How to Write a Perfect Summary Writing Examples with Answers?

Summary writing is a very important part of student life. You need to do a lot of summary writing for your college and university assignment papers. You need to write the summary at the end of every essay and dissertation.

In your summary, you need to write a perfect gist of the entire essay body in the perfect way. In this blog, we will discuss summary writing in a perfect way.

Summary Writing Examples with Answers

What Are Some Useful Summary Writing Tips?

  • Jot down all the important points from the body
  • Could you make a list of it?
  • Make a gist of the points
  • Write in a very compact and coherent way
  • Try to make it short yet interesting enough to keep a lasting impression on your readers

You need to possess very good Summary Writing Skills to make a very good impression on your readers, who are your assessors.

Summary Writing Example with Answer

Below is an example of how to write a summary:

World peacekeeping is one of the very fundamental human responsibilities. All countries and continents around the world should refrain from any kind of warfare with neighboring or any other country.

All nations worldwide should keep very good and friendly relationships with each other. People should not encourage any cross-border political tensions to avoid war. The recent ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is a solid example of such political tension between the cross-border nations.

Two neighboring countries which were formerly one are now engaged in a war. This mostly because of political reasons still exists between the 2 nations even after the former USSR was divided into various smaller nations.

Russia initiated the war, and Ukraine resisted. This war is due to the interest of one man’s aim. As a result of which, many innocent lives are in danger or even ended. Today, the entire world is also divided into 2 halves, each bunch of nations supporting Ukraine and the other bunch Russia.

In this way, an unofficial global war has already been started. This is causing heavy economic losses to people worldwide, directly or indirectly. The cost of petroleum and cooking gas has alarmingly become high. This is adversely affecting the common people of society.

Thus, we can always see that the common people of the counties are always worse affected by the impact of war. Thus, it is always better to keep a global peace war that can never give anything to anyone.

Now, if you want to make a summary of this passage, it should be written in almost one-fourth of the total words used in the main body. The summary should be as follows:

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Global wars always need to be avoided by nations. Peacekeeping relationships between neighboring as well non neighboring countries are always very essential. Common people are always the worst sufferers of political turmoil and wars. It hits them economically as well fatally. Therefore, refraining from warfare is the duty of every nation as well as its leader.

Therefore, you have an idea of how to summarise any passage from the above example. You always need to write the summary writing answers this way whenever you are given any passage or text.

What Is a Good Summary Writing Format?

A summary should always be written totally in your own words. It should contain only ideas from the original passage. One thing you need to remain very careful about while writing a summary. Do not insert any of your own opinion, description, content or point of view in summary.

It should be short sufficiently to arouse interest as well keeping a long-lasting good impression on your assessor.

How to Make a Good Summary Writing Outline?

  • Read the given text very carefully
  • Pick out the most important concepts and main points from the passage
  • Organize the major ideas
  • State a good introduction
  • Search the main body and parts of the given passage
  • It would help if you concluded the paragraphs in a right way
  • Write the summary text absolutely in your own words

What Are the Top Features of a Good Summary?

  • A good summary should always shorten or condense the original passage
  • It needs to include only the major set of information
  • It should only include points from the given text
  • The summary is to be written only in own original words of the summary writers
  • A good summary is always well-written

“Practice makes perfect” more you practice writing the summary writing exercises, the more you become adept with it.

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What Are Some Common Mistakes Committed By Students in Writing a Summary?

  • Misunderstanding the key concepts given in the passage
  • Reading the passage carelessly and overlooking the main points
  • Reading the given text very quickly and not understanding the concept properly
  • Paraphrasing the abstract as summary
  • Copying and pasting from the original text
  • Writing a very long summary
  • Stating own opinion and not adhering to the main text

What Are the 3 Summarizing Techniques?

  1. Selection: It is a very important technique for writing a summary. Here, choosing a major idea, phrases, keywords, terms, interpretation, etc., in the original text is always very important. You need to understand these aspects very carefully while preparing your summary. This is the skeleton of all the main ideas from the text.
  2. Rejection: It is a major summarizing technique. Here, you need to eliminate all the unnecessary data. This is the rejection of the original passage’s examples, repetitions, illustrations, etc., in the original passage. This will automatically help you in making your summary short and engaging.
  3. Substitution: This is a basic summarizing process that includes synthesis. Here, you need to combine a number of sentences into one sentence. You can use the sentence substitution method in it. It is the replacement of short sentences with longer ones. One-word substitution is the best method that can be applied here.

Thus, you can see that writing a summary is not very easy, and you need to do it skillfully. So, it is always most advisable for you to avail the best online summary essay writing service from a well-known service provider. The writing experts will give you the best tips for writing an ideal summary for getting the best grades.

So, the 3 main parts of any summary are conciseness, accuracy, and objectivity. Thus, you always need to be very careful about these 3 aspects while writing your summary. It needs to be brief and accurate as well, with a very strong objective.

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