265+ Good Conclusion Starters for the Final Paragraph

The conclusion is a very important part of your assignment. The concluding part leaves a lasting impression on your assessors to read you with good grades. It is essential for you to get the highest grades in your college or university assignment papers since these grades carry a lot of importance in the long run. Thus, writing a very impassive and effective conclusion is essential.

Good Conclusion Starters for the Final Paragraph

What is a Conclusion?

The conclusion is typically the last main part of any discourse and usually contains a sum up of all the points and a statement or opinion or reaching decisions.

A conclusion is the final part of something, often a piece of writing or a speech, where the main points or arguments are summarized, and the overall message or outcome is presented. In the context of an essay, research paper, or any other written work, the conclusion brings together the key ideas discussed in the body of the text and provides a sense of closure.

A conclusion’s objective is to restate the main ideas, emphasize their significance, and add any closing remarks or recommendations. It gives the reader or audience a sense of resolution and helps them understand the implications of the information presented. A well-crafted conclusion leaves a lasting impression and reinforces the main message or thesis of the piece.

In addition to summarizing key points, a conclusion may also address any unanswered questions, suggest areas for further research or exploration, or offer a call to action, depending on the nature of the work. It’s an essential part of effective communication, providing a sense of completeness to the overall message.

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How to Write a Strong Conclusion Paragraph?

  • Restating the thesis: A good conclusion will bring the reader back to the main point. This reminds the reader of the essay’s purpose. However, you need to avoid repeating the thesis verbatim. Paraphrase your assignment paper to preserve the main point.
  • Reiterating the supporting points: Along with restraining the thesis, you need to reiterate the points you made to support it throughout the paper. It would help if you summarized all the ideas here well.
  • Making a connection between the opening and closing statements: It is often more fruitful to return to the theme of the introduction and give the reader a strong sense of your conclusion. You can accomplish this by using the same concept and returning to the original point or by giving similar imagery.
  • Proving the insight: The conclusion must leave the reader with a particular solution, insight, or questions for further study. A few quotes to be considered here are implications of your argument about why to care, thus leaving your reader something to think about.

Tips on Conclusion Writing for College Students

Conclusion Writing Tips are as follows:

  • Playing the “so what game”: If you get stuck and think your conclusion is not saying anything interesting, ask anyone to read it. While making any statement from the conclusion, ask your friend what is interesting in it.
  • Returning to the theme in the intro: The strategy brings your reader in a full circle. For example, if you begin by describing any scenario, you can end with a similar scenario to prove that your essay is quite helpful for creating a new understanding. Here, you may also refer to the introduction using keywords or many parallel concepts with images already used in the intro.
  • Try to synthesize, not summarize: Here, you can include a brief summary of the main theme of your paper and never repeat any idea; you always need to include more new ideas and concepts in your paper. Rather, show your readers how the points you made and the supporting points support each other. Also, include a provocative quotation from your research paper.
  • Propose an action course: It is a solution to any issue or question set for further studies. This can redirect the reader’s thoughts and help to apply the ideas in the paper.
  • Point out the broader implication: Write about the broader applications.

What is a Good Conclusion Starter?

A conclusion starter is used to show a summary you presented. Example of conclusion starters is as follows:

  • In conclusion
  • As expressed
  • Therefore
  • As a result
  • Overall
  • Lastly
  • Finally
  • Thus
  • For the reason
  • In general

A good concluding sentence needs to wrap up with the paragraph and give your reader a sense of closure. The concluding part starts a transitional expression that helps the signal at the end of the paragraph.

The concluding statement can restate your topic sentence or elaborate on the points you already stated. A good conclusion should refrain from introducing any new points.

You can start your conclusion by writing a good conclusion starter that will help your reader know your essay will end soon. You can also start by wrapping the main points up in each paragraph. You can start your conclusion here by resting the topic sentence in your own words.

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What is The Characteristic of the Finest Conclusion Starters?

  • It needs to have a perfect conclusion starter, writing a concluding sentence starter in words and phrases that give a sense of feeling to your reader.
  • Now, summarize all the main points you discussed in the previous paragraph.
  • End it with a closing sentence containing interesting quotes

List of the Best Conclusion Starters for Final Paragraphs

  1. Summing up the facts
  2. In effect
  3. In closing
  4. As you see me
  5. In layman’s terms
  6. For these reasons
  7. Given the above information
  8. In lieu of this
  9. Coming to a conclusion
  10. As a final point
  11. As per the final analysis
  12. At the final point
  13. As per the final analysis
  14. According to the core issue
  15. Stating the broader conclusion
  16. Everything considered
  17. Mostly
  18. For the most part,
  19. To review
  20. At the end
  21. In the concluding part of the studies
  22. We can draw a final conclusion.
  23. It needs to be a few words in length in the first sentence of the final paragraph or a brief conclusion.
  24. Your readers need to know that they have reached the start of the final section.
  25. Refrain from providing new information here.
  26. You need to set your readers’ expectations high at this point of your essay so that they get a very good, lasting impression of your writing.

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Simple Conclusion Starters for Essays and Speeches

A conclusion starter is an opening sentence in the concluding paragraph. It acts as a link between the body and the conclusion. A number of conclusion starters are available in the English language.

Some of the best conclusion starters are as follows:

  1. Finally
  2. Clearly
  3. Lastly
  4. To sum up
  5. Therefore
  6. Thus
  7. In general
  8. As expression
  9. In conclusion
  10. To summarize
  11. Eventually
  12. Above all
  13. After all
  14. Altogether
  15. As stated above
  16. Due to
  17. Basically
  18. As you can see
  19. As stated in the introduction
  20. As I see it
  21. Due to
  22. Although
  23. Even though
  24. Despite
  25. Honestly
  26. For these reasons
  27. Furthermore
  28. I conclude
  29. I hope I have been able to convince you that
  30. I think
  31. I think I have shown that
  32. In the end
  33. In spite of
  34. In summary
  35. Is it clear?
  36. In my opinion
  37. In lieu of this
  38. Indeed
  39. At the end
  40. Meanwhile
  41. To wrap it up
  42. Keep in mind
  43. After all has been said
  44. As expressed
  45. Lastly
  46. For this reason
  47. As expressed
  48. In conclusion
  49. In this way

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Good Conclusion Starters Ideas

We use the concluding sentence starter as a starting part of our research paper. Some commonly used starters for conclusions are as follows:

  1. Cleary
  2. All things considered
  3. In conclusion.
  4. Given these points.
  5. We have no choice but to conclude.
  6. In drawing to a close.
  7. In conclusion.
  8. In light of this information.
  9. In general.

Conclusion Starters for Research Papers

In conclusion, sentence starters play a significant role in making a solid impression on the minds of your readers regarding the data and information provided in your essay. Various methods to be used here are asking questions, using proper phrases, calling or citation, etc.

These can provide a string of conclusions at the terminal part of your writing. Thus, the following structure can be given while writing your starter sentences for conclusions.

  1. Your conclusion starter always needs to begin with a very impassive conclusion starter.
  2. Summarizing all the important arguments as well as ideas as presented in the body of your writing
  3. A good closing sentence at the terminal part of your conclusion

Conclusion Starters for Less Formal Papers

Concluding sentence starters for writing less formal papers are as follows:

  1. As a final point
  2. For these reasons
  3. For the most part,
  4. In my opinion
  5. So, I have come to the conclusion that
  6. I conclude that
  7. In my opinion
  8. For these reasons
  9. For the most part,
  10. As a final point
  11. In a nutshell
  12. To cut to the chase
  13. As I see things
  14. My final blow is that
  15. When all is said and done
  16. My final verdict is that
  17. It is my belief that
  18. end it up
  19. So, the time has come
  20. After discussing everything
  21. Undoubtedly
  22. end of the day
  23. My personal take on
  24. One can assume that
  25. From my perspective
  26. you have wondered
  27. It is my conviction that
  28. It is my conviction that
  29. As the time comes to wrap up
  30. Summarizing the end
  31. Keeping all in mind

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Effective Conclusion Starters

Good examples of conclusion sentence starters

  1. To put it briefly
  2. To finish with
  3. On balance
  4. On the whole
  5. Ultimately
  6. Overall
  7. All in all
  8. Cutting a long story short
  9. To put it briefly
  10. To sum it all up
  11. Given these points
  12. In a word
  13. In brief
  14. Nevertheless
  15. Eventually
  16. Wrap it all up
  17. For these reasons
  18. Now you know everything
  19. For these reasons
  20. Coming to conclusion
  21. Examining all the facts, we can find
  22. So, you can clearly see that
  23. We can conclude that
  24. The heart of the issue
  25. As per the final study
  26. The nature of the proofs suggest
  27. As expressed
  28. In short
  29. For the most part,
  30. Generally
  31. As stated above

Engaging Conclusion Starter Words

Conclusions starters for essays are as follows:

  1. Altogether
  2. For the most part,
  3. In the final analysis
  4. In my opinion
  5. For these reasons
  6. As a final point
  7. In effect
  8. All things considered
  9. In the end
  10. At the end
  11. Next
  12. Subsequently
  13. Then
  14. Afterwards
  15. After that
  16. Moving on
  17. Later
  18. Eventually
  19. Likewise
  20. Along those lines
  21. In the same way
  22. Similarly
  23. Again
  24. Likewise
  25. Furthermore
  26. Moreover
  27. Additionally
  28. Also
  29. Just as important
  30. Even more important
  31. To illustrate
  32. For instance
  33. For example
  34. We can see that
  35. Specifically
  36. This is evidenced by
  37. This is evidenced by
  38. Let us consider this at last
  39. However
  40. Otherwise
  41. Although
  42. Nevertheless
  43. On the contrary
  44. On the other hand
  45. Conversely
  46. Then again
  47. In contrast
  48. Notwithstanding
  49. Instead
  50. Still
  51. Rather
  52. Yet
  53. Despite that
  54. Accordingly
  55. Due to
  56. Consequently
  57. Hence
  58. For this reason
  59. That is why
  60. This means that
  61. As usual
  62. Indeed
  63. Above all
  64. As usual
  65. Certainly
  66. Namely
  67. Obviously
  68. Of course
  69. Frankly speaking
  70. As seen by
  71. Based on the findings of
  72. According to
  73. With regards to
  74. As explained by
  75. Historically
  76. Traditionally
  77. In the past
  78. Initially
  79. Conventionally
  80. Until now
  81. Recently
  82. It’s possible that
  83. Although not proven
  84. Perhaps
  85. Arguably
  86. It may be that
  87. While debatable

The Most Effective and Impressive Conclusion Starters

  1. Based on the observation
  2. As per my point of view
  3. It is told and done
  4. Making the long story short
  5. In very simple language
  6. I will state finally
  7. The final idea
  8. As indicated by the data
  9. As per re-examining
  10. As per our introduction
  11. I am looking forward to
  12. Looking forward to
  13. After discussing
  14. As demonstrated by the research paper
  15. Nexus in between
  16. After discussion
  17. As per our final analysis
  18. My results signify
  19. Based on our evidence
  20. My results signify
  21. As assumed by the data and information
  22. Data revealed unexpectedly

The Conclusion starters mentioned above are well suited for all scientific research papers. These should also be implemented very effectively to get the best grades.

Conclusion Starters for Reports

  1. According to the final analysis
  2. As expected
  3. As the results signify
  4. As per multiple observations
  5. As per the final reading
  6. As stated by the research data
  7. In the light of the finding
  8. As per assumption from the data
  9. Significant inference
  10. As per the evidence

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