How To Write An Excellent Psychology Case Study Report?

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Today, Psychology Case Study Report is one of the most popularly studied subjects in Australia as well as the whole world. The lifestyle has become very fast and pressured for majority of the people in urban areas of the world. They belong to all age groups and many of them have serious psychological issues.

They surely need the help of qualified counselors or therapists who can break their mental barriers and can find the ultimate solution for all their issues. For these reasons a lot of reputed colleges and universities of Australia are offering graduation, post graduation a well as doctoral degrees in Psychology major.


In this subject, writing case studies is very important for the students. Thus, they are given a lot of case study assignments by their institutes. A case study on Psychology is an in-depth analysis regarding any single person. These are mostly used in clinical cases or in the cases where laboratory research is not possible.

In this blog we will discuss about how to write a case study assignment paper on Psychology.

How to write a good Psychology case study assignment paper?

  1. You need to collect background information: The first section of the case study assignment paper presents the basic background of your client. This includes various factors like gender, age, health status, qualification, profession, life history, addictions (if any), weaknesses and coping skills.
  2. Describe and present the problem: In this section of your psychology case study, you need to describe the issues or symptoms the client is presented with. Here you also need to describe the emotional, physical or any sensory symptoms as reported by the client. All the feelings, thoughts and perceptions that are related to the symptoms are to be noted. If any diagnostic or screening assessments are used, then it should be described in details and all the scores are to be reported.
  3. Give your diagnosis: Provide your own diagnosis and give the appropriate Statistical and Diagnostic manual code. Here you also need to explain how you reached the diagnosis and why the clients symptoms fir the diagnostic criteria for the disorder.
  4. The intervention: This is the second section of your paper. This section will focus on the intervention used to help the client. Here you need to take more than one treatment approaches as instructed by your faculty.

What are the approaches?

  • Psychoanalytic Approach: In this approach, you need to describe the way a psychoanalytic therapist can view the client’s problems. Here you also need to provide some psychoanalytic approach with relevant references. You can explain the way psychoanalytic therapy can be used to treat the client. Here you can also explain the client’s response and overall effectiveness of the therapy.
  • The Cognitive-Behavioral Approach: In this approach you need to explain how the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be used for the treatment. You can explain the ways any cognitive-behavioral therapist can approach the treatment. Here you need to offer the background information on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach. You can describe the treatment sessions, client responses and possible outcomes of this approach.
  • The Humanistic approach: You need to describe a humanistic approach that can be used in treating your client. This is a type of client-centered therapy. You need to know the type of treatment approach chosen by you and your client’s reaction to the treatment. You need to explain the end result in details whether the treatment was successful or unsuccessful.

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Tips to write an ideal psychology case study report

  • Do not uses the name “client” instead use his or her name in your case study paper.
  • Use APA format while citing the references.
  • Go through the examples of various psychologies related to case studies to get an idea of the writing style and formatting.
  • You can get information from various sources like internet, scholarly articles. Famous books, journals, etc.

If you follow all the tips and approaches mentioned in this log, you can write the best psychology case study assignment paper. You will definitely get the highest grades by following these tips and methods. For getting more tips regarding Case Study Writing Help in Psychology, you can also go through our previous blog.Click Here to know more tips!

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