How to Write a Good Compare and Contrast Essay in 5 Easy Steps?

A compare and contrast is a very special type of essay that examines 2 or more topics ex: ideas, objects, people, etc. It compares their similarities and contrasts the differences. These types of essays are very complicated to write. A wide variety of subjects and essay topics come under this type of essay.

How to Write a Good Compare and Contrast Essay

But the renowned universities of Australia, UK, USA and rest the world will assign you a lot of compare and contrast essay to be completed at home. Grades you get in these essays carry a lot of importance in your academic as well as a professional career in the long run. Thus, it would help if you always wrote a very exceptional compare and contrast essay.

Since writing a good compare and contrast essay is not easy, you always need the best online Compare and Contrast Essay Help Service from a trustworthy provider. Per the Contrast Essay Help experts, a very good compare and contrast essay must have 5 easy steps. We will discuss these steps in this blog.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Writing an excellent compare and contrast essay is not easy and needs quite an effort as well as proper planning. This essay paper needs to reveal anything unique on the given topic. It is closely related to the topic and highlights the importance of what things are compared and contrasted to arouse the reader’s interest.

Thus, to write a good compare and contrast essay, you need to do a lot of preparation and action. All the in-depth details regarding the subject area will be written and analyzed in your essay paper. According to the online Compare Essay Help, below are the 5 easy steps to write a very good compare and contrast essay assignment paper:

Step 1: Choosing Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

Any compare and contrast essay paper analyzes 2 or more subjects for similarities as well as dissimilarities. These related subjects have certain things in common. Ex: you can write 2 versions of the same novel. These novels are of the same subject but from different times. Then, you need to analyze them properly and finally state your own opinion about which version is better. Some commonest compare and contrast essay examples are as follows:

  • World leaders compare and contrast
  • Compare and contrast home
  • Compare contrast novel characters
  • Compare and contrast two stories written by the same author

Thus, it needs a lot of planning and critical analysis to write these essay topics, and you need to develop a very good Contrast Essay Writing Skill to write these essays.

Step 2: Selecting the Similarities and Dissimilarities:

Now, you have two or even three subjects you need to compare and contrast; think of each of the subject’s main points. There are two approaches you can approach here-Venn diagram and listing.

Venn diagram: It is a diagrammatic representation that represents the similarities as well as differences of the subjects. The diagram has two overlapping circles with a wide space in the middle. This wide space shows the similarities between the 2 entities.

Each subject represents each entity. The similar characteristics are the points in the overlapping section.

Listing: This listing method helps you choose the points you need to focus on in your compare and contrast essay paper. To do it, you need to write the title of each subject you are comparing or contrasting. List all the characteristics of each subject you have selected. Then, you need to encircle or highlight the things that are common or similar. Things that you are not highlighting are the contrasting characteristics of your essay.

Compare and Contrast

Step 3: Finding the Supporting Details and Evidence:

Now, you have to find the evidence that shows the points for each subject with the contrasting elements of the other subject. Ex: if you are comparing and contrasting 2 world leaders, you need to find the facts on each of the leaders. These facts are to be based on strong evidence. After finding enough pieces of evidence, you need to ask it the following questions:

What is the significance of each evidence?

What conclusion can be drawn?

Step 4: Compare and Contrast Essay Outline:

It is always better to write any compare and contrast essay paper after outlining your own essay content properly. There are two very common ways to make a perfect compare and contrast essay structure – subject by subject or Point to Point. These are explained below:

Subject by subject: You can take this approach while writing about any one subject and its characteristics. Then, after finishing describing the subject topic, you can start to write about the 2nd subject topic. After covering both the subjects, you can write a separate section t write the similarities as well dissimilarities between them. The structure is as follows:

  • Introduction: Here, you need to write about the general information on the background with the thesis statement.
  • Body: write about both the subjects
  • Similarities and differences: Here, you need to describe the similarities between each of the subjects and then about the differences.

Conclusion: This will be the summary of the compare and contrast essay thesis with the paper’s significance.

Point by Point: This is the approach where you can organize your essay content around the chosen points. Here, you need to write the points and then write the point and relate it to the subject with an explanation. The outline of point to point is as follows;

Introduction: Here, you need to write about the general background information

Body: Here, you need to establish the relationship to subject 1 and subject 2

Compare and contrast essay conclusion: It is a summary of the thesis with the significance of your essay paper.

Step 5: Writing the Compare and Contrast Essay Paper:

You always need to do proper planning with the preparation of your compare and contrast essay before starting to write. Better you plan and prepare; it will be easier for you to write within a shorter time period. Make a proper outline, and then start writing.

Thus, you need to write the whole paper with a very interesting introduction, a good body and a significant concluding part. Do not forget to write the “in-text” citations. In the end, you need to write a very meaningful statement by emphasizing the significance of your compare and contrast essay paper.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will get top grades. You always need to follow the best compare and contrast essay format given by a reliable and trustworthy online essay writing help service provider.


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