal schemes to encourage them. A good employee motivation scheme can also help in this respect.

Proper HR auditing of all the departments needs to be done to detect and prevent any corruption. Decent over-time pay needs to be done for the staff that needs to work hard push the normal working hours. A case study analysis Assignment Writing Service provider can give you the best solution along with many practical examples of these situations.

Foreign Are Few Common Systems or IT (Information Technology) Case Study Examples:

  • How to plan an excellent ethical hacking?
  • How to stop password hacking and software virus attacks by rival companies?
  • How to keep the best IT professionals in all the department of your organization?
  • How to set up an excellent networking system for your company along with software back up?
  • How to maintain the troubled computer hardware and software systems?
  • What to do if the password of your supercomputer or control unit gets hacked?
  • How to plan for the best database management system for your company?
  • How to debug all types of system errors?

Today, the application of IT and software is in every professional field. Thu, the system management is one of the significant managerial fields of specialization in firms all over the world. An online case study assignment essays writing service provider can always suggest you with the best solutions to all the issues motioned above.

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