Best Economics Research Topics and Ideas for Student in 2023

Today, economics is one of the most demanding subjects all over the world. Many reputed colleges and universities offer degree courses in economics. The major economics student is given a lot of economics research paper assignments to be completed at home.

Economics Research Topics and Ideas for Student in 2023

Getting good grades in these research papers is essential for the students since it will affect their academic and professional life in the future. This blog will discuss the best Economics Research Topics for the year 2023.

What Is an Economics Research Paper?

An economics research paper is a collection of various well-searched data information content written in an organized pattern. Different types of economics research papers are as follows:

  • Analytical research paper: In this type of research paper, you ask a question and then gather all the needed data from various sources for analyzing your viewpoint.
  • Definition paper: It only describes the facts or arguments without using the writer’s personal bias. Its sole purpose is to provide relevant information on the given research topic.
  • Argumentative or persuasive research paper: This type of research paper presents 2 sides of any controversial issue from the writer’s point of view. Here you need to include the findings and arguments of the research from the given issue. Here you need to present the whole paper with relevant statistical data.
  • Compare and Contrast Paper: These types of research papers are used to analyze the differences between the 2 viewpoints of the author as well the subject. Both sides should be properly compared and contrasted in the paper.
  • Interpretative Paper: This type of economic research paper needs your knowledge of any case study topic.
  • Survey research paper: This kind of research paper needs the conclusion of any survey, including asking questions to the respondents. The survey conductor collects all the required information from the survey to analyze it and present it to the research paper.
  • Experimental research paper: This research paper usually describes any experiment elaborately. This experiment can be anything like physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Here it would help if you elaborated and inferred the experiments very well for proper analysis.


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How to Write Informative Economics Research Paper Topics?

Title: This is the header part and needs to be precise. You must also add the author’s name, contact details, address, degrees, academics, etc. Your heading part should be a manageable part.

Introduction: In this part, you need to outline the objectives you need to write the paper on the given subject. Your main objective in writing this paper is to inspire your audiences.

Approach: Here, you need to write about the strategy to write the college research paper properly.

Results: It needs to be written in a tabular form to elaborate on the results.

Discussion: Here, you need to interpret all the information collected from the results section of the paragraph and explain your foundations.

Data overview: In this section, you need to outline the data that you are using with its time span, strength, weakness, sources, etc.

Conclusion: This part is the shortest part of your informative research paper. Here you should not write any new points and organize the points already mentioned in a precise manner.

Literature review: Here, you need to deal with the problem or question. In this section, you need to accumulate and write a small review of the works of various writers and scientists. Here you can represent the key points of the research with the help of a table.

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How to Find a Superior Economics Research Paper Topic to Write About?

  • Review your course material
  • Look for the recent issues in your study field
  • Refresh your mind
  • Discuss with your friends and family
  • Write on the topic ideas that interest you
  • Go through the background information that you like

Top 110+ Informative Ideas for Economics Research Paper Topics 2023

Economics Research Paper on Technology

  1. What is CRISPR, and what’s its importance?
  2. Is genetically modified food dangerous?
  3. How do technologies affect the food industry?
  4. How Elon mask rocket technology is an evolutionary one?
  5. What are the utilities of alternative energy sources?
  6. Is Intergalactic civilization myth or reality?
  7. How do violent video games affect children’s minds?
  8. How to avoid computer viruses?
  9. What are the pro and cons of 3D printing?
  10. How to compare various operating systems of PC?
  11. What are the effects of social media on our daily life?
  12. How to create a good LinkedIn profile?
  13. How to use your social network profile securely?
  14. How does Facebook die data operation?

Economic Research Topics on the Environment

  1. Effect of waste plastics on the environment
  2. How to implement zero waste consumption?
  3. How to recycle waste properly?
  4. How Elon mask got clean water from rubbish?
  5. What is the importance of environmental studies?
  6. How can meat production affect the environment?
  7. What type of industrial fields is really harmful to the environment?
  8. How can the fashion industry affect our environment?
  9. How are politics making people tough to resolve climatic issues?
  10. How can oil spills adversely affect our environment?


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Informative Research Topics on Education

  1. How do the virtual classes work?
  2. How to improve youth sports?
  3. How to deal with divorces?
  4. Are online essay writing assignments helpful or harmful?
  5. How to use information in a funny way?
  6. Should programming languages be made mandatory in high school?
  7. How do high school study programs differ from countries?
  8. How to teach students goal setting?
  9. How to develop students’ creative abilities?
  10. Should using mobile phones be restricted in educational institutions?

Informative Topics for University

  1. How can 3d printers change industries?
  2. Why can dogs be best friends?
  3. Explain the process of chocolate production
  4. How can we colonize mars?
  5. Can more practical skills be included in education
  6. How do credit cards work, and how to use them wisely?
  7. Why are higher studies important?
  8. How to do a part-time job while studying?
  9. Why can some classes be shorter than 45 minutes?
  10. Traits of good students

Informative Topics on Macro-Economic Research

  1. Effect of income on consumer produces
  2. Effect of the labour force on an economic budget
  3. Impact of marital status on the labour economy
  4. The link between salary levels and economic convergence
  5. What is economic inequality?
  6. Evolution of national consumption in the past 10 years
  7. Impact of cashless economy on various enterprises

Research Topics on Microeconomics

  1. Relationship between economic growth with unemployment
  2. Global recession factors
  3. Impact of government expenses on national economic growth
  4. Impact of corporate tax revenue
  5. The link between common stock prices and inflation
  6. Relationship between government spending and inflation
  7. The effect of currency value on various firms
  8. Evolution of the stock market with consequences
  9. Unemployment vs. national labour mobility
  10. USA unemployment vs. global unemployment

Research Topics on International Trade

  1. Relation between international trade and economic growth
  2. Effect of currency value on any country
  3. Effect on foreign direct investment (FDI) in any country
  4. What are the losses and gains of trade in developing countries
  5. Effects of the banana crisis on British and Jamaican economics
  6. Importance of Brexit in the UK economy
  7. The link between foreign direct investment and international trade
  8. Roles of exchange rate and regime in the USA
  9. Effect of international trade in medium and small-scale industries

Research Topics on Behavior Economics

  1. How the retailers give customers many options
  2. A case study of the behavioural economy of discounting
  3. Pricing and destroying the effect
  4. The implication of big data on behavioral economics
  5. A case study of how behavioral economics has affected the USA market
  6. How behavioral economics influence online purchase behavior of the consumers
  7. Use of incentives in weight management via behavioral economics
  8. What are the consumer motives from the point view of behavioral economics
  9. How can behavioral economics be used in controlling substance abuse?
  10. How to address lifestyle management for diabetes via behavioral analysis in the healthcare sector?

Informative Research Papers on Development Economics

  1. What is the impact of globalization on the distribution of economies in emerging economies?
  2. How to investigate the relationship between the development and migration of economies
  3. What is the budgeting and decision-making procedure by the low-income sections in developing nations?
  4. The link between family planning, income fluctuations and labour force
  5. Effect of natural calamities in the development of emerging economies
  6. What are the effects of population growth on economic development in India?
  7. What are the determinants of the top-performing institutes in emerging economies?
  8. Compare the different economic patterns across the villages in Virginia
  9. A review of the aid as well as economic growth of the economy

Controversial Economic Essay Topics

  1. Drugs are not good for mental and physical health
  2. Why is the world moving towards the way further democracy?
  3. Police corruption and brutality all over the world
  4. Are we paying too much tax to the government?
  5. Education should be a basic human right
  6. Science is not objective and mixed with politics
  7. Many people are talking about climatic charges because of politics
  8. Why do professional athletes use steroids?
  9. Pros and cons of video games

Informative Research Paper Topics on General Economics and Finance

  1. Comparison of retirement policies in different nations
  2. Why are doctors given different salaries in various countries?
  3. Comparison of average salaries in different countries
  4. How to give financial aid to various organizations
  5. How to fund education?
  6. Which counties offer free education, and how it affects the economy?
  7. How does the economic crisis take place?
  8. Causes, reasons and Effects of the great depression on history
  9. How to recognize the main trends in the international stock market
  10. What is the safety of internet banking?

Informative Research Paper Topics on Society

  1. Which societies are incomparable and why?
  2. Why does social discrimination take place?
  3. How does patriotism work today?
  4. What are the differences between nationalism and patriotism?
  5. Why society needs actors, political figures, etc.?
  6. Why are easier professionals overpaid?
  7. Do racial discrimination common among police officers?
  8. Why do many governments support homeless people?
  9. What ate the future of the millennial?
  10. Is a military career right for women?


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