How Can We Solve Corporate Finance Assignment Task?

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What is Corporate Finance?

The subject corporate finance is a division of finance subject dealing with funds-related issues of an organization. This also takes care of how the management of the company deals with the fund for the growth of the business. It also looks after the business and revenue of the company. The primary motivation is the formation and creation by application of a mechanism in such a way that the resources are assigned to various businesses on a priority basis. It looks after the allocation of funds to the divisions that need it most and can efficiently utilize the funds for the growth and value of the company.


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Major Financial Statements

  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Statement of Income
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of the Retained Income

Sources of Capital

  • Equity Capital
  • Debt Capital
  • Preferred Share

Important Topics Covered Under Corporate Finance

  • Investment Banking
  • DuPont Analysis
  • Financial Planning Model
  • Accounting Rate of Return
  • Calculation of the Bond Prices

The Prime Activities of Corporate Finance

The main activities of corporate finance are presented below:

Investment and capital budgeting – This section of capital budgeting is the core sector of corporate finance, which takes care of a company’s long-term investment targets so it can produce a good return over a certain time. Numerous procedures, ways, and means are linked with corporate finance. These techniques are applied to estimate the risk factors for the expected returns. It is carried out by studying the earnings of the company, its expenditure and the number of risks involved.

Capital financing – this is another arm of the finance sector of the company, which is responsible for optimizing the finance with the help of equities and debt ratios. It is crucial to maintain the balance between the two sectors as more amount of equity selling, or more debt is not good for the health of any company’s finance structure.

Dividends and capital returns – this finance section takes care of the excess cash that is returned to the company. In this position Decision of the management of the company is vital. Because they are to choose between two alternatives as stated below:

I} Investment of profit in their own business like the expansion of production line or

ii) Clearing of debtor dividend payment to its stakeholders.

However, it is a very good idea to expand the business product while it is good to pay dividends to its investors. The balance is examined through different tools, and Management takes the final decision.

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