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What is TEFL? And what is the purpose of the TEFL Certificate?

TEFL is the abbreviation for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). The certificate is an internationally recognized entry-level certificate for teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in universities & schools. Individuals who qualify for this certification can teach English to non-native English speakers worldwide. With this certification, you can get an opportunity to teach private or public educational institutions, a company language-based training program, or preschool in various continents such as Asia, Europe, Africa, or South America.

TEFL Assignment Help

TELF is a professional qualification recognized globally as English teachers are in high demand today across all the countries where English is not considered the primary language. This certification requires a blend of theory and practice in language learning and training. Under this program, you will learn the techniques to apply the skills to the workplace as it prepares you to develop a strong base and how to communicate with people. It opens the gateway to lucrative jobs in international schools and other institutions.

TEFL Assignment Help

If you want to pursue or already pursuing TEFL certification but are still determining where you can get TEFL Assignment Help? Don’t worry! You’ve just landed on the perfect destination for all your assignment help. will guide you through all your assignments and assist you whenever needed. You can get personalized assistance for your projects from professionals who ace the English language and have been providing help to students in the USA, UK, UAE, South Africa, Australia and other countries for a while now.

TELF Assignments are given to check the credibility of the students. Also, the students are required to work on their communication skills and how to conduct interactive sessions. The evaluation is based on how you present yourself and engage the audience. It becomes problematic for scholars to secure good grades. However, with the help of your professionals who are proficient in English, you can access your program's excellent TEFL Assignment Answers. These assignments will assist you with your certification to secure it and be acknowledged as a skilled scholar.

What are the SIX Areas of the TEFL Certification Course?

The role assigned primarily to TEFL qualifiers deals with the promotion of effective learning along with the maximum interaction of the students. Scholars need to practice effective strategies to excel in this course.

The Six Areas of this certification course are namely:

  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching Skills
  • Language Awareness (grammar)
  • Phonology
  • Unknown Language
  • Teaching Practice

A scholar needs to have a vote understanding of all the six areas mentioned above to make sure they can certify the course.

There are a lot of areas to prepare for before enrolling for this certification. It demands patience, determination, practice, and guidance to qualify for this course. You must secure all these areas while maintaining ethical standards to get professional acceptance and recognition in the international job market. That’s why we are here with TELF Assignment Help for You at, creating a better way to ensure excellent grades.

TELF Assignment Help for Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 from Experts

The assignment obligation is quite burdensome for the students as they need to focus more on the practical part, which involves effective communication skills and teaching strategies. Hence, it becomes tough for students to manage their time efficiently. If in case, you are wondering about where you can get TEFL Assignment Assistance in UK? Please take a deep breath and relax because we got your back. CaseStudyHelp has a team of experts with years of rigorous training and knowledge, enabling them to draft high-quality assignments for you. These proficient writers will assist you in getting through each level of this certification right from level 1 to level 5, with less trouble and more ease.

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Our experts conduct in-depth research and analysis of all five levels of this certification, which helps them develop impactful TEFL Assignment Help for all the students. If you’re doubtful about your writing skills, don’t bother because our experts never fail to structure their work according to the latest writing standards and guidelines. With Proper Assignment Help, you can focus on other relevant areas, such as acquiring adequate practical knowledge and classroom teaching skills. TEFL Assignment Experts at will guide you and provide a critical approach to ensure you clear each level with good grades.

What are the Levels of TEFL? - Time Duration of TEFL Levels with Subjects


  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 1 – Vocabulary Teaching Table
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 1 – Vocabulary Matching Activity
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 1 – Comprehension Questions
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 1 – Comprehension Memo
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 1 – Teacher Language
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 1 – Lesson Plan


  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 2 – Vocabulary Teaching Table
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 2 – Budget worksheet
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 2 – Planning a vacation budget
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 2 – Dictionary Quiz
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 2 – Activities
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 2 – Authentic Reading Passage
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 2 – Evaluation


  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 3 – Evaluation
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 3 – Teacher Language
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 3 – Word Card Game
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 3 – Gap-fill Memo
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 3 – Gap-fill activity
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 3 – Board Plan
  • TEFL ASSIGNMENT 3 – Lesson plan

Time Durations of TEFL levels

  • Level 3 TEFL Courses
  • Combined Level 5 TEFL Course Abroad
  • 120-hour online TEFL course
  • 180-hour online TEFL course
  • 300-hour online TEFL course
  • 250-hour diploma
  • 20-hour Classroom TEFL Course 
  • 168-Hour Online Level 5 TEFL Corse
  • 30-Hour English Grammar
  • 188-Hour Level 5 TEFL Course
  • 198-Hour Level 5 TEFL Course
  • 20-Hour Weekend TEFL Course
  • 30-Hour Weekday TEFL Course
  • 140-Hour Premier TEFL Course 
  • 150-Hour Premier TEFL Course
  • 10-Hour Telephone Teaching
  • 10-Hour Teaching Large Classes
  • 20-Hour Online Video Observation
  • 30-Hour Teaching Business English
  • 30-Hour Teaching Young Learners
  • 40-Hour Teaching English Online

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TEFL Certification enhances the overall skill and personality of an individual. It comes with numerous advantages like you get the chance to learn from people across different countries performing various kinds of cultures. Although, to enjoy all these perks, you first need to secure good grades in your assignments and case studies. If you’re looking for TEFL Case Study Assignment Help, you landed on the right platform. To check the writing structure and patterns and the authenticity of our answers, you can avail free assignment samples for TEFL case studies at our website.

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