How To Write Argumentative Essay Outline, Structure & Writing Tips?

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It doesn’t matter which courses you are enrolled in your college; your professors give you assignments on essay writing. You will be required to write argumentative essays for most of them. Some students find it interesting to note. While for others, it is a challenging one. So here is a helping guide for those who want to know how to do the finest argumentative essay writing.

Argumentative Essay Writing

Argumentative essay writing is different from other types of essays like narrative, descriptive, expository, etc. This essay demands the writer to investigate a topic from multiple angles. So you will have to do that by collecting and assessing evidence. Then, establish your point and support your theory with unquestionable facts.

In a nutshell, the purpose of this type of academic writing is to convince the reader to accept your point of view.


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What is an Argumentative Essay?

As per the Argumentative Essay Definition, it is the writer’s essay. Argumentative essay endeavours to prove the reader that one argument—the writer’s opinion—is the logically correct one.

This indicated an argumentative essay must give evidence-based support only to back up a claim, in place of emotional or philosophical reasoning (which is often allowed in other types of articles). Thus, an argumentative essay is loaded with substantiated proof and sources, whereas some different types of essays the persuasive essays do not.

If you want to write an argumentative essay, then pick any topic if there is a room for argument.

Argumentative Essay Structure- 5 Types of Argument Claims

After you have decided what you will be arguing and know your theory, consider the type of argument you’ll present. There are five types of argument claims are:

  • Fact: the statement is true or false?
  • Definition: the dictionary definition on which you are arguing, and your interpretation of it.
  • Value: the importance of what you’re arguing.
  • Cause and effect: what poses the problem in your essay, and what effects it has?
  • Policy: why the reader should consider and what they should do after reading it?

How to Form the Argumentative Essay Outline?

An argumentative essay outline is a crucial stage of starting an essay. The outline is required in all types of papers and articles. It will assist you not to miss any important detail or data. The outline must include the following segments:

Essay Outline


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Introduction of Argumentative Essay

Focus on the matter’s elucidation opposite opinions, to finish the opening paragraph with an explicit argumentative essay thesis statement. Apply the title to present the argumentative essay idea. Pay responsiveness or devotion to the reading audience – decide on the features and aspects of the problem essential to convince the reader of your point’s significance.

Prepare an exact, crisp argumentative essay theory sentence to answer the main argumentative questions. It is visible in the closing sentences of any introduction to pop up later in conclusion. Comprise the background of the argumentative essay topic in the first sentences of the introduction part.

Argumentative essay body paragraphs

This part state the reasons that make people agree with the author. Make sure to include the contradictory point’s opinions as well. Make them express loud to make sure that your reasons sound persuasive.

Reasons & support

Be prepared with a minimum of three reasons to explain the significance of accepting the author’s position, a topic sentence.

Anticipate the opinion of rivals

Think about the oppositions that the reading audience might have. Decide on the other possible points the target audience may develop while reading more about the subject offered in the argumentative essay writing.

Conclusion of the Argumentative Essay


The final sentence or a paragraph in your argumentative essay, the concluding line should explain the audience what to think or do based on personal as well as opposing point on the subject. Also, list the reasons for the readers why they should go with your opinion.

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Argumentative Essay Writing Tips

The most effective argumentative essay writing tips include two central concepts: passion and research. Once you decide on a topic, you feel strongly about, start putting your thoughts down on paper and building an outline s discussed above.

Here are a few substantial tips to consider as you formulate your ideas into a cohesive presentation.

Find a good argument

First research well to find one of the best Argumentative Essay Topics to make your readers hooked.

Pick a topic you feel passionate about

Among the Argumentative Essay Topics list, pick one close to you as then your passion and dedication on the topic will shine in your writing.

Research as much as possible

Read about your topic as well as opposing viewpoints while researching about your case.

Gather all your facts

How can an essay be good and argumentative if there are no facts involved? So do your research for facts well.

Formulate an outline

An argumentative essay outline will help you layout your facts, choose the most vital elements, and map them out effectively.

Mind your essay formatting

If an essay is not well-formatted, then it could not put the desired impact. So, the format will work with good introduction, body, conclusion and citation as well.

Let your passion bleed through

Research is primary, and passion is the second crucial element. Argumentative essays need to be highly passionate. It must give out what you have as argumentative writing skills.

Hire a Professional Writer for Argumentative Essay

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