What Are the Best Descriptive Essay Topics for Students in 2024?

An Overview of Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a composition that describes a person, process, object, or even an event. The writer aims to make a vivid essay for the readers’ pleasure.

A descriptive essay appeals to the 5 senses: hearing, taste, smell, touch and sight. When you appeal to all 5 senses, your writing becomes more appealing to your audiences.

Your goal in writing a descriptive essay is to be a clear picture for the reader. It would help if you also had a purpose while writing such essays.

Descriptive Essay Topics

What is a Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive Essay Writing is a very special genre of essay that asks you to drive specific details like an object, place, person, experience, emotion, situation, etc. Here, you can also write about your experiences to make them more realistic.

How to Choose a Topic for a Descriptive Essay?

It would help if you always chose a descriptive essay topic based on the following:

  • A person: Here, you can talk about any person; this can range from writing simply about their appearance to more complicated descriptions like behaviour, action, mood, qualities, etc.
  • An event: Here, you need to describe the story that took place. This can be a concert, vacation, anniversary, wedding, graduation, festival, etc.
  • Any place: While describing your place anywhere, you must describe it unrestingly. It would help if you also were specific regarding the name of the city, ex, Rome, New York, etc.
  • An animal: Here, you must describe any animal by its behaviour, appearance, and biology.
  • Behaviour: In this type of Descriptive Essay Topic writing, you need to write about someone’s behaviour and get the details about it. For example, you want to describe any strange behaviour of someone you know.
  • The occupation: In this topic, you must write about any particular occupation or job.

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How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

  • Choosing a specific topic: Very strong descriptive essays always maintain a good focus. First, settle on the purpose of your essay before outlining your writing. It can be appropriate for summarizing the main idea as a thesis statement. In these types of essays, you must write a good thesis statement pointing toward the needed information to make a lasting impression on your readers.
  • Compile the information: A descriptive essay always needs to be full of every detail like date, names, background information, physical characteristics, sensory information and many more. These can be implanted in your reader’s mind. You need to collect all these details and classify them into various categories.
  • Making an outline: The descriptive essay always needs to be very organized. Thus, you must always group the main points into separate paragraphs or bodies. Each of these paragraphs should be interconnected with each other.
  • Writing the introduction: A good introduction can be the leading way to your essay. A good introductory paragraph starts with a hook, like any theoretical question or statement. Then, you need to provide a global context to outline the questions that your descriptive essay seeks. The thesis statement needs to be at the end of your introduction.
  • Writing the body paragraphs: Each paragraph must begin with a topic sentence to hold the reader’s attention. Write the details in each paragraph body very specifically to draw your readers’ attention and make it interesting.
  • Writing the concluding paragraph: You need to summarize your essay in your concluding part. Your conclusion is the button of your entire essay. It would help if you used it to receive the main ideas you have already established in your initial paragraphs. Then, you must reflect on the critical details from the paragraph bodies. Do not use any new ideas in the concluding paragraphs.
  • Enliven your language: Before considering the essay complete, you need to review it once and look for the places where the vivid details enhance the description. Here it would be best if you looked for opportunities to tell a story. Descriptive language and literary tools can keep the essay in mind of your details for a long time.

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Few Good Descriptive Essay Ideas

  • Citation Styles: While writing your APA, MLA, Chicago, and HARVARD format, you can focus on the widespread fears like height phobias, snakes, etc.
  • The scenic views give students the flexibility to use their creativity fully. Ensure that you choose the right words while describing your favourite views to give readers a unique opportunity to imagine them.
  • The embarrassing moments: While looking for an unusual descriptive essay topic, use your own humour to make your writing good.

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Top 120+ Descriptive Essay Topics for Students in 2024

  1. Higher education vs skill acquisition
  2. Future of online education
  3. Entrance exams vs Qualifying exams
  4. Proa and cons and modern education policy
  5. Labour Law Reforms
  6. Solution post covid 19 pandemics
  7. Net Zero Carbon Emission
  8. Pros and cons of Hyper-globalism
  9. Environment vs. Economy on plastic ban
  10. Money Laundering vs Illegal Wildlife Trade
  11. Impact of Earth’s Geo-Magnetic Field Shifting
  12. Ban on animal testing- justify
  13. Can seed bombs be a solution to man-animal conflict
  14. Organic farming
  15. Water pollution
  16. Pros of recycling truly bio-degradable objects
  17. Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on Geopolitics
  18. Future of new “QUAD.”
  19. China foreign policy


  1. mediation in global politics
  2. Preventing the usage of terrorism and violence as a political tool
  3. Global laws on migration and refuge
  4. How to prevent cross-border infiltration
  5. How to strengthen national integration
  6. Effects of global warming and climate change
  7. One Belt One Road (OBOR) Poli
  8. . E-Diplomacy
  9. UN at 77
  10. NASA’s Artemis Program
  11. Withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan
  12. Global dealing with LGBT rights
  13. International laws on women empowerment
  14. Promoting global tourism
  15. Life lessons taught to us by coronavirus
  16. Remedies to depression
  17. Pros and cons of working from home
  18. Family lives during covid lockdowns
  19. How can humanity serve people in need?
  20. Pros and cons of a vegetarian diet
  21. Happiness lies within us and justify
  22. Knowledge gives us power, but character gives us respect and justify
  23. After the effects of the war
  24. Pros and cons of artificial intelligence (AI)
  25. The world is in a Surplus of Multilateral Challenges with a Deficit of Solutions.
  26. Worst forms of inequality
  27. Famous characters from movies, books and cartoons
  28. Any person you would like to resemble
  29. Worst places in the world
  30. Your favourite holiday destination and why
  31. Your dream house
  32. Top cuisine as per your opinion
  33. You are the perfect dream partner
  34. The first day in your high school
  35. Your favourite season
  36. Best and worst moments of your life
  37. The most convenient spot for you to do your homework
  38. Why do you want to learn a foreign language?
  39. Your favourite art piece
  40. Your most memorable festival

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Why is your best friend very special to you
  2. How your geani4s influence your life
  3. What are the traits of a successful business leader
  4. What is the most admirable quality in you
  5. Who is your favourite celebrity, and why
  6. What are the traits of a great athlete
  7. What makes a good parent
  8. How does a sense of humour impact the life of a person
  9. What qualities make a great political leader, and why?
  10. What are the personality traits of a great artist?
  11. How a person’s culture shapes his personality
  12. What are the ideals of any doctor or nurse
  13. What are the main character traits of any successful entrepreneur
  14. Describe the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon
  15. What is your success drive
  16. Describe the architectural beauty of Paris
  17. Why are the Hawaii beaches so picturesque?
  18. Explain the rich Roman history.
  19. Why does Las Vegas attract tourists so much with extravagant lights and shows?
  20. What makes New York City so much iconic
  21. Why the peacefulness of the countryside gives relief from the hustle of city life
  22. Describe the beauty of the sandy Bahamas shores
  23. cobblestone streets of Old Quebec City – a tourist attraction
  24. What makes Tokyo so iconic
  25. Describe the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps
  26. What are the main tourist attractions in London
  27. Why does staying in a wooden house in a forest area give peace?
  28. Describe the bay of the Australian Outback.
  29. Describe the rugged wilderness of Alaska and why it is so crucial to the visitors.
  30. Significance of Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City
  31. Describe the pomp and grandeur of carnivals in Brazil

Other Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. Explain the experience and atmosphere of music festivals like Coachella
  2. Why Olympics opening ceremony is a matter of interest to people around the world
  3. Why is the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico
  4. What is the experience of attending the Renaissance Fair
  5. Explain the cultural significance of the “annual Cherry Blossom Festival” in Japan
  6. Describe the atmosphere and experience of the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans
  7. History of the annual “Burning Man Festival” in Nevada
  8. Why do people attend the Comic-Con convention so much
  9. Explain the significance of the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, Germany
  10. Why do people attend the pride parade
  11. What is the history, culture and significance of the holistic festivals in India?
  12. Impact of rock music on American culture
  13. Why the pearl harbour bombing change the course of World War II
  14. Impact of diamond cut on its value and brilliance
  15. Luxury watch vs ordinary watch
  16. Why is silk fabric so unique
  17. How a good quality leather bag is made
  18. How to test wood quality for top furniture
  19. Describe the top elements of a classic car
  20. How the weight and shape of a tennis racquet can affect the player’s performance
  21. Describe the lens settings of the high-resolution cameras
  22. How a good beer is brewed
  23. How to cut a gemstone effectively
  24. What are the technical advances in making a smartphone
  25. How to develop the best business strategy
  26. The top business forecasting models
  27. Explain the significance of the SWOT and PESTEL analysis
  28. What is the significance of brand loyalty
  29. What is perfect parenting
  30. How to stop child abuses
  31. How to prevent domestic violence

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Descriptive Essay Structure

A descriptive consists of the following structure:

  • Introduction: Here, you need to introduce the given topic and provide a precise view of it
  • Thesis statement: Here, you will outline the topic description.
  • The main body: Tit needs to be made with 3 separate paragraphs. The first paragraph focuses on the detailed description. The second one covers the surrounding environment of the topic. The 3rd Para focuses on the emotive description and how the topic affects.
  • Conclusion: This part draws all the points together without writing anything new.

A perfect Descriptive Essay Format should also be used here, along with a suitable format.

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