100+ Accounting Dissertation Topics Ideas for Students in 2022

A dissertation is a particular type of academic writing with a good length. This writing is done based on the original research conducted by you. A Dissertation Paper is usually written at a high level of education, like a master’s or PhD. The dissertation is usually the longest writing piece done by you.

Accounting Dissertation Topics for Students

Your university will give you to write on many dissertation topics as assignments to be completed at home. Here, you must write on a wide range of dissertation topics. Sometimes, you are free to choose your Dissertation Topic, and sometimes your institution will give you the topic. In this blog, we will discuss some very interesting topics in the accounting dissertation.

What are the Best Auditing Dissertation Topics?

Audit Accounting Dissertation Topics mentioned above are very common, and you need to prepare them after undergoing a lot of research and analysis.

  1. Impact of respected auditing on company functioning
  2. Analysis of auditing in medium and small business units
  3. Effect of auditing on the control of infection
  4. Asset and liability analysis in the supply chain
  5. Asset and liability analysis management in health care
  6. The Innovative Technologies that are used in auditing

What are the Commonest Accounting Dissertation Topics 2022?

  1. How to finance health during covid19
  2. COVID 19 and International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  3. What are the considerations on global accounting for COVID 19
  4. COVID 19 and the international accounting board
  5. The responsibilities of an auditor with his clients as well 3rd parties
  6. The relationship between discretionary accruals and earning management
  7. Governance and corporate disclosure
  8. Expected returns in accounting and finance
  9. What is the effect of digital currency on accounting and finance?
  10. The perspectives of cryptocurrency and market analysis

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What are a Few Good Accounting Dissertation Topics?

  1. How to compare revenue expenditure and capital expenditure?
  2. A deep analysis of the effects of hand hygiene auditing in the health care sector
  3. A thorough analysis of accounting in the health care sector
  4. Business risk-taking from a healthcare perspective
  5. Existence of financing errors in banks
  6. Comparing with an evaluation of the tax system in the USA and China

What are the Best Management Accounting Dissertation Topics?

  1. How to find the gaps between research and practice with a descriptive approach
  2. What role does environmental management accounting play in sustaining the global environment?
  3. Finding a missing link between corporate political strategy with Management Accounting
  4. How do we investigate the roles of various management accounting teaching approaches in education?
  5. Impact of the stakeholders on different management accounting practices
  6. The opportunities and challenges in researching the management accounting

What are the Commonest Finance and Accounting Dissertation Topics?

  1. A critical analysis of why the merger is a failure with the outcomes and acquisition of the Islamic banks in Middle Eastern countries
  2. How does the asset management fee affect financial growth?
  3. Impact of the asset management on a company’s financial performance by a pane data investigation
  4. Assessing the link between the CEO Qualities and stock performance
  5. How to investigate the impact of the “green drive” with the case study in the UK

You need to have the best facts and databases on the above Accounting Dissertation Ideas to write the best dissertation Assignment Papers.

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What are the top Dissertation Topics in Financial Accounting Research?

  1. Cryptocurrency-related dissertation topics
  2. COVID 19 pandemic-related dissertation topics
  3. Dissertation topics on Risk Management
  4. Dissertation on microfinance
  5. Dissertation topics on retail and commercial banking

You always need to find the best sources to write any Dissertation Topics about Accounting. Then, it would help if you did good research on the data available from these sources.

What are the Common Tax Accounting Dissertation Topics?

  1. What do you know about the fiscal deficit in the national economy budget?
  2. How do you plan the expenditure to deal with the budget economy of any country?
  3. What is the role of foreign currencies in the development of any country?
  4. What is an accounting manager’s responsibility in any organisation’s taxation department?
  5. How do we explain to people the real concept of taxation by clearing various MIS concepts?
  6. How do we collect the right income taxes from the masses?
  7. Role of taxation in equal distribution of the economic resources in any country
  8. How to save people from tax raids following the path of honesty?
  9. How do you decide the percentage of taxation on the citizens of any nation?
  10. How to restructure an old taxation framework?

What are the Best Governance Accounting Dissertation Topics Ideas?

  1. What are the causes of the global recession in your nation, and how can corporate governance help it?
  2. How to make a company profitable with proper corporate governance?
  3. The application of corporate governance in the state-owned companies
  4. How corporate governance can help in keeping perfect coordination between the managers and subordinates of any company
  5. How to improve the corporate performance of a company?
  6. What are the main reasons for poor corporate governance in financial institutions, and how to improve it?
  7. What are the similarities and differences between financial editing in the USA and Europe?
  8. How does corporate governance maintain corporate social responsibility?

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Few Standard Accounting Information System Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the role of an Accounting Information System in any business?
  2. How can accounting information systems be used in corporate decision-making?
  3. What are the main characteristics of an accounting information system?
  4. The proper application of information systems and IT in the corporate field
  5. How can information systems enhance the business process?

All the topics mentioned in this come under Project Accounting Dissertation Topics Ideas and are to be written with proper reference from the present global corporate scenario.

What are Important Mortgage Loan Dissertation Topics?

  1. How to sanction a mortgage loan?
  2. How to calculate the CIBIL score before sanctioning any mortgage loan?
  3. How to monitor the securities in mortgage loaning?
  4. How to make a property valuation?

What are the Common Diluted Earning Dissertation Topics?

Diluted earnings per share calculate any company’s earnings per share after converting all the securities.

  1. How can account management be applied to the Diluted earnings of any company?
  2. How to do corporate governance with diluted earnings?
  3. Ways to meet the needs of the shareholders with this method

Dividend Dissertation Topics

A dividend refers to the payout offered by any company to its shareholders. Writing a dissertation on this subject requires studying calculations, policies and theories. Here are some topics you can seek ideas from.

These are some of the Dividend Dissertation Topics Ideas your university commonly gives you.

  1. Miller and Modigliani’s theory
  2. Life cycle theory
  3. Catering theory
  4. The bird in the hand theory
  5. The agency theory
  6. Signalling theory
  7. Effect of tax preferences theory
  8. Lintner’s model
  9. How the upsurge in dividend payout affects the firm’s market value?
  10. Different variables that influence dividend payout

What are the Major Accrual Basis Accounting Dissertation Topics?

  1. Analysis, claiming and the payable freight
  2. How it helps small enterprises
  3. What is the effect of portfolio management?
  4. How to deduct taxes on the accrual basis of accounting?
  5. What are the benefits of making a good portfolio?
  6. What are the investment opportunities in a market?
  7. What is the importance of risk management?
  8. What is the requirement of account management in the banking sector?
  9. What are the best strategies to make the best investments to get accrual benefits?
  10. How to make an investment decision?
  11. What is the impact of the Activity-based investment on an accrual basis?

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Bookkeeping Dissertation Topics

This is one of the significant concepts of accounting. A student has to go through all the strategies, theories and concepts when they start this subject. For writing a dissertation on bookkeeping, some of the topics are mentioned below:

  1. Significant factors to consider for investing in the financial market
  2. Sensible investing: Explore benefits and its effects on business growth
  3. Analysing the benefits of business accounting regarding advanced technology
  4. Glitches of accounting ethics affecting nuclear and radioactive industries
  5. Evaluating asset and liability management in investment banking.
  6. Analysing the consultancy patterns and audit assurance services of audit firms related to emerging economies
  7. Evaluation of external auditors with in-house ones
  8. Explaining the influence of electronic bookkeeping on former accountants

E-Accounting Dissertation Topics

The Internet has sought a unique place in every sector, including accounting, as it helps to study this topic to the next level. Here are some dissertation topics that will help you make your assignment quickly.

  1. Fundamentals of global accounting
  2. Institutional ownership composition and accounting conservatism
  3. Impact of accounting information on cost of capital of a company
  4. Environmental accounting measurement: Issues, challenges, and prospects
  5. Accounting liberalism, debt contracts and financial institutions
  6. Significance of auditing and financial reporting to commercial governance.
  7. Distinguish between double entry and single-entry system
  8. Quick Comparison of capital expenditure and revenue expenditure
  9. Considering factors to understand ratio analysis

Forensic Accounting Dissertation Topics

Forensic accounting or financial forensics is the particular subject area of accounting that examines whether any firm is engaged in financial reporting misconduct or not. To make your path for dissertation writing, here are some Forensic accounting dissertation topics.

  1. An analysis of the integration of forensic accounting core competency into the study of accounting. A case study of UK/US tertiary institutions
  2. A critical evaluation of forensic accounting. Discussing how it helped in dealing with the financial crisis of Nigeria
  3. An estimation of forensic accounting’s crux and prospects of development in Ukraine.
  4. A critical study of the importance of forensic accounting in the fraud auditing case
  5. The common factors present with critically analysing the high-profile cases where forensic accountants had to play a vital role.
  6. Understanding the role of the forensic accounting profession in preventing money laundering in the UK.
  7. A multi-dimensional analysis of graduate accounting students’ perception of IT forensics

Diluted Earnings Dissertation Topics

The diluted earnings are the per-share profit value shared with a company’s stockholders. Some dissertation topics ideas are here to help:

  1. Effect of earning per share on the firm value and share’s price
  2. Impact of making per share on the share price in a nation
  3. Theoretical and Empirical study of the computation of earnings per share
  4. How do earnings per share signify the capital structure?
  5. Forecasting incomes per share and stock price: Comparative study and analysis.
  6. How are earnings, dividends, and the value of the company related?
  7. How does dividend policy influence the market price of a stock?
  8. What influences the dividend payout decisions?
  9. How do dividends affect the price of ordinary shares?

The Accounting Dissertation Topics Ideas are almost the same as the application of basic accounting concepts. In this blog, we discussed the basic Accounting Methods Dissertation Topics Ideas in corporate governance.

Accounting Methods Dissertation Topics

There are specific accounting methods. You need to understand each to be on top of the subject clearly. Here are the Accounting Methods Dissertation Topics to seek an idea for the project writing.

  1. How does seamless cash flow management influence an organisation?
  2. Find out and explain the alternate income sources for a bank
  3. How to form and scale up a shareholder’s value?
  4. Analysing and categorizing the best way to find out the equities of a bank
  5. Fundamentals of budget and financial control
  6. Explain the role of different cost accounting systems
  7. Is there a connection between predictable and modern methods of accounting?
  8. Modes of improving and controlling costs in a medium-sized business
  9. Examine and analyse management accounting in the technology sector systematically

Fund Accounting Dissertation Topics

Fund accounting is an essential part of accounting to become a professional. Writing a dissertation on this topic can be accessible from the following topics:

  1. Evaluating the different fund accounting policies
  2. Multinational fund accounting- explaining the differences in theory and practice
  3. How is the accretion bases system significant in fund accounting?
  4. Ways a company picks up the accounting methods
  5. Practical implications of accounting for pension funds
  6. In-depth research and analysis of fund accounting in non-profit organisations
  7. Significance of financial statements in valuation for mergers and acquisitions
  8. Revising the different financial analysis models
  9. Analysing fund accounting in the government sector
  10. Following the cash flow models, can a company predict financial distress and forthcoming bankruptcy?

Accounting PhD Dissertation Topics

If you are doing accountancy and finance at one time, you might be required to write an accounting dissertation.

  1. What are the various decision supports available through electronic accounting systems?
  2. What is the significance of accounting information in affecting the cost of capital within an extensive business framework?
  3. What is the precise structure of the proper framework for accounting information systems in the case of global cooperatives?
  4. What is the idea of safety and security in manufacturing firms with management accounting controls in place? A review.
  5. A qualitative investigation of types of management accounting practices for family businesses applies in the USA.
  6. What are cloud computing and data management roles for accounting information systems?

Convention of Conservatism Dissertation Topics Ideas

  1. Modern Liberalism and Conservatism
  2. Self-Strengthening Movement and Conservatism In China
  3. Conservatism, Socialism and Liberalism in “Post World War II Canada”
  4. Liberalism principles connecting to Conservatism
  5. Conservatism in the USA
  6. Classical Conservatism vs Contemporary Conservatism
  7. Locke vs. Burke
  8. Conservatism vs. Liberalism Approaches in Analysis of Public Policies
  9. Marxist vs. Conservatism’ Approaches to liberal democracy
  10. Accounting Conservatism vs. Contracting Explanations
  11. Accounting Conservatism in Debt Contract Process
  12. Conservatism, Socialism and Nationalism as ideologies
  13. Prelude to Conservatism in the 1970s
  14. Domestic vs. Foreign Affairs
  15. Conservatism in politics
  16. Distinctive characteristics of Neo-Conservatism
  17. Modern Conservatism with Political Ideology
  18. The role of the Accounting Values, Institutions and Social Values in accounting conservatism
  19. Conservatism vs. Cross‐Sectional Variation
  20. How Liberalism and Conservatism is related?
  21. Major ideas of Conservatism, Socialism, and Liberalism
  22. Accounting Conservatism with Corporate Lobbying and Visibility
  23. Dynamic monetary
  24. What is the approach to reaching Liberalism and Conservatism?
  25. Cold War Liberalism vs. Modern Conservatism
  26. Inflation Conservatism vs. Monetary-Fiscal Policy

Your Fund Accounting Dissertation Topics Ideas need to end with a very good Conclusion and Summary. You should avail the best online Convention of Conservatism Dissertation Topics Ideas to help service providers in this regard.

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