How to Write A Character Analysis Essay in Eight Easy Steps?


A character analysis essay is a difficult type of writing paper for students usually write for literature or English courses. This blog will explain what a character analysis is and how to approach it and how to write. We will also touch on analysing a certain character and will guide you by writing a character analysis essay.

Typically, this type of essay Required for college/ university students to describe the character in the context of the story. it can fulfil the analysing the character Questions between the other Character. Although, sometimes it is also suitable to give your personal opinion and analysis of a certain character. Let’s start our writing with how to write a character analysis essay and what a character analysis actually is.

What is Character Analysis?

The main task of Character analysis is evaluation of the trait, roll of the character in a drama, movie or a story, and the description of the conflicts they are experienced by the characters. Authors will also reveal the distinguishing quality of the character, and explains the following criteria:

  • Behaviours of the character
  • Motivation,
  • Personality types, and
  • Intra relationships with others in the entire story

Why Is It Necessary?

This analysis of character written in essay type form explains in-depth traits and nature of a certain character. In a character analysis, your main task is to present the reader identification that the character really is and what part it plays in the story or drama.

Different Types of Character

  • Major
  • Protagonist(s) (heroes)
  • Antagonist(s)
  • Minor
  • Dynamic (changing)
  • Static (unchanging)
  • Foils

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Character Analysis Essay by following Simple Steps:

While writing the character analysis, it is obvious that you will wonder about the main steps related to character analysis writing are. There are features that structure a certain character analysis essay specifically.

To elaborate on the Relationships of the character with the others: Include the names of the persons with whom the character under analysis frequently interacts during the entire story development. The express specific motive for choosing the characters in question as well as to describe the targeted hero. Give examples of their relationships, a writer can choose the status for the character in the story and explain his activities in favour of the character.

Author’s prime objective: When you write about the personality, it is important to specify the nature and type of character. A statement to be written on why you consider the author has generated this specific character. Discussion of his or her character compared to the lives of heroes of other storytellers and descriptions of the entire plot. Also, it concludes with the lesson of this character presents in the story. The following primary steps, in a nutshell, are generally advised:

  • Selection of a Dynamic Character. In most of the cases, either your faculty will assign a character for you to analyse or you are free to select by your own
  • Taking Notes While studying about the character
  • Selection of a Thesis Statement
  • Drafting of the Outline of the character
  • Write down Your Essay
  • See off Your Character etc

Eight Easy Steps To Write A Character Analysis Essay : 


Step One: Select a Dynamic Character

In case you are to choose you’re a character by your own for analysis, a name of a reputed should be chosen who learns a lesson from his past experience or changes as a person for betterment. It is found that most of the main and major characters in stories are of a dynamic nature. The most dynamic one should be selected. This need not be the main character similar to a principal actor in a drama. It is found in most of the modern literature trends, the protagonist style of the story to pursued and to attain an objective.

Step Two: Take Notes of important issues

On choosing your character prior to start reading, you can take down notes about the character while you read. If you choose your character post reading the text, you can do it quickly with a concentration on your character and note down.

Note related to Childhood Facts of the character: Take notes about important childhood facts or other useful data about the background of the character. Before you reach to get into the “meat” of the study, it is vital to understand where your character is sourced. It is to be noted about the issues you can discuss with respect to the following:

  • Place of birth,
  • Family structure, and
  • Any impactful moments related to childhood.
  • Record Physical and Character qualities
  • Elements of the Plot to be noted
  • Note about the following issues are vital:
  • The introduction,
  • Growing action,
  • Climax,
  • Bending action, and
  • Intention.

What did your personality do to help the plot achievements, any of the above elements also to be explained?

Step Three: Choose a Thesis Statement

Step Four: Draft an Outline

Once your thesis statement is framed in your mind, you can mould the direction of your analysis to amplify your thesis statement. List random facts about your chosen character. With an essay is outlined, you’ll have a clear path of Sample Character Analysis Outline

Step Five: Write Your Essay

Please note that you have to compose the essay with the help of:

  • Your notes,
  • Thesis statement, and
  • Outline

You need to complete your character analysis by following a standard essay format.

The Introduction

Background Information: Background information shall be as follows:

  • Where were they born?
  • What was their upbringing like?
  • Were they raised in prestige?

Whatever you can gain about their upbringing will most likely tie into their present-day personality.

Step 6. Character and Personality Traits: In this clause, you are to provide with a detailed description of the present status of the character concerned. Here you should indicate that nature of the character in either strongly independent or extremely shy.

Step 7. Character Growth: No storyline is complete without conflict. It is found that Conflict in literature isn’t always fun to be literal.

Step 8. The Conclusion: Once you have finished your detailed analysis of the character beginning from childhood days to the end of their growth, in this instant, you are writing the conclusion chapter.

Say Goodbye to Your Character: It is obligatory to proofread and make necessary correction of your analysis before making it into a final shape. When it is done with great character analysis, you’ll feel to say goodbye.

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