COVID-19 Challenges and Motivation to Do Assignments

How to Get Motivated To Do Assignments Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak?

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COVID-19 has created catastrophic effects and chaos in the world and destroyed the peace of the human mind. The following terms:

  • “Social distancing”,
  • “Home quarantine”, and
  • “Lockdown”

Have they become the main issue of people who are feeling a nightmare? People are discussing COVID, which has become regular household talks. It created such a huge uncertainty in human life that it is quite natural; students are finding ways to become motivated in writing assignments.


The situation is so serious that only reading books, motivational speeches, entertainment of videos, or online tutorials can bring success in helping students to become motivated. The present situation is critically difficult, and the future seems uncertain. However, we must overcome it to survive and fight with a positive attitude and full of hope.

Many students feel challenged with their studies and desperately need the motivation to carry out their academic assignments. However, there are hopes and ways to become motivated by engaging the students in their studies in several ways and means. These are described here.

Ten simple but useful tips are presented below, which will feel you motivated and stay on the proper track to go ahead with your academic assignment writing.

Get Motivated to do Assignments following the 10 Useful tips

Plan a routine:

Plan and Set a new methodology that will provide you to keep in touch with your previous routine activity. You may get dressed like before you used to study. This will help you divert your mindset and create a productive environment.

Prepare a daily study target:

In this COVID-infected world, all reputed universities have reoriented to the online education system so that the students don’t get lagged with their studies. One of the most critical purposes is to stay motivated and to attend your online lectures attentively. Thus, you can be more productive. You may prepare a progress report for the valuation of your weekly progress.

Apps for online group studies:

Some students have found group studies to be a greater motivation resource to carry out their assignments. IT technology has contributed remarkably by bringing the citizen of the world closer virtually. Install and use platforms like Zoom, Messenger, or FaceTime, to connect with the members of your study group virtually. You may take a break every 25 minutes of study by using timers to measure the study sessions.

Make a time schedule for a virtual meeting with your relatives and friends:

The process of social distancing ill impacts extroverts and introverts, as well. It is not allowing meeting with friends to release emotional stress that has a prolonged bad effect and is taxing. Social media is thankful for its contribution, which has gifted virtual meetings possible. Make a schedule of regular virtual meetings and celebrate by singing, dancing, and many more way of staying indoors. Chatting with your friends will cheer you up and will provide motivation to look forward.

Play memory games online or multiplayer games with cards:

We all have our preferred online games to revisit whenever we find an opportunity. After virtual classes, relax your mind with online memory games whenever you get a chance. The virtual game may be played with your friends using multiplayer-oriented card games like UNO apps.

Relaxation is a good way to mindset:

Only working or studying indoors can become harmful for you if you cannot ignore the temptation to watch a film

series on Netflix or U-TUBE. Schedule a proper work and recreation plan accordingly.

You must be careful of your mental health:

In such challenging times, remaining motivated is extremely tough. Even if you know the ways of motivation to do your assignments, it won’t help you if you cannot manage your stress and give importance to your mental condition. Therefore, practice a regular schedule to ensure your mind is not disturbed.

Avoid Rumours:

In the COVID period, the news channels and social media distributed huge pandemic news. So, avoid reading or listening to the news related to COVID-19. You may read the report from reputable Govt. sources once a day. Don’t get wrapped up with constant updates that build up your anxiety.

Stay Connected:

If you are stressing about how to get motivated to do assignments, talking to your professors would be a great idea. They would be happy to hear you out and help you with your problems.

It is helpful to feel lazy:

In the present situation, nothing is normal now. Sometimes you may feel gloomy and unable to focus on your assignments. It is not a sin at this moment. Complete the high-priority tasks and take a break. Focus on something that relaxes your mind. Engage in new pastimes like cooking, singing, or learning or playing an instrument.

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How to Be Motivated To Write Assignments?

In this situation, it is natural to lose motivation. However, mind that why this course is necessary. Always mind your career and aspirations.

We know that it is not easy but imagine the happy days will come again after a few months. Utilize every minute now so there will not be necessary to look back.

Take your sleep time, eat balanced meals, and practice yoga. Do not study or work continuously; enjoy some valuable time with your family.

Do not disconnect yourself from the world. Use your internet services. Following the same routine can become monotonous and boring. So, try to mix things up.

Practice the above activities to deal with anxiety efficiently and avoid unnecessary stress. Ask for support if you need someone to discuss. Remember, we shall overcome everything together.

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