How to Write a Personal Essay? Introduction, Examples and Topics

A personal essay is required in a wide variety of places like jobs, college or university applications, etc. The colleges and universities of Australia, UK, USA and rest the countries want personal essays from the students to test their analytical skills and English writing knowledge.


What is a Personal Essay?

A personal essay is actually writing that can explore any experience and narrates the experience story from the writer’s viewpoint. These types of essays illustrate how any personal conflict or event can leave a long-lasting impression on you.

A personal essay usually consists of 3 main parts: introduction, essay body and conclusion. There is a major difference between a personal essay and a formal essay. The length, purpose and tone of these two types of essays are different.

Writing a personal essay will give you an opportunity to show your leadership, strength, and ability to overcome challenges in professional and personal fields. If you avail the best online Personal Essay Writing Help service from the top provider, they can guide you the best in accomplishing it.

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How to Write a Personal Essay for College? A Step by Step Guide

There are a few states you need to follow your writing a good personal essay for your college. These are as follows:

  • Making preparations: While preparing to write the personal essay, first consider who your audiences are and what to want to inform them. Your story needs to relate to your subject topic. Thus, you first need to jot down a list of points you want to write in your personal essay and convey to your target audiences. These points need to keep your readers very engaged in your writing.
  • Choosing the topic: The experience you need to convey to your readers needs to send them a message. The personal essay can tell them a story of any accomplishment or about your own experiences as per your own viewpoint significantly. Here you need to tell a story that fulfills or accomplishes your goals.
  • Get organized: Making a good outline is a preliminary step in organizing your thoughts as well as ideas. These outlines can keep you attached to your topic and avoid fluffs. Your personal essay always needs to follow a straight path from the beginning to the end.
  • Considering the tone: While writing your personal essay, first, consider the feeling you need to describe in your writing or the atmosphere you want to create. This also gives light to your own personality. Your personal essay can be about any of your past experiences, and here you can write as a look back at that event and the way it relates to your present circumstances. If you write your essay about your present moment, you need to write in present tense and how the event impacts your present life. Thus, your essay writing tone is established here.
  • Write the introduction: The best rule to write your personal essay introduction is to keep it within 1-2 paragraphs, focusing only on the main points of your essay. This introductory part needs to highlight the major parts of your essay story, and this opening sentence makes an impact. Thus, you always need to write a personal essay introduction or an opening sentence. Your essay is very much interesting and engaging for the readers. An inspirational quote can also be written here to arouse the reader’s interest.
  • Give a moral or lesson: The personal essay needs to have a central message or moral for focusing on your abilities, strengths and qualifications. Ex: overcoming any hardship.
  • The body: Your essay body contains the maximum data and information, mostly 2-3 paragraphs in length. This body part of your essay is the main textual part that always follows a sequential and linked paragraph order. This is the part where you can provide all the evidence of the morals or lessons you have conveyed to your readers. You can always use personal essay examples pdf in your writing to make it more appealing to the readers.
  • The conclusion: The concluding paragraph of your essay needs to be 1 or 2 paragraphs in length. This part needs to summarize everything already mentioned in your essay. The concluding part needs to link all the paragraphs and points used in your essay.

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How to Start Personal Essay Examples?

Always write the personal essay statement in an active voice and within double quotes. The example should be related to your subject topic and practically related.

What Are the Important Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Personal Essay?

  • Remain truthful: write only true- and real-life experiences.
  • Be concise: write concisely in a to the point way without useless words.
  • Adhere to the structure: allot some time to set up your thoughts before writing down the essay.
  • Remain positive: Highlight your present achievements and set a room for future improvements too.
  • Stating both strong and weak sides: Perfection doesn’t exist, so write both about your achievements and failures.
  • Proofreading and editing: A very thorough proofreading and editing are very much important to make your essay grammatically flawless. In this regard, you can also use powerful proofreading software tools along with manual editing and proofreading.

The don’ts

  • Never exceed your stated word limit: Avoid using unnecessary phrases or fluffs in your personal essay.
  • Do not write plagiarized content: This is one of the basic and most important dents of writing a personal essay. Your college assessors always reject a plagiarized essay.
  • Do not repeat ideas: always adhere to your given essay topic and write point wise in a very chronological manner.
  • Be more specific: write in a selected manner and narrow down the given subject.
  • Also, write about your personal anxieties: You can also write about your personal concerns in your personal essay. The terminal paragraph of your personal essay needs to contain the basic moral of your story.

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How to Select Personal Essay Topics?

It would help if you always chose your personal essay topic that is significant as well as updated with your era. Good personal essay topics will always audiences more. You can also consult the best personal essay sample from our website to get an idea of choosing good personal essay topics.

The essay topic needs to be focused on the main subject area of your essay. It needs to meet the ultimate purpose of your personal essay. Examples of some common personal essay topics are as follows:

  • My college years
  • My first work experience
  • My influential friends
  • My knowledge and skills
  • Impact of my mother on my life
  • My life experiences
  • Your professional background
  • My educational background
  • My life goals
  • Your life success stories
  • My life goals
  • My school days

In your personal essay, you can write about yourself in 200 words. Thus, you can see that you need to write and adhere more about your personal life, experiences, and achievements in the personal essay. Therefore, write it in a very engaging way.

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