What Is The Fastest Way To Develop Your Essay Writing Skills?

Essay writing is one of the basic skills that a student needs to develop in his academic career. These essays are given as assignments to the college and university students.

Grades you get in these essay papers carry a lot of importance in your academic as well as professional career in the future. Thus, you should take your essay assignment work very seriously. A very good and regular writing habit is very much necessary for the students for writing top quality essays on various topics.

Getting good grades in your essay assignments is always the very first priority to you. In this blog we will discuss about some very effective ways to improve your essay writing skills within the shortest time span.


Five Ways To Quickly Develop Your Essay Writing Skills

Our Proficient Experts advice the students in following guidelines for fast improvement of essay wring skill:

Avoiding Repetition: Although this seems difficult when writing a multiple page in writing an essay based on a single idea or character, it is obligatory to improve your skill of writing. The reader may have an impression while finding repetition as a sign of laziness and nausea from your end.

Here are three procedures that will help the students to eliminate wordiness and to avoid repetition of words and phrases. Simplest approach for fast improvement of your writing skills is to complete elimination of repetitive word or phrase from your essay by following way.

Keep the idea by replacing the word or phrase by usage of similar words or phrase. This will require replacement of a pronoun by proper name, such as usage of the word he, instead of George. Avoid selection of unfamiliar words that only sound good.

The last of the techniques for improving your writing skills very fast may be found more difficult, but the most effective. Start by marking out the offensive repetition. Next, mark up the key words in the sentence.This can

be done by skipping the words like a, of, while, it, etc. Finally craft a new sentence that retains the marked words but eliminates the repeated ones. This will result more ideas to express the thought. Our experts have found that such expansion of your new sentence in this way will improve the quality of your paper.

Use of Active Voice: Use of active voice will make your essay writing alive. For the purpose of improving your writing skills, we, at casestudyhelp.com encourage students to write in the active voice. This means that the subject of the sentence performs the action; but does not receive the get the reward of action.

Compare the following examples:

You should become knowledgeable and gain understanding of basic grammar, style, and punctuation remarkably. Grammar, style, and punctuation are highly important if you want your research to be understood and taken seriously. Before writing an essay, ensure that you have a solid understanding of basic grammar. Basic grammar includes the following:

  • verb and subject agreement,
  • proper article and pronoun usage, and
  • well-formed sentence structures.

Finally, in academic essay writing, voice is important. Avoiding transition words that do not add anything to the sentence and unnecessary use of words that make your argument out of track.

Usage of Right Vocabulary: Know what the words you are using actually mean to say. Language usage is important, especially in academic essay writing. In the event of writing an academic essay, it should be noted that you are persuading others who are experts and can make an intelligent argument.

In depth understanding about the argument and critical analysis of all the evidences: In the process of writing an academic essay, you always need to keep the main argument in mind. Temptation of going off the tangent about some interesting side can make your writing less concise. Review carefully the evidences you are going to use in your essay; and become sure that this is directly supporting your thesis. If this is negative, then that evidence should be excluded.

The Impressive Conclusion to Be Added That Supports Your Research: One of the most overlooked elements of academic essay is writing the conclusion. Conclusion of the essay ties all your research together to upgrade quality of your thesis. It should not be plagiarized from another document. Properly written conclusion outlines the key evidence that is discussed in the body very fast at the same time directly ties it to the thesis.

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Below Are Some Questions That Student Always Asking In Their Essay Writing?

What Is The Purpose Of Writing An Essay?

  • Telling the readers regarding the topic you are intending to prove
  • Explaining the supporting ideas that can prove your point as well support your argument
  • Summarizing the main point, supporting the ideas, and reinforcing the essay topic conclusions

How To Understand An Essay Assignment?

In order to get better your essay writing skills, first you need to understand your given assignment very well. A typical essay consists of the following parts:

  1. The 1st paragraph is the introductory part.
  2. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraphs include the main points or idea.
  3. The very final paragraph is the concluding part of your essay

You always need to present your essay in a very clear, organized, well supported as well in a complete manner. This format can be used in writing the following types of essay assignments:

  • Classroom home works
  • Exams and essay tests
  • Articles for your institute or local newspaper
  • Academic presentations by using slide show software or power points
  • Oral presentations and speeches
  • Poster presentations
  • Paper presentations

How To Develop Your Essay Writing By Re-Wring Tasks?

Doing a very good Re-writing task is very important to write a top-quality essay assignment paper. First, you need to get crystal clear instruction from your professor or teacher regarding the essay writing topic.

You always need to ask if there are any handouts on the give assignment or any explanation on how the essay assignment to be written. Students can get their essay writing ideas from good samples but they should never copy from any source or sample.

How To Think And Research Your Essay Topic?

List your own thoughts reading the essay writing topic in short sentences. Write minimum sentences on a separate index card. While starting you can use these questions or getting your thoughts expressed in a proper way. The following questions can help you:

  • What you know about the given topic?
  • What your professor thinks about the importance of the essay topic?
  • What your text book says about it?
  • What the readers or academic assessors want to know about the topic?

Read all your sentences and think about the ways they can be assembled together. You need to combine your sentences into 3 main groups.

  • Organize your own ideas in various groups
  • Research your relationship between your own ideas and identify the 3 main groups
  • Separate your index cards in 3 piles each one for the main idea
  • A time sequence for the 1st, second and three 3rd events
  • 3 social study themes like political, economic and social influences
  • Shift in the focus row how the given effects ant person, community or a nation
  • Developing any piece of art from the idea to creation of the impact
  • Do a thorough background research on any science project, designing and analysis of the result

How To Organize And Analyze Your Essay?

You always need to write the 3 paragraphs that will make the body of your essay. Here you need to work with one card stack at a time and then organize them in a logical order in each pile. Always order the piles in a proper sequence as you will use them in your assignment paper. Ex:

  • A temporal order like 1st, second and third at a time
  • As per the order of importance like lest, more and the most important ideas
  • According to the construction order like foundation, various parts and the finishing touches
  • The order that is making sense for the given essay topic

How Can You Develop The Introductory Paragraph Of Your Essay?

Many of you might find that writing the introductory part of the essay after developing the main points is easier since it can enable you in focusing on your writing. The essay introduction must include the following 2 parts:

  1. A sentence to state the main idea of your essay
  2. 1-3 sentences to briefly introduce the 3 major supporting points to prove, justify and support the basic idea of your essay paper

How To Develop The Closing Part Of Your Essay?

The concluding or closing paragraph of your essay needs to be a brief restating of the introduction and includes the following 2 parts:

  1. A sentence that will remind your reader on the main purpose or idea of your essay topic that is needed to be addressed
  2. Another sentence that reminds the readers that the 3 points can prove your main idea

What Are The Tips To Do The Final Editing?

  • Ask your faculty if you are permitted to submit a draft for making various suggestions for improvement o the final essay assignment version
  • Always check your spelling, usage of words as well your professor’s input to make the final revisions

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