How Can Use The PEEL Paragraph Structure To Write Perfect Essays?

The writing method following the PEEL paragraph writing application is regarded as a technique used to help in writing structured paragraphs in a methodology that presents a single, clear and focused argument, which links in writing an essay topic or thesis statement writing. It allows you to produce a paragraph that is accessible easily to readers for their understanding.


Why Is PEEL Paragraph Structure Writing Necessary?

It has been found that a PEEL paragraph develops a single idea through a series of interrelated groups of sentences. As the paragraph writing aspect is an important step in writing, it provides a framework for organizing your ideas logically. It uses a transparent structure that helps to write a paragraph by guiding the reader through their written work that you can develop by producing remarkable writing that can fetch high grades.

You must have heard of the acronym PEEL for essays, but what it means and how it can help the students is explained below:

Although the Art of writing is already existing. If you have not written one for a while, you can refine your academic writing skills by applying PEEL. The PEEL paragraph writing method is a convenient methodology to get you to write your subject in a clear and concise way that the reader easily acknowledges.

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PEEL Method Of Writing And What Exactly It Means?

PEEL stand for the following abbreviation:

P = stands for Point and begins with a paragraph written in a clear sentence that confirms the motivation of writing a paragraph. Your objective of writing should be to support your argument firmly stated in the essay way or with the statement of thesis.

E =it stands for Evidence as well as Example: You should use a part of evidence or an example that helps to reform salient aspects of your initial point developed by you in the argument.

E =It explains you need to explain exactly how your evidence or example that supports your point, presenting further information to make sure that your reader understands it is worthy of application.

L = stands for Link. To finish the paragraph, you need to link the salient points you have just stated to support your essay topic, question, or thesis.

This paragraph writing method is a special writing technique applied to help you make structured paragraphs by following a method that presents a single clear and focused argument and that links back to the topic or statement of your thesis.

In PEEL a better procedure is followed to write dedicated to each paragraph in a single aspect of your argument, and the structure of PEEL simplifies this in your favor.

PEEL will help you to create a paragraph in a remarkable way which is easy and digestible to readers easily. It should be famous that, when you are writing a paragraph, you are not only the reader – you need to consider the other readers and how they will accept your statement.

PEEL Has the Following Practical Implication

Application of PEEL in a structured paragraph:

  • Topic: Is it proper that infants may be presented with iPad?
  • Argument: Infants should not use iPad.
  • Point: It is wise that Infants should not be allowed to use that may cause their development delayed because of exposure to high screen time.
  • Example: It has been reported in recent pediatric research that infants exposed to much screen time are likely to experience delayed speech development.
  • Explanation: The reason is due prolonged screen time is delaying other key developmental activities.
  • Link: This phenomenon suggests that infants subjected to a lot of screen time experience a negative impact on their speech development, and that is why they should not be exposed to iPad at a young age.

Once you’ve completed your PEEL paragraph, a checklist to be prepared to cover all four elements of the PEEL structure. Your statement should be a distinct introduction to your argument in this paragraph. Your evidence should be strong and should be relevant. At the same time, your explanation should elaborate on the reason why your evidence is important and how it conveys its meaning.

Your paragraphs must be clear, focused, and not be much longer. If you find your paragraphs are getting lengthy, consider how you could split them into multiple paragraphs and ensure you’re creating an outstanding paragraph for each topic introduced in your essay.

Finally, it is vital that you should always proofread your writing. You should read it between the lines more than once, twice, again and again. Check paragraphs for spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and smooth flow of language and sentences.

If students follow the above, we hope this will explain the PEEL method to them.

Guide For College / University Student With PEEL Paragraph Writing Are Stated Below:

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