What Is TEEL Paragraph Structure? Definition, Example, Template And Guide

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TEEL is an acronym for “Topic Sentence, Explanation, Evidence and Link.” It is a type of writing technique that is used to write a paragraph in an essay. It gives a structure to the paragraph which can help to form the essay and improve its quality.


How To Utilize TEEL?

TEEL is Expanded as Below:

T- Topic Sentence

E- Explanation

E- Evidence

L- Link

Each of the letters in the acronym “TEEL” signifies nature of sentences which are present in the paragraph. The thought flow in the essay paragraph should be as the main as first introduced in the topic where the paragraphs are to be written.

Then the explanation follows like “why you choose it” “its importance”, etc. After that you need to provide the evidence to all the arguments which have been put up to explain the important terms.

Finally, the final statement of the paragraph should be used as a link to the previous sentences as well the information in those statements to give a specific outcome.

What Are The Tips To Structure TEEL Properly?

TEEL structure is actually a technique you need to use with certain rules for giving your essay a value an also provide a good paragraph structure. The best tips to structure TEEL are as follows:

  • Each paragraph needs to follow only 1 topic at time
  • The essay might contain 3-5 paragraphs
  • Each paragraph should be at least 4 to 6 sentences in length.
  • Usually, the size of each paragraph should be half page
  • Flow of the sentences in each of the paragraphs need to follow the TEEL structure

Thus, you need to structure TEEL after doing a preliminary research or after creating the first draft. Your TEEL structure needs to follow up with a good proofreading regime in order to check the format and relevancy.

What The TEEL Acronym Involves?

  1. Topic sentence: The 1st sentence of your paragraph tells your readers what the upcoming paragraph will be about. Thus, it is always necessary to write the topic with sentence that carefully gives the reader all the sufficient information regarding the topic. It needs to be intriguing enough for maintaining the interest of the readers. So, it is best for the argument you follow the topic sentence. After the readers finishes reading the topic sentence and moves forward to read the remaining part they should have certain questions in their minds that are to be answered in the following paragraphs.
  2. Explanation: The next sentences should give the reader a very detailed overview of the topic sentence as well what you have previously discussed. In this section of your paragraph the reader needs to get a full understanding of the given topic. In this section, you need to put forth all your arguments and claims. As you can only explain so much in every sentence of your paragraph, with short as well to the point sentences. This is to be done to keep the readers engaged throughout your essay.
  3. Evidence: Your argument should always be sustained with the evidences for supporting your claim. Thus, it is the part of your paragraph where you can provide sufficient evidence relating to the statements and arguments as put forth by the previous sentences. These evidences can be in the form of in the form of a factual data, quote or the reference from any quality source. The evidence provided by the writer can make a very big difference in the paragraph effect on the readers. This can help the readers having the most retention of the information and this solidifies the influence of the paragraph.
  4. Link: This is the most important part in your paragraph structure since it brings together the enter paragraph and likes them back to the overall topic of your essay. This section of your paragraph gives a very concise summary of the topic sentence, evidence and explanation already provided by you. The section holds a lot of importance since apart from giving the paragraph conclusion, it also establishes the importance of the given essay topic.

What Are The Examples Of TEEL?

People are needed to comply with a number of regulations in all the moments of their livelihood. Congo minty standards of your society backed by penalties and monitoring indicate that only by thinking and acting differently people become guilty of demonstrating the individuality.

For example, kids need to get their bicycle only after 10 years of age. As a result of this conformity criteria the society is monitors to ensure the rules people should abide by. This type of topic you can use with quotes while writing your TEEL paragraph essay.

How Can You Write Your TEEL Paragraph Effectively?

Brainstorming: As mentioned before TEEL is actually a writing technique which gives structure to your essay paragraph. Thus, it is always very important that you note down all the needed information regarding the topic before head.

Then, you need to identify the major deliver able of your paragraph like:

  • Topic of the paragraph
  • The arguments you are going to present
  • The way you will explain your arguments
  • Find the kind of evidences tat is the most relevant to your topic
  • How the topic is important to your essay subject matter?

Essay writing is a very common and important type of academic assignment given by the colleges and universities. Thus, you need to follow the TEEL for getting good grades. In this regard you need to seek the help of a reputed online essay writing service provider.

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