220+ Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

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What Is Persuasive Speech?

Persuasive speech is a very special type of speech whose goal is to convince your audience to accept your point of view to do the desired action. Here, it would help if you used your own words and visuals to guide your audience’s thoughts and actions.

Persuasive Speech Topics

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Components of a Great Persuasive Speech Topic

A Persuasive Speech Essay is usually structured like any informative speech. It has an introduction with a good thesis statement. A Persuasive Speech Essay also has a body where you can prevent your main points and ends with a definite conclusion to sum up the main point of your speech.

The main difference is that the main purpose of any informative speech is to cover the areas, while the main purpose of a persuasive speech is to advocate to the readers with his own point of view. Thus, a Persuasive Speech Structure is an argument supported by relevant reasons and supporting evidence.

Persuasive Speech Structure is as follows:

  • Claim: it is the statement that is supported by evidence.
  • Evidence: You need to state all the factors with relevant claims
  • Warrant: you need to warrant your own claims with supporting evidence

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How to Write a Persuasive Speech?

  • Become skilful in writing counterarguments: You need to do very good and thorough research before starting to write. Read the related books or articles from various sources like journals, news organizations or universities. Also, make yourself an expert in counterarguments in your speeches.
  • Set a goal: While preparing your speech, identify the goal you want to reach to focus on your argument. Here, you also need to state your goal to your audiences. You can get a vivid idea of this from the Persuasive Speech Examples.
  • Know your audience: Since you are going to put up your arguments and points of view in your persuasive essay, you first need to know your audience very well.
  • Choosing the right approach: You must decide what you want to show your audiences. After knowing about your own audiences, you need to know about their responses.
  • Creating a Persuasive Speech Outline: In the Persuasive Speech Outline, you must add your main points to support your arguments. It would help if you also fixed your speech time here. It is good to complete your speech within 10 minutes.
  • Writing a good introduction: Your introduction sets the tone with which you will carry out your own speech. Thus, you can also make a powerful impression on your audience with a very strong introduction.
  • Appeal to unity: It is an essential part of your persuasive essay. Here, it would help if you talked about what you and your audiences have in common. In this way, you will be more appealing to your audiences.
  • Providing evidence: Write more about reason and examples to your audiences to agree with your own viewpoint. Here, you need to use actual facts from the most reliable sources. Here, you can also give good examples from real-life scenarios.
  • Ending with a call to action: Always conclude your persuasive speech with a good call to action to summarize all the things you have already stated to your audience.
  • Practising our persuasive speech: You always need to practice your speech to be a good public speaker.

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List of Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas for Students

  • Persuasive Speech Topics for College
  • Persuasive Essay Topics about Animals
  • Unique Persuasive Topics
  • Mental Health Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Business and Economy Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Medical Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Funny Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Social Media Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Politics and Government Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Religion and Culture Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Education Persuasive Speech Topics
  • Environment Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  1. Importance of mental health
  2. Are the GMO products good?
  3. Online vs offline classes
  4. What is the dark side of social media?
  5. What’s wrong with our education system?
  6. Does recycling work?
  7. Necessity of feminism
  8. Is veganism really healthy?
  9. Do allative medicines really work?
  10. Is marriage an obsolete institution?
  11. Are modern-day ads useful?
  12. Can protests and demonstrations bring change?
  13. Does homework really help in the learning process?
  14. A grade does not show a student’s knowledge.
  15. Necessity of reduction in education costs
  16. The dark side of the internet
  17. Importance of essay assignments
  18. Should mobile phones be allowed in schools?
  19. Should college students enter into politics?
  20. Traditional education vs remote learning
  21. Practical learning is college is necessary or not
  22. Is sex education really essential?

Persuasive Essay Topics about Animals

Persuasive speech topics on animals are as follows:

  1. Rise against animal cruelty
  2. Rise against animal killing
  3. Raise your voice against animal testing
  4. Ban on the use of animal fur
  5. Anatomy of the animal cell
  6. Animals can make excellent pets
  7. Ancient vs Asiatic horse breeds.
  8. Freedom and safety of the wild animals
  9. Prevention of animal poaching
  10. Wildlife variations in Australia
  11. The special bond between humans and animals
  12. Can Penguins live in the North Pole?
  13. Cat family vs dog family
  14. Classify different types of birds
  15. We should stop eating animals and turn vegan to justify
  16. Types of mammals with classification
  17. Types of digs who make great pets
  18. Necessity of guard dogs in our society
  19. Birds as pets
  20. Exotic animals as pets

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Unique Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Are tattoos unprofessional?
  2. The goodness of romantic movies
  3. Effects of Action Movies on Children
  4. Should offensive and inappropriate language be removed from classic literature?
  5. Should TV hours be controlled
  6. Importance of art and udic in therapies
  7. Should the minimum age of the labourers be hiked?
  8. Importance of e-commerce
  9. Necessity of paid maternity and paternity leaves
  10. Ill effects of capitalism
  11. How to boost work productivity
  12. Can working from home be encouraged now?
  13. Importance of cadet training at school level
  14. Are video games triggering violent behaviour in kids?
  15. Art in erotic movies
  16. Movie classification- importance
  17. Gender discrimination
  18. Racial discrimination
  19. Is size zero maintained?
  20. Healthy habits
  21. Advantages of sports
  22. Sound effects of vegan food

Mental Health Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Teens get paraxiality disorders
  2. How our difficulties make us unique
  3. Types of phobias in adults, young adults, teenagers, children and elderly
  4. Suicidal thoughts in teenagers
  5. When is the right time to give medication for mental issues?
  6. Why does Studying psychology stress students?
  7. How peer pressure affects people
  8. High study pressure causes mental stress in children and teenagers
  9. Social media and mental health
  10. Poverty and homelessness are the leading causes of mental stress
  11. How to deal with clinical depression
  12. Addiction and mental illness
  13. Mental illness in the majority of criminals
  14. Self-harming and mental health
  15. Living in green cities improves mental health
  16. Environment and mental health
  17. Effect on mental health after long physical illness and hospitalization
  18. How to cure schizophrenia
  19. Genetic factors in mental health
  20. Psychiatry as a branch of medical science study
  21. Psychiatry vs Psychology Counseling
  22. Effect of physical disabilities on mental health

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Business and Economy Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Business fails with a lack of people skills
  2. Introverts are better entrepreneurs.
  3. Role of goals in any business
  4. Proper designing of the market research in proper marketing
  5. Techniques for proper market positioning of goods and services
  6. How to make an appropriate business plan
  7. Does every new entrepreneur need a mentor?
  8. Online vs offline marketing
  9. How to know your clients
  10. Local vs global vs local marketing
  11. Business and economic inflation
  12. Budget and business
  13. How to use the 4 Ps of marketing
  14. How to use the BCG Matrix
  15. How to do the SWOT Analysis Effectively
  16. How to do the PESTEL Analysis Effectively
  17. How to deal with market competition at both local and global levels
  18. Effect of forex and share prices on marketing
  19. Role of financial management in marketing
  20. Logistics in marketing
  21. Role of market intermediaries
  22. How to fix proper pricing in marketing

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Role of MBBS medical degree course
  2. Medical specialization significance
  3. Doctors’ and nurse’s role in curing a patient
  4. Medical ethics of doctors
  5. Medical negligence towards patients
  6. Global medical treatment
  7. Medical expenses to be covered by the government schemes
  8. Medical expenses to be covered by insurance schemes
  9. Application of modern technology and IT (Information Technology)
  10. Genetic research and stem cell therapy in today’s global medical world
  11. Medical approval of human and computer interface
  12. Advances in medical researchers to benefit the suffering people of society
  13. Advantages of laparoscopic surgery in patients
  14. Conventional medication vs alternative medicines
  15. Foreign education in medical science
  16. Role of vaccines to keep society healthy
  17. How to live a longer and healthier life
  18. How to use medication for de-addiction
  19. How to cure alcoholism
  20. Medical awareness of aids prevention
  21. Medical aids to stop taking tobacco
  22. Is plastic surgery really needed?

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Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Should the tech companies regular the AI development to save human jobs
  2. Should screen time for children be limited?
  3. Should the use of personal drones be government-regulated
  4. Importance and ethics of mass surveillance
  5. Effects of virtual reality
  6. Should cell phones be banned in classrooms
  7. Good and ill effects of social media and the internet
  8. Should euthanasia be legalized
  9. Should animals be used in medical research? Is it ethical
  10. Should human cloning be allowed
  11. Can performance-enhancing drugs in sports be allowed
  12. Should the number of children a couple may have be limited by the government
  13. Should parents vaccinate their children
  14. Importance of family counseling
  15. Say no to domestic violence
  16. Prevent gender discrimination
  17. Prevent racial discrimination
  18. Black lives matter
  19. Reduce poverty and joblessness
  20. Say no to violence against women and children
  21. Stop animal cruelty

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Boys gossip more than girls
  2. Blaming horoscope for wrong things in life
  3. Do not take a food challenge
  4. Boys should not wear tight genes
  5. Which came first: the chicken or the egg?
  6. Vegetables have feelings – stop carrot cruelty
  7. Breakup insurance policy to be invented
  8. Camping: the fun and the not so fun
  9. Children should not joke in a classroom
  10. Lying can be helpful as well
  11. Why I should marry Cameron Diaz
  12. Grown-ups are a weird species
  13. When nothing goes left, go right
  14. Mickey mouse cartoons
  15. Disney World
  16. Dream house
  17. Birdhouse
  18. Tom Cruise as a heartthrob
  19. Playful movies
  20. Kids and pet animals
  21. Love for nature
  22. Singing birds

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Social Media Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Good and Bad effects of social media
  2. Is social media making us even more unsocial?
  3. Effect of social media on kids
  4. Social media as an effective marketing tool
  5. Music and social media
  6. Science and social media
  7. Entertainment movies and social media
  8. Official profiles on social media
  9. Social media fake profiles
  10. Scamming via social media
  11. Global friend-making through social media

Politics and Government Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Encouraging citizens to participate in local and national politics
  2. Discussing the impact of voter turnout on the democratic process
  3. Arguing for more decisive government action on climate change and sustainable development
  4. Discussing the need for comprehensive immigration reform and its impact on the economy and society
  5. Making the case for universal healthcare or discussing ways to improve the current healthcare system.
  6. Exploring issues in the education system and proposing solutions to improve access and quality.
  7. Discussing the role of diplomacy and international cooperation in addressing global challenges
  8. Arguing for or against stricter gun control measures and discussing their impact on society
  9. Advocating for increased representation of women in government and addressing gender disparities.
  10. Discussing the balance between national security and individual privacy in the digital age
  11. Addressing systemic racism and advocating for social justice reforms.

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Religion and Culture Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Explore the importance of religious freedom and tolerance in today’s globalized society.
  2. Discuss instances where religious freedom is challenged and propose solutions.
  3. Examine the concept of cultural appropriation and its impact on various cultures.
  4. Analyze how different religions influence ethical and moral values.
  5. Discuss whether morality can exist independently of religious beliefs.
  6. Highlight successful examples of interfaith cooperation and understanding.
  7. Examine the relationship between religion and politics in different countries.
  8. Explore how globalization affects the preservation of indigenous cultures.
  9. Discuss efforts to promote gender equality within religious communities.
  10. Consider how each approach impacts individual freedoms and societal harmony.

Education Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The importance of early childhood education
  2. Should standardized testing be eliminated?
  3. Benefits of integrating technology in the classroom
  4. The impact of school uniforms on student performance
  5. The value of arts and music education in schools
  6. The need for comprehensive sex education in schools
  7. Should physical education be mandatory for all students?
  8. Addressing the challenges of bullying in schools
  9. The benefits of homeschooling
  10. The role of teachers in shaping students’ character

Environment Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The Importance of Renewable Energy Sources
  2. Reducing Carbon Footprint: Individual Responsibility
  3. The Impact of Deforestation on Biodiversity
  4. Benefits of Recycling: Creating a Sustainable Future
  5. Plastic Pollution: A Threat to Our Oceans
  6. The Role of Governments in Promoting Environmental Conservation
  7. The Need for Stricter Regulations on Air Pollution
  8. Promoting Sustainable Agriculture for Future Generations
  9. The Effects of Climate Change on Global Weather Patterns
  10. Protecting Endangered Species: Why It Matters

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What Makes Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

Well-good research and a topic that really interests you, and about it, you can gather the best data from the top sources to make good persuasive speech topics.

How to Choose a Persuasive Speech Topic?

  • Choose a topic that really interests you
  • Select a well-researched topic
  • Find the best resources that are reliable
  • Collect the best data and information
  • Look for unique yet interesting topics


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