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Case Literature Review on Criminal Profiling and Crime Analysis Assignment 3 Answers

Assignment Details:

  • Topic :: Criminal profiling and crime analysis
  • Number of Words :: 2500
  • Citation/Referencing Style :: APA


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CRIM374 Criminal Profiling and Crime Analysis Assignment 3

You will be asked to write a case literature review based on a violent crime investigation.

  • Claremont Serial Killings, Claremont, Perth, Western Australia

You are expected to produce a report on the case using academic research literature. Your report needs to inform readers about this particular crime type, how this crime relates to others as discussed in the academic research literature, and local statistics on this type of crime. You will be asked to submit a forensic report containing: a brief description of the case you chose victim characteristics, prevalence and incident characteristics for this type of crime, typical offender characteristics, typical motivations, and caveats.

Your assignment needs to address the following components:

  1. Description of the case: Provide a brief description of the case, providing a salient review of: the victim/s, what occurred during the crime (incident characteristics), the type of crime represented by this offence, and any evidence.
  2. Victim characteristics: First describe the characteristics of the victim/s in the case, and then review typical victim characteristics in crimes of this type by drawing on academic literature. You can then draw any comparisons between the victim’s characteristics in this case to typical victim characteristics in the literature.
  3. Prevalence and Rarity/Commonality, & Incident Characteristics: You need to discuss how rare or common this type of crime is, by presenting statistics on the prevalence of this type of crime in this area or You should then discuss typical incident characteristics for this type of crime. You can then use this to provide a brief assessment of how these typical incident characteristics compare to the details of this case.
  4. Typical offender characteristics: You should discuss the typical characteristics of offenders in this type of case, based on the A brief assessment of what this means for the characteristics of the offender in this case.
  5. Typical motivations: A brief assessment of the typical motivations in these types of cases, as well as an analysis of what the motivation could be in this case using appropriate motivation typologies from the literature. Use the chapter on motivations in your textbook as a starting point but please do independent research.
  6. Caveats: What are some of the problems with case linkage, the homology assumption and inductive methods of profiling in this case?


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