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Fundamental Analysis - SGD 100,000 to Invest On the Singapore Stock Market Portfolios

Case Study Assignment Topic Requirements;

You are given a notional SGD 100,000 to invest on the Singapore stock market portfolios in shares chosen from the list of shares in the FTSE ST ALL share index list (listed on the SGX). You need to split/break your investment 50:50 between two portfolios of shares, one is where you select the shares by technical analysis and the other by fundamental analysis. You aim to beat the market portfolios. It is important you can demonstrate and confirm that you know the distinction between these methods. You need to compare and contrast analyze the two portfolios, and you need to make explicit reference to EMH in your analysis.

Submission specifications,  You need to submit  2000 WORD REPORT on your trades, included full referencing according to APA

An appendix of the spreadsheet of your trades 


You are given notional SGD100,000 to invest in the Singapore stock market
Use historical and live market data. This means you are going to to have to use short-term investment strategies.

The aim is for you to try to beat or hit the market. The Singapore market is represented by the FTSE ST ALL SHARE part INDEX - if you do not beat the market share you will not lose marks, most people will find it impossible to do better than the experienced and qualified investors. You must calculate the return on the market from your first trade to your last trade business in order to determine wheater you have beaten the market.

The shares must be listed on the FTSE ST ALL share index.

You are not allowed to use derivatives, such as options or a short selling
50% of your investment must be based upon fundamental analysis and the other 50% technical analysis 

Each of your portfolios must contain at least 10 companies 

Recommended Format 

  1. Introduction 
  2. Literature review 
  3. Rational and methodology 
  4. Results and analysis 
  5. Conclusion 

Appendix - Spreadsheet of all your trades with notes on why you choose your companies. The spreadsheet needs to have profit and loss for each share and should say your final profit


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