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FAQ Assignment Questions on NUR2447 Assignment 2: Wound Case Study

Assignment Questions

General questions

Q: Just wondering does the requirement of the 2.5cm margin refer to measurements from the top of the page to the first heading or from the left side of the document to the right?

  • The margin is all around

Q: Does the word count 1500 include all reference lists as well?

  • No, the reference list is not included in the word count

Q: Just wondering if APA 6th Referencing is the appropriate style of referencing which should be used for the first assignment?

  • Yes

Q: Where can I find the rubric for the first assignment?

  • Under the assignment section

Q: Do we need an introduction and conclusion?

  • As per the assignment instructions: No
  • Please go back and read them

Date of wound

Q: Is it possible to use a hypothetical date for the first appearance of the wound on Miss Brinley since it does not specify on the assignment outline?

  • There is a date provided, refer to the case study

Wound chart

Q: As to section 2 b. document your assessment findings on the wound management chart, is wound management chart mentioned at instruction section 2 the same with wound assessment chart we are given?

  • Yes

In addition, should we put the whole chart on this part or we just write dot point about finds and then put the whole chart as appendix?


  • You need to identify your wound findings in the main paper (TIME) and also document in the chart which you can add as an appendix

Q: Just to clarify, we have to submit the wound chart for Ms Brinley yes?

  • Yes


If yes, would that be a separate submission or would it be part of the same word doc that contains the 1500 word essay?

  • You can either cut and paste it into the assignment (as appendix) or submit it separately

Q: Just wondering should we be pasting our wound chart assessment into our written assignment in the second section of the assignment: Wound Assessment.

  • You can, just ensure it stays a doc file

Wound products table

Q: For section 3, the management part C, do we just put in the information in the wound product table instead of dot points?

  • Yes

If yes, do we need to reference the information in that table?

  • Yes, the wound products table needs to have references. We will accept website references from the product manufacturers for this section (but don’t just cut and paste!)

Initial assessment

Q: What is the initial assessment? What is expected we do for this part?

  • The initial patient assessment relates to the specific patient elements you need to know about the patient…., such as medical history, things that might impact on wound healing etc. Go back to the assessment ppts for more information.

Q: Hi, I am not quite sure what to write in Section 1: a, where I have to describe the initial assessment of the patient. What does it mean by initial assessment?

Do I just give brief information about the patient’s background and condition?  

  • Yes and things that may impact on wound or healing

How many words should I write in this part?

  • The word count should potentially reflect the marks allocated. That would mean that you wouldn’t allocate the most words for a section that has the least marks


What would the mode of action be for a bandage?

  • A bandage is a secondary dressing

Does it (bandage) still classify as a topical mode of action?

  • Depending on the reason for the bandage, potentially the mode of action could be support, compression etc.

Just wondering if there is a prescribed textbook for this unit?

  • No


Instructions for Nursing Assignment -Surgical Wound & Wound Case Study

1504-Part A – iSAP Integrating Science and Practice Scenario Focusing On Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Practice

Part B Nursing Assignment-Integrating Science and Practice Scenario Focusing On Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Practice

NUR2447 Assignment 2: Wound Case Study

FAQ Assignment Questions on NUR2447 Assignment 2: Wound Case Study

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