180+ Unique Law Research Paper Topics to Write About

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What Are Law Research Papers?

A law research work is a scholarly paper that develops on any legal topic and presents a comprehensive analysis, new insights and critical analysis. These papers are a strong platform for the students to showcase their analytical power to execute the legal codes correctly.

Law Research Paper Topics

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How to Choose Topics in Law?

Finding the topic: It is one of the major as well as challenging work of writing a law research paper. While setting a topic, ensure that it is interesting to the writer as well as the readers. It must be novel, worthy of publication, well defined and manageable. Following are a few tips for choosing the best legal research paper:

  • Examining the legal developments: Search for a novel case or any legal issue where the courts have split on their law interpretation
  • Browsing the recent scholarly publications
  • Talking to people
  • Mining the topic ideas, including the calls for the papers and writing the competitions
  • Keeping updated with the topic ideas, including current affairs, via news items the paper writing

How to Write a Legal Research Paper?

The law Research papers are not as strictly structured as briefs, legal memos, and other documents. It is usually learned in legal drafting and writing courses. Ex: there is no specific or prescribed content format similar to the presented questions, answers, etc., that are learnt from the legal memo.

  • Content: as usual, content is the king

Approaching to write good content is as follows:

  • Introduction: Here, you need to give a background and a clear statement of the thesis
  • Status quo: It is an existing law
  • Proposals for changes:
  • Conclusion:


  • 12 font size Times New Roman
  • Double spaced lines
  • 1-inch gap on all sides as margin
  • Adding footnotes in the academic bluebook
  • Footnotes to be 10 pt. font sizes
  • Using Roman numerical on the Headings and subheadings with style or fonts for making differences between headings and subheadings
  • Adding page numbers in the foot and centred on the first page. After that, you can do the bottom centre on the 1st page and the upper right in the header. Use functions for the header and footer.

Headings and subheadings

The law research papers must have proper headings and subheads. This helps your readers follow your logic. This makes a logical structure, and it helps the readers to follow logic. Proper headings and subheadings also help in your thought process.

  • Road map paragraph: It can also include a Para at the end of the introductory part. This narrates the roadmap of the writing.
  • A content table: It is also very useful; your readers will find navigating through your whole paper easier.

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180+ Unique Law Research Paper Topics for Students

Cyber Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Importance of strong user authentication on mobile phones
  2. Preventing hacking of mobile phones
  3. Dangers of cyber accession via mobile phones
  4. Cyber security
  5. Firewall uses
  6. How to use Android malware
  7. How to deal with Trojan viruses
  8. How to keep bank accounts safe in the present era of cyberspace and the internet
  9. securing mobile and internet banking from hacking and viruses
  10. advantages of ethical hacking

Law Enforcement Paper Topics

  1. Role of Technology in Preventing Crimes
  2. Essential methods to prevent police brutality
  3. Are Eyewitness testimonies reliable?
  4. Racial discrimination in law enforcement.
  5. Gender discrimination in law enforcement.
  6. Death penalty approach in various countries
  7. How to prevent global drug trafficking
  8. Top motives of kidnapping
  9. Prison systems around the world
  10. Do body cameras help

Business Law Topics for Research Papers

  1. Laws imposing corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  2. National and international law codes on business
  3. Application of the law of contracts
  4. Significance of trademarks and copyrights
  5. Business organizations to collaborate with business laws
  6. Advertising legislations
  7. Contractual law analysis on verbal and non-verbal agreement.
  8. Analysis of disciplinary law
  9. The presence of contractual laws in corporate transactions
  10. Natural law vs legal positivism in business

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Human Rights Law Topics

  1. Use of artificial intelligence in law enforcement and its human rights implications
  2. Hate speech laws and their compatibility with freedom of expression.
  3. Detention of refugees and its compliance with international law
  4. Reproductive rights and access to healthcare
  5. Juvenile justice and the rights of young offenders
  6. Discrimination and persecution based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  7. Worker exploitation and the role of international labour standards
  8. The impact of armed conflict on the right to education
  9. Treatment of terrorism suspects and the right to a fair trial
  10. The tension between cultural practices and human rights standards

Banking and Finance Law Topics

  1. Bank Lending Under Federal Law
  2. Banking Fraud Prohibited by Law
  3. Bank Operations and Legal Implications
  4. Securities Law
  5. Banking Regulations and Legal Protections for Consumers
  6. Mortgage Lending and Securitization Legal Issues
  7. Securities Fraud Law
  8. Legal Remedies to the Breach of Fiduciary Duty in the Securities Industry
  9. Unauthorized Trading of Securities and Legal Remedies for the Investors
  10. Misrepresentations by Investment Brokers that lead to Legal Claims

Civil Rights Topics of Law

  1. Maternity health care
  2. Reproductive health care
  3. Natal and prenatal post-natal health care
  4. Child welfare services and foster care
  5. Olmstead and community living
  6. Emergency Preparedness and Response
  7. Effective Communication in Hospitals
  8. Health Disparities
  9. Limited English Proficiency (LEP) makes access to healthcare services for certain people.
  10. Laws on HIV AIDS patients

Constitutional Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Self-defense rights in the USA
  2. Legal regulation on immigration
  3. Usage of DNA evidence in crime scenes
  4. Anti-discrimination legal regulations
  5. Protection TRIPS (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights)
  6. Freedom of expression laws
  7. Impact of tax laws on companies
  8. Effect of cybercrimes on business
  9. Laws on Juvenile Justice
  10. Laws on corporate social responsibility

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Corporate Law Paper Topics

  1. Role of stakeholders in a corporate firm
  2. Challenges in the corporate governance world
  3. Effect of socio-political environments on corporate governance
  4. Evaluating the effusiveness of the corporate compliance programs for ethical conduct
  5. Legal considerations for the usage of machine learning algorithms in industrial analysis
  6. Blockchain vs corporate transparency
  7. The legal obligations of corporate restructuring
  8. Laws related to mergers and acquisitions of corporate firms
  9. Legal consideration in corporate communications
  10. Role of corporate laws in regulating the digital platforms for any company

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Criminal Law Topics for Essays

  1. Death penalty law for human slaughter
  2. Laws for rapists and women molesters
  3. Child abuse laws
  4. Delphi Survey Method in Criminal Justice System
  5. Criminal Justice vs Law Enforcement
  6. A Short Guide to the Criminal Justice System
  7. Young Offenders vs Criminal Justice System
  8. Department of Criminal Justice
  9. Techniques to Influence the Criminal Justice System Changes
  10. Juvenile justice

International Law Research Topics

  1. ASIL Research Guide to International Criminal Law
  2. Comparative Criminal Procedure: A Selected Bibliography
  3. International Criminal Court Legal Tools
  4. ECOLEX: A Gateway to Environmental Law
  5. Guide to International Environmental Legal Research
  6. ASIL Research Guide
  7. United Nations Environment Programme
  8. OHCHR (UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)
  9. OHCHR Jurisprudence Database
  10. European Court of Human Rights

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Immigration Law Topics for Research Paper

  1. How COVID-19 Affected global immigration
  2. How Immigrants effects the Global Economy
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of global immigration
  4. What are the 5 major benefits of the immigrants
  5. Relation between immigration and crime
  6. Immigration cost and dealing with it
  7. How immigration influences business and the economy
  8. Laws on illegal immigration
  9. What are the most common reasons for US immigration from across the world
  10. Laws on visas waive

Education Law Topics for Legal Research Papers

  1. Law on various types of hate crimes
  2. Crime and drugs connection
  3. Laws on special punishment
  4. Laws on capital punishment
  5. Why education is necessary to prevent the birth of criminals in the society
  6. How the criminals use insanity as law loopholes
  7. Laws to regulate police interrogation and unnecessary harassment
  8. Laws on racial discrimination
  9. Laws on disability-based discrimination
  10. How to use laws to lower crime rates on government levels

Entertainment Law Research Topics

  1. Entertainment Law Center
  2. Role of the censor board
  3. Music Royalties under Copyright Law
  4. Laws to stop piracy in the entertainment world
  5. Film Production Services Agreements and Legal Considerations
  6. Publicity Rights under State Laws
  7. Video Game Law
  8. Divorce and Family Law Issues for the Global Entertainers
  9. FAQs on Entertainment Law
  10. Sports and Entertainment law articles

Employment Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Employment Law on worker safety and health
  2. Management and Employment Law
  3. A Brief Analysis of Employment Law
  4. Landslide Limousines Law on Employment Law Compliance Plan
  5. Application of Employment Law on public and private sector
  6. Employment Law Compliance Plan
  7. Setting of minimum wages and salaries for the workers
  8. Equal remuneration for both male and female employees
  9. Prevention of sexual harassment and abuse towards women in workplaces
  10. Employment Law and Health Care

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Family Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Family law of divorce and child custody
  2. Law on domestic violence against women and children
  3. Sexual abuse of kids
  4. Verbal abuses in families
  5. Adoption regulations: ethics, compliance and human rights
  6. Child welfare in indigenous communities
  7. Legal perspectives on the parental fitness evaluations
  8. marital contracts and Prenuptial agreements
  9. legal aspects of child-parent relationships
  10. role of grandparents in modern families

Environmental Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Law on using recycled products to save the environment
  2. Animal conservation laws to save ecology
  3. Anti-poaching laws to save wildlife and exotic animals
  4. Laws to save the oceanic flora and fauna
  5. Conservation laws to prevent deforestation
  6. Anti-pollution laws against industries producing toxic gas and chemicals, harming the population and atmosphere
  7. Anti-pollution laws on automobiles
  8. Laws to prevent pollution of the water bodies
  9. Laws to stop illegal smuggling of animals and animal products
  10. Bird conservation laws

Animal Law Topics to Research

  1. Anti-poaching laws
  2. Laws against cruelty to animals
  3. Laws on using animals for human entertainment
  4. Laws to conserve wildlife
  5. Laws to protect birds
  6. Laws to save the endangered animal species
  7. Laws against using animals for animal testing to produce cosmetics
  8. Regulation on using animal products for business
  9. Regulation of hunting laws
  10. Laws to conserve oceanic animals

Best Legal Research Topics in Different Law Branches

  1. Injustice in our Justice System: Certain legal sections need to be changed or amended
  2. Intellectual Property and Its Protection: This is a global issue which needs to be solved with immediate effect
  3. Racial Discrimination in the Judicial System: This is a very basic social injustice and should be death with strict laws
  4. Amendment laws: These are to be imposed whenever and wherever necessary
  5. Juvenile laws: These need to be imposed with a lot of care and dedication
  6. Reflections on the Existence of Rules in Today’s Society: To be studied thoroughly
  7. Prison justice analysis: Laws to be imposed on the abidance of law and order in the prisons
  8. Antidrug and anti-alcohol laws: These are to be adequately imposed for the welfare of society
  9. Analysis of the Prison Justice Reform Act: To be imposed fast
  10. Law on legalization of escort services: A big thought needs to be given to this.

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