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Q&A Case Study Topics on WHS Company -CASE STUDY Materials

This Assessment Task Is To Be Completed By Case Study.

In order to demonstrate the skills applicable to this unit, your task is to complete the tasks below using the CASE STUDY materials.
To complete this assessment via case study you will need to download and study the case study materials provided for you. If you are currently working then please download the workplace assessment task. If you are unsure then ask your coach.
This assessment task contains 4 parts - you must complete all 4 parts to satisfy the requirements of this unit of study.

The first step in this task is to familiarize yourself with the case study organization by reading the key and supporting documents provided for download from the same place you accessed this document. If you are not already familiar with this case study, you will need to read it carefully and make sure you have a good understanding of the business and its probable WHS issues.

Where information is missing or is not detailed, you are able to make assumptions and/or make-up your own processes, strategies, statistics etc. The Company information as such is not important, what is important and what your assessor will be looking for is how you use the information to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in relation to the performance and assessment criteria for this unit of study.

The key documents you will need to download and read include the case study overview and the 3 supporting documents that will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the company, its strategies and future plans as well as a wide range of documents dealing with various policies, processes etc.

We strongly recommend that you review all the case study documents available for you online.

PART A - Background Report on WHS Compliance under the Act/S

Using the case study company, prepare a report for management on WHS compliance.

In your report outline the key features of the Workplace Health and Safety Act/s and the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations and explain the implications for the following positions in your workplace:

  1. PCBU’s
  2. Officers of the organization
  3. Managers and supervisors
  4. Workers
  5. Other persons at the workplace

You will need to identify the case study organization’s jurisdiction and the Act or Acts and regulations that apply and list them. (Note: for this report you need only consider the Australian part of the business. You do NOT need to deal with the WHS legislation that may apply in other countries!).

  1. Identify the codes of practice applicable to the organization under the WHS laws.


  1. Prepare a WHS presentation for the management team, members of the WHS committee and WHS representatives of the organization that informs them of:
    1. The Laws, codes of practice etc. that are relevant to the organization
    2. The WHS Management System including the policies and procedures and how these related to the relevant laws etc. (here you will need to outline the WHS MS as you see it, applying what you’ve learned to the needs of the business).
    3. The importance of sharing information about identified hazards and the outcomes of risk assessment and control.
    4. The process for sharing information with workgroups, the consultative processes and the records that will be kept.

PART B - The WHS Management System

Write a report detailing the WHS Management system and risk management practices for the CASE STUDY organization. Your report will need to:

  1. Identify roles, responsibilities and accountability for WHS in the organization.
  2. Outline the required WHS policies, procedures and practices the company will need to have and,
  3. Using one of the sample templates provided for you in the tutorials, develop the WHS policies and procedures for the CASE STUDY organization.
  4. Explain the role of the manager/supervisor and/or team leader in the WHS system.
  5. Identify how WHS issues, incidents and accidents will be reported, investigated, analyzed documented and communicated to relevant stakeholders. (This could be flow-charted with sample reporting documents attached).
  6. Outline the communication processes and consultative arrangements that you propose for the organization.
  7. Outline the frequency that hazard identification, risk/safety audits, evacuation procedures and fire drills will be conducted in the workplace. (You should list the various activities that need to occur and then schedule them in an annual planner/timetable).
  8. Outline the expected WHS training needs for the Organization and allocate a global and detailed budget that incorporates coaching, mentoring and training that will be provided to address those needs (make sure you address the training needs of managers, workers, WHS Reps and Induction training etc.)
  9. Explain how your proposed system supports compliance with the WHS laws and codes of practice and how it will move the organization towards best practice through continuous improvement processes.
  10. Outline the process for monitoring and review and continuous improvement.

PART C -       Develop a Training Program for WHS Requirements of the Organization

(This is the activity you completed for tutorial number 9 activity 2.)

  1. Develop a proposal/report for management for 6 WHS training programs listed below.

Develop training programs for the following WHS topics:

  1. Manual Handling
  2. Hazardous Substances
  3. Equipment Safety
  4. Use of ladders/ or dealing with/working with heights
  5. Emergency Procedures
  6. Electrical safety

For each of the proposed program titles listed above identify the following:

  • The target group/s
  • An outline of why the training is needed
  • Level of training – who is it aimed at? (I.e. new employees, managers, etc.)
  • Learning needs/requirements of the target group/s
  • Program content (list topics to be covered in dot point format) NB you can select one aspect of a topic i.e. for hazardous substances you might identify one group of substances. Don’t try and cover too much in your outline.
  • Delivery mode and rationale for why you’ve selected it (i.e. workshops, coaching on the job etc.)
  • Estimate time (i.e. is this a whole day workshop or 3 hours online etc.)
  • What legislation, codes of practice, rules, regulations, policies , procedures etc. are relevant
  • Where you will source the information required to develop the program (make a list)
  • What aids will be used (i.e. flowcharts, videos etc.)
  • Whether it will be delivered internally or externally and rationale for this choice
  • An estimate of the cost of running the program (include the direct delivery costs as well as an estimate of time off the job for participants). You may need to do some research with RTO’s and other external providers to get cost estimates.
  • How you will evaluate its success
  • Attach any relevant information you’ve gathered in your research as appendices to your report.

PART D – Conduct a Risk (Hazard) Assessment

The case study organization has moved to a high risk environment in its warehousing section of the business. As well as servicing the stock required for the retail side of the business, the warehouse is expanding to support the increasing demands from the high growth online component of the business. The operations manager is concerned that the WHS risks are growing and that s/he may not be fully aware of them all. S/he is also concerned that the staff (many of whom are new to the company) may not have been fully inducted into the WHS risk and hazards that surround them on a day to day basis.

Your task is to develop a procedure for conducting a workplace inspection as well as a Warehouse inspection checklist using the following headings (so you will need to add a number of dot points for inspection under each of the headings). To do this you may need to undertake some research into hazards commonly found in warehouse environments.

  1. Develop a procedure for conducting a workplace inspection (for the warehouse).

You will need to outline the procedure and can also flowchart it. You will need to link it to the relevant policy as well as all relevant legislation etc.

  1. Develop a Warehouse Inspection Checklist...

You should set out your checklist as a template to be used by the WHS representative or supervisor and include the following 16 sections:


  1. General Layout
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Environment (safe work area)
  4. Emergency procedures
  5. First Aid Facilities
  6. General Facilities
  7. Manual Handling and Ergonomics
  8. Environmental issues (i.e. recycling etc.)


  1. Electrical Safety
  2. General Warehouse
  3. Chemical Aspects
  4. Plant and Equipment
  5. Forklifts and other Transports
  6. Waste Disposal
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  8. Other


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