How Writing a Management Case Study is Useful?

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The case study method is a very popular learning style in many management degree courses. It mainly focuses on the decision-making power of the students.  The case study method does not involve many faculty-led lectures, instead, it encourages free interactions and discussions in the classroom. Case studies are related to developing solutions for a case. These cases reflect the issues in various business firms.

The Management Case Study has brought a new revolution in the MBA studies academic field. It is more practical as well as interactive for the business management students around the globe. The case study method of education is really beneficial for them in their professional life in the long run.


The top business schools in the world use the case study methods in their two-year full-time MBA post graduation degree course. The case study topics are given to the students in advance of a seminar. Students need to work on the case study topics and propose the best solutions. Projectors and slide show illustrations are used in these seminars to make the presentations more interesting and attractive.

The case studies are designed to present specific problems that frequently arise in the global business world. The case study assignments are given to develop a student’s ability in utilizing their analytical as well communication skills. These two qualities are very much needed for a management (MBA) student in their professional career. Students having these skills can land up in getting a good managerial job in reputed company in the future.

What are the various formats of case studies?

  • The traditional cases: These include details write-ups o the case study problems
  • Analytical cases: These are usually shorter than a usual case study topic and are based upon the real life decisions. These cases give a summary of the issue with a little background information. Its aim is to help the students in making decisions which are not predetermined.
  • Research briefs: These give updated research on the business problems to help students in creating practical and relevant business solutions.

How Writing a Management Case Study is Useful?

  1. Business leadership skills: One of the main necessities of the case study method is to stimulate a real business environment. It also helps the students to prepare for the real life business situations in the future. The business case studies help them in developing an ability to make quick business decisions that are beneficial for a company. The employers always look for these abilities in their recruitment process.
  2. It is better than the lectures: The case study method is far interesting than the typical classroom lectures in the business schools and colleges. In the typical professor to student lecture process, there is no such interaction. This procedure is a bit narrative rather than interactive. But the case study seminars are very much interactive. Equal interaction and discussion on a particular case study topic take place among all the participants in the seminar. Thus, students get a lot of fun in the case study method.
  3. It encompasses the business outlook: Candidates can gain a global perspective in the case study seminars. This naturally opens more gates for them in their careers.


What are the issues that are to be addressed in MBA case study method?

  • The entire operation is run by the students: A very thorough preparation is very much essential in case study method. This preparation also includes extensive research work on the case study topics to be carried out by the students. Thus, they also need to study a lot for this purpose. They often do not get enough time for such studies along with their exam preparations. The case study seminars also need a lot of communication and speaking skills. Many students lack these qualities and cannot participate in these case study seminars.
  • Fresher students are not welcome: The business case study method also needs a bit exposure in the practical industry. This might be a problem for the MBA students are absolute fresher. They do not have any Pre-MBA work experience. Thus, it becomes quite hard for them to cope up with the experienced students of MBA.


  • Shortage of time: It is one of the biggest issues for the MBA students in case study method. Each student is given around 500 case study topics in their academic session. It is a bit difficult for them to study, research and prepares perfectly for all these topics.
  • Being updated is difficult: One of the biggest challenges of a case study in Management (MBA) education is staying up-to-date. All the case study topics need to be constantly updated otherwise these will become irrelevant of the present business climate. New business models and technologies are introduced every day. Thus, the case studies always need to be updated and evolving.

If all the above-mentioned issues can be addressed and solved properly by the leading business schools and universities, then, the case study method of education can be truly profitable for the MBA students around the world.

How the students helped by case study method?

The mixture of learning methods in case study helps the student in gaining a better understanding in solving the major problem in a business. This case study method dangles the right information and gives the opportunity to the students in making their bait. Students can deal with the business leadership solutions by practicing the case study solving methods.


Today, the case study method of MBA education is practiced in almost all the business schools around the world. One of the biggest effectiveness of this method is the common knowledge of business education. Various business schools have the most qualified lecturers to give the seminars on various case study topics. Many management gurus and real-life entrepreneurs also deliver seminars in the reed business schools. Thus, the studies can be truly benefited from these MBA case study seminars by professors and entrepreneurs.

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