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CRKC7002 -Marketing Management Formative Assessment Brief

CRKC7002 – Marketing Management Assessment Writing Solutions

Words: 3500

For the formative assessment, we shall be looking for your ability to apply what we have covered so far, and your skills in writing an academic paper.

You first need to choose an organization whose marketing you will study. It can be almost any kind of entity: your own company, a local private firm, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), a Not for Profit Organisation (NPO), an educational institution or even a major corporation. It would, however, help if you it knows well.

The chosen organization needs to respect the following criteria:

  • To be an existing organization whose correct name is used?
  • To have competition thereby excluding monopolistic entities;
  • Not to be Apple, Coca-Cola or Safaricom (these have been chosen too often).

If you chose an NPO or NGO, you must be aware that the marketing effort of the organization is directed at those who fund the organization, usually called the donors. What the NPO or NGO does and who it may benefit are in fact part of the product.

With the chosen organization in mind, now analyze the application of the following marketing concepts to it:

  • Marketing Mix: – The 4Ps
  • Differentiation
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Commoditisation and how to cope with it
  • Segmentation

This paper will be marked, but it will not explicitly be part of your overall grade. We will give you our feedback which you should use to develop the final assessment.

Keep it short – the target is 1,000 words+/-10%. A fully-developed paper will be for the final.

Please be sure to observe what is written in the following documents:

  • Writing Academic Papers. See the Main Unit for the Video by Dr. Damary.
  • Points about English. See the Main Unit for this short document.
  • Guidelines for Writing Assessments. See Main Unit for the PowerPoint presentation.   More Details>>>


CRKC7002 – Marketing Management Guidelines on Writing the Assessments

CRKC7002 - Marketing Management



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