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The Purpose of a SWOT Analysis

A great objective of evaluating Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat depends upon the thinking and planning of the managers about everything that could impact potentially upon the success of a new project. Company’s Failure to identify the key characteristics like:

  • Strength, Weakness,
  • Threat or opportunity could result in poor business decisions. 

Case Study SWOT Analysis Assignment Help


The SWOT analysis is a very important subject for the MBA, (Master of Business Administration) or any other business management student. Therefore, the business management institutes provide the students great and important Case Study Assignments on SWOT analysis. We, the Case Study Help can provide services of case study related to S.W.O.T very efficiently. SWOT analysis is recognized globally and widely adopted in many companies. 

What Is SWOT

Basically, a SWOT Analysis has the purpose for the estimation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Therefore, the purpose of SWOT analysis may be defined as: The SWOT matrix — was developed during 1960 by Albert Humphrey by means of a research project at Stanford University by analysing data of the 500 largest business houses reported by a renowned magazine named as Fortune magazine. As a consequence, they formulated a methodology that quickly adopted and applied by all leading companies of the world. SWOT analysis is a simple analysis system designed to check the strategic position of a particular company in its field of operation, and because of its methodological simplicity can be used to analyse any scenario or environment, from the creation of a website to the management of a multinational corporation. 

What Is The Sole Purpose Of SWOT Analysis?

This can be answered by saying that the purpose of SWOT analysis is to study the internal and external status of a company by identifying and analysing of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular organization, and the opportunities and threats that may be faced by this company. Our SWOT experts in can help the students in preparing case study help documents and to obtain good marks. The SWOT analysis can identify the factors that influence the methodology of the functioning of the organization by generating very useful information beneficial to the strategic planning process. 


A SWOT analysis may be considered as to have two parts: · the internal environment where strengths and weaknesses are identified, and · the detailed analysis of the external environment, where threats and opportunities are also determined. Objectives of SWOT analysis are · summary analysis of external and internal factors. · identify key items for the management of the organization, which involves establishing priorities for action. · Identify strategic options, risks and its solution. It is SWOT analysis through which we can carry out the diagnosis of the company by means of strengthening the positive aspects, indicating the weak points that require improvement. This also widens the chances of growth, increasing opportunities, etc. by the said company. SWOT conduct a sales forecast in line with an agreement with market conditions and also carrying out study the capabilities of the company in general. It takes care of the internal environment, i.e. Strengths and Weaknesses – the integration and standardization of processes, removal of inefficiencies. Focus on the nucleus of the business. An external environment that includes opportunities and threats to obtain reliable data to receive information quickly related to strategic decision-making and to reduce the chances of error.

 What Is The Perspective Of SWOT Analysis?

The purposes of the company’s internal environment lie in grouping together of human, financial and physical criteria where you can exercise greater control, such as the results of strategies set by management. By SWOT analysis of this environment, it is possible to identify the strengths, corresponding to the features and capabilities that together become a competitive advantage for a company, and understand how to apply IT governance to control risks, and information. The external environment comprises the factors that exist outside of the organization battery limit, and that can somehow influence it.


The analysis of the external environment is commonly distributed into macro-environmental factors like political, demographic, technological and economic. It also depends upon micro environmental factors which include partners, customers, etc. These need continuous monitoring before and after the definition of company strategies. Last but not the least item is if we consider that external factors influence all companies are operating in the same market uniformly, we can say that only those who can best identify the changes and have the ability to adapt are the ones that can take better advantage of the opportunities and suffer only slightly from realized threats. Salient aspects of you will get when you hire a case study assignment for SWOT study from our Casestudyhelp.Com are as follows:

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