How to Write a Case Study Report Sample?

The colleges and universities commonly give the case study reports to the students for testing their analytical skills. In a case study, a specific industry-related issue is given to solve. It needs a lot of professional touches and experience to write a good case study report.

Investigating as well writing the case study report needs certain specific stages. , To write the best case study report, you can seek an online Case Study Analysis Help Service. The various stages of case study report writing are discussed in this blog.

Various Stages of Writing a Case Study Report

1..  First, you need to read the case and the given instructions. Read the given checklist very carefully and take a printout

2..  Consider the analysis tools and theories that are applicable to the institution:

  • Your textbooks, course notes, as well readings need to indicate the methodology for the case study paper.
  • In the initial analysis, you need to identify the main problems in the case. Try to uncover the history of the given organization with successes and failures related to the case.
  • You can also use mind maps in such situation, using the problems, issues, and processes. By using the mind map, you can separate the problem elements and note down the major relationships.
  • If the documents, notes and the consequences of the given issues in the case give you the basic ideas to find the possible solutions.
  • There are several tools for case study analysis in Engineering and Management The student needs to evaluate all these tools and apply the best ones to address the given problem.
  • It is always a critical task to document your ideas and results. Thus, you need to record all your findings and your ideas in the case study report. You also need document all the specifications, calculations and testing that are related to the identification of the solutions given by you. A Case Study Assignment Help Online service can guide you in this regard.

3..  Making the recommendations and forming the conclusions

  • Recommendations are the clear statements in textual or table formats of the actions that are to be taken for minimizing or solving the case study problems. The recommendations require an action plan for implementing any particular statement from a set of possible solutions for the future events.
  • The conclusions are usually drawn from your assessment and analysis. Sometimes, you might get confused in this part. Thus, a case study solutions online service can help you in this regard.

4..  Writing the Case Study Report:

  • Planning the report: Before starting the report writing, it is important for you to plan the report structure.
  • First, outline a mind-map or list format with main headings as well subheadings in your project. Then, you need to add all the ideas and notes to outline what you aim to achieve in each of the sections. Use this outline for considering what information is needed to be included. You can also change these outlines while developing more ideas. Finally, you can also convert these headings and subheadings into contents of your case study reports.
  • Schedule the writing time: You need to schedule a separate time slot for editing various sections of the case study paper. The Preliminary sections are the introduction and the executive summary. The supplementary sections are the appendices, reference list, and conclusions.

5..  Preparing the Draft Report:

  • Students need to write multiple drafts of their case study report and select the best from them. You need to plan very carefully and edit for ensuring the best professional standard of your case study report.
  • Revise your task: You can d this by keeping the reader’s needs as well the report objectives in your mind.
  • Try to be selective: This can be done by taking the notes including all the necessary dart and information gathered by you. Review these notes and select only the important and relevant sections.

6..  Preparing a Reference List: It is a list of all the sources referred to you in the case study report. You always need to refer your information sources to make your case study assignment a success.

7..  Preparing The Cover or Title Page: You need to check the course requirements of the case study content and make the layout of the cover/title page. Here the next thing is required to be included:

  • Institutions where the author is affiliated with
  • Name of the author
  • The course name along with code
  • Date of document submission

8..  The Final Editing: A final editing and proofreading are very necessary for your case study paper. It makes the writing flawless and fees for any mistakes. You need to allow a separate schedule for the editing work. It requires the following tasks:

  • Re-read your assignment guidelines for making the whole task fresh in mind. Reread the entire case study report to check the structure and flow.
  • Check every section of the report including, introduction, executive summary, and the conclusion.
  • Make all the necessary changes in the story if needed.

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