What Are the Best Research Topics in Human Resources For 2022?

Human Resources is one of the highly chosen subjects with essential topics suitable for the business-minded people only. The basic components vital for production in any economy are Land, Capital, and Labor. Human resource deals with management, recruitment, administration, and training of employees, the labour. If you are a student enrolled on a course in Human Resource Management or any behavioural science courses from UAE, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia or any other, you are supposed to write various human resource management assignments like research papers, essays, term papers, dissertations, research reports, and thesis. However, the most critical parts start with searching for one of the best Human Resource Research Topics.

80+ Human Resources Research Topics for 2022

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We provide students with a list of varieties of HRM research topics related to

  • Recruitment and selection,
  • Risk management,
  • Career development,
  • Performance management,
  • Workplace safety and so on.

Here are the essential tips for choosing a good HR research topic to help you identify the best topic for writing an excellent HR research paper.

Tips for Choosing Current HRM Research Topics:

Whenever you are assigned a research paper assignment, your first step is to find an enticing topic, which is undoubtedly not an easy task. For this, you need to do thorough research online and find an endless list of topics to choose from. But with Case Study Help, you get the opportunity of saving time.

We have shared a few tips to keep in mind during the research and selection of HR Project Topics for MBA Students. Here are tips to spot a good HR research paper topic.

  1. Choose a topic as per your interest area and expertise of the subject your interest.
  2. Always choose a topic you have strong knowledge of as it will not consume too much of your time and struggle.
  3. The HRM research paper topic should always be informative and exciting to the readers.
  4. Avoid picking a broad topic as you may not be able to cover all the main points before the deadline.
  5. If the topic is too broad, cut them short into subtopics and focus in detail.
  6. The research topic should support you to do extensive research.
  7. The topic should contain appropriate content from credible sources to support your excellent idea.
  8. The topic must be sensible, and it should help you organize the points coherently.
  9. Remember your professor’s guidelines and choose a unique research topic that aligns with them. Only such issues will boost your scores.
  10. Instead of selecting an uncommon or rarely asked topic, go with the latest and trending human resources research topic.


HR Topics For Research Project 2022

Selecting human resource research topics is often challenging for a person in human resources. Simply selecting the title and proceeding to write it will not work in 2022. Meeting the pace with the trend that keeps changing and getting a good grade, your research paper must be original and well researched. Writing a research paper is a very structured and analytical method.

For this reason, Case Study Help offers the best support to management students and professionals in HR, offering the latest human resources research projects in 2022 and HR Project Topics for MBA Final Projects 2022. These HR project topics comprise a wide range of Human Resource fields like Employee Recruitment, Organizational Culture, Employee Satisfaction, etc.

Have a look at them:

  • Study and analyze the gender equality in the workplace at ABC company.
  • Examine the employee performance appraisal process and its impact on employee satisfaction in the ABC organization.
  • A study of the stress management model implemented in the ABC organization.
  • An analysis of the effects of organizational culture on the employee’s behaviour.
  • Study and analyze the stress level of employees working in the banking industry.
  • MBA HR project report studying the job satisfaction of employees in private companies.
  • Reviewing the performance management in Starbucks.
  • Study the analyze the future trends in the recruitment process worldwide.
  • Comparative study and swot analysis of human resource management (HRM) in the global industry.
  • Study of increment, promotion, appreciation and reward policy of the organization.
  • Studying the human resource management (HRM) functions and their effectiveness.

List Of Informative Human Resource Management Research Topics

There is a massive variety of possible human resource topics for writing an excellent research paper, so everyone will likely find some characteristic of it they enjoy. We present a list of the best human resources research topics in various categories.

  1. The impact of the non-financial and financial aspects of employees’ rewards.
  2. The significance of risk management under the human resource department.
  3. Effective employee training strategies for analyzing hard skills and soft skills
  4. What are the scopes of long-term employee training courses?
  5. How does employee training help any organization in overcoming the economic crisis?
  6. Process of improving inefficient employee selection process through training.
  7. Effective Employee training strategies to maximize production,
  8. Implementing Effective reward techniques for enhancing employee loyalty.
  9. What do you mean by the reward management process in human resource management?
  10. Why does employee training matter for any organization?
  11. The significant role and responsibilities of employee trainers and managers
  12. Is it reasonable to give a reward for improving performance?
  13. What are the types of employee rewards that can help improve performance?
  14. Analysis of reward management strategies in an organization.
  15. Study on performance management in different stages.
  16. The latest trends and techniques to use for employee performance improvement.
  17. The significance of performance management in marketing.
  18. Different approaches to retrain employees based on performance analysis.
  19. Finding out the essence of a reward system for a start-up company.
  20. Comparing the role of rewards on workforce motivation.
  21. Examining the reward system in developing economies in a country.
  22. What are the real-life objectives behind performance management?
  23. What are the Employee performance management strategies that human resource managers must be aware of?
  24. The benefits of employee performance management in the current scenario.
  25. Crucial fundamentals of employee performance appraisal.
  26. Effectiveness of employee performance appraisal in multinational companies.
  27. How is money an effective employee motivation tool?
  28. How employee motivation increases innovation and creativity in a company?
  29. Why should human resource management motivate and inspire employees?
  30. The role of the HR subdivision in motivating employees for work.
  31. How can the human resource department motivate employees in the work environment?
  32. Analyzing the motivational level of workers in public and private companies
  33. Unique methods a company can accept to avoid wages and hours issues
  34. How do we maintain safety at the workplace?
  35. What are the problems that disturb attendance and timekeeping among company employees?
  36. What are the ways to resolve annual leaves disputes in an organization?
  37. How does diversity management affect business growth?
  38. Comparing diversity and discrimination problems in an organization.
  39. Diversity management skills every human resource manager to know.
  40. How can a positive corporate culture impact a company’s growth?
  41. Analyzing the organizational culture of an organization.
  42. Corporate culture strategy every human resource manager must be aware of.
  43. The organizational culture theory
  44. An overview of management change and leadership
  45. A step-by-step guide to employee appraisal in a company
  46. Why do the SaaS approaches and cloud-based apps matter in human resource management?

Significance of Human Resource Management Case Study Assignment Help

Case Study Help is one of the best Assignment Help providers to present some of the interesting topics for writing an excellent research paper with round the clock by subject area expert writers and deliver the best quality assignments. We always help students secure A+ grades in assignments like case studies, research papers, dissertations, etc.


Interesting Topics for HRM Research Paper

  1. How do practical training and development affect job performance?
  2. What is the significance of performance-related pay matters in motivating employees?
  3. How important is motivating an employee to influence the organizational output?
  4. The challenges human resource managers face when motivating employees.
  5. How does performance management have an impact on organizational success?
  6. HRM strategies for addressing skill shortcomings.
  7. Examining the effect of selection and recruitment practice on a company’s growth.
  8. Assessing the efficacy of employee reward strategies for a manager.
  9. List of factors that affect workers’ productivity in a company.
  10. Can an organization use a flexible work policy as a retention and recruitment tool?
  11. Various methods of improving employee productivity.
  12. The connection between sustainable employee performance and knowledgeable management.
  13. Investigating the HR Management methods that will enhance a company’s success.
  14. Using the best HR practices to enhance employee commitment and retention.

Trending HR Topics

  1. Inventive techniques to maintain morale amid the pandemic
  2. Teamwork can be developed through online recreational activities while working remotely.
  3. In the workplace, virtual reality and augmented reality are being used.
  4. In the workplace, famous people or celebrities.
  5. They are analyzing and revising the value of a specific job.
  6. To boost long-term retention, perform the following steps.
  7. Ways to deal with staff or applicants who are overqualified.
  8. Is it important to have an HR department in a small, family-owned business?
  9. It was de-escalating a stressful and volatile situation at work.
  10. DRM technologies for protecting proprietary training methods in-house.
  11. Artificial intelligence is being used for HR concerns and activities.
  12. Human resources can benefit from big data.
  13. Who can do on boarding and orientation virtually or online?
  14. We are recruiting the best and brightest people from around the world.
  15. Are virtual interviews preferable to face-to-face interviews?

Human resource management (HRM) is one of the most dynamic disciplines of work today. It’s where psychology, sociology, accountancy, and business collide. Because of the rise of virtual platforms and working from home, there have been many exciting changes in how human resources are handled in the last few years.

If these adjustments are temporary or lasting, only time will tell. But, no matter what happens, our collection of HR writings will always be available to read.

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