Tips To Write An Excellent Case Study Report In Psychology

Psychology is one of the major subjects studied by a large number of students in Australia as well as the whole world. A number of reputed colleges and universities offer degree courses in Psychology. The subject has huge value in the healthcare field since a big population in the urban areas suffer from a lot of psychological issues.

Tips To Write An Excellent Case Study Report In Psychology

Thus, today a number of fresh students in Australia opt for Psychology major in reputed universities. These institutions assign their students with lot of Case Study Report in Psychology. Case study report in psychology deals with the mental status of any single individual. Students need to follow specific guidelines for writing these reports. In this blog we will discuss about some useful tips to write an ideal case study report in Psychology.

How To Write The Best Case Study Report In Psychology?

  • Collect good background information: This makes the first section of your Psychology case study assignment paper. The section includes the person’s whole background like gender, age, family, health status, mental health history, social relationships, drug alcohol history, coping skills, weaknesses, goals and life difficulties.
  • Problem description: This is the second session of your case study report. In this section, you need to describe the symptoms or issues that the client has. Here you need to describe any emotional, physical or sensory symptoms as reported by the individual. You also need to note the feelings, thoughts and perceptions that are related to those symptoms. If there are any diagnostic or screening assessments should also be described in detail in your report.
  • The diagnosis done by you: In this section, you need to provide your diagnosis and give appropriate Statistical and Diagnostic Manual code. Here you also need to explain how you have reached your diagnosis and how the individual’s symptoms fir your diagnostic criteria for the mental disorders.

Intervention is the 2nd section of your case study report in Psychology. This section focuses on the intervention used to help the patient. Your faculties can ask you to choose from any theoretical approach to summarise multiple treatment methods. Some of these treatment procedures are as follows:

  • Cognitive-Behavioural Approach: You need to apply the method of a cognitive-behavioural therapist to approach this kind of treatment. Here you need to offer the background information on the cognitive-behavioural therapy and also describe all the treatment sessions, treatment outcomes and client responses in this treatment method. In this session, you also need to make the note of the successes or difficulties encountered by the patient during the treatment procedure.
  • The Humanistic Approach: In this section, you need to describe the humanistic approach, used to treat the individual like client-cantered therapy. Here you need to provide data and information on the treatment types chosen by you, the client reaction to that treatment and the final result. Finally, you also need to explain why the treatment approach was successful or unsuccessful.

Looking for assistance in your assignmentWhat Are The Important Tips You Need To Follow In Writing The Case Study?

  • Do not refer the individual in your Psychology case study paper as “client” or “patient”. Instead you can write the name of a person as pseudonym.
  • Always use the APA format while citing the references
  • Read the examples of the case studies in order to gain more idea about the format and style of writing.
  • Always avoid plagiarism: This is the biggest mistake committed b the students. Never copy or paste any content from any source. Always write 100% original content in your case study papers.
  • Do proper proofreading and editing: You always need to proofread your case study paper multiple times and edit it accordingly in order to make the paper a hundred per cent free of any kind of errors. A flawless paper can always draw you the best grades.
  • Submit within the time frames: Always try to submit the case study papers within the fixed time frames or deadlines. This can be achieved by regular writing of the case studies on daily basis within the allotted time slot.
  • Always discuss with your seniors: You always need to discuss with your seniors and other knowledgeable people while writing your case study report in Psychology. These people might include senior students, college faculties, psychiatrists, counsellors, professors, etc. Since Psychology is a very delicate and sensitive subject, you always need expert guidelines and supervision while writing the Psychology case study reports. They can provide you with the best idea on which treatment approach can be ideal for any individual.
  • A perfect diagnosis should always be done by you to write an ideal Psychology case study report. If the diagnosis is a done well, then only you can take the best treatment method approach for your client. Thus, you always need to prepare yourself for this purpose.
  • You always need to keep yourself updated with all the latest development in the field of diagnosis on local as well global basis.
  • Carry out a lot of research and studies to write your Psychology case study report. You need to consult a number of Psychology books by famous authors from big libraries to get more ideas.

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If you follow all the tips mentioned in this blog, you can always write an excellent Psychology case study report and get the highest grades in your university.

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