120+ Unique Evaluation Essay Topics and Ideas for College Students


Are you a college student? Are you under the pressure of your evaluation essay assignment papers? This blog will discuss some unique evaluation essay topics and ideas for college students. A successful evaluation essay should have an introduction that outlines the criteria to be evaluated and the conclusions you intend to make. Additionally, the introduction should provide a thesis statement that states the overall opinion of the subject being evaluated.

Evaluation Essay Topics

What is Evaluation Essay?

The purpose of any evaluation essay is to present any opinion or viewpoint on a particular subject or body. It needs to provide an article summary by using a well-structured argument. You need to present your own viewpoint supported by evidence and examples.

How to Write an Evaluation Essay? Step-By-Step Guide

  • Select your topic: As in any essay, choosing a good topic is the very first step in writing an evaluation essay. Your college professor will often give you an evaluation essay topic. Sometimes, you are given the freedom to choose the essay topic on your own. In the latter case, you are always advised to choose a topic that you are already familiar with. It would help if you did an in-depth analysis of the subject for your judgment. Thus, it would help if you choose your subject topic on which you have good knowledge.
  • Writing a thesis statement: This is the key element in your essay, setting the real purpose for its evaluation. In your thesis, you need to state the criteria that are being used for judging the item. This part is very important in Evaluation Essay Writing work.
  • Determining the real criteria: It is used to assess the product. Here, you need to choose a number of different benchmarks for making your essay writing interesting. Your chosen criteria will vary as per what you are evaluating.
  • Looking for supporting evidence: It is always essential to remember the essay is not just your opinion. You also need to look for all the supporting clues from trustworthy sources for all your judgments.
  • Drafting an essay: First, make a draft of your essay. It would be best if you did a lot of writing at this stage. Here, you can also cancel some writing and rewrite it in a better way.
  • Reviewing, revising and rewriting your essay: After completing your first draft, you need to read over your whole work and make the necessary changes. You always need to be prepared to rewrite the essay many times to make the best of it.

How to Choose a Relevant Topic for an Evaluation Essay?

  • It needs to be relevant and interesting.
  • The subject needs to be common to the majority of your readers
  • It needs to be meaningful and creative
  • The essay topic should not be very much common but should be more interesting.

List of Best Evaluation Essay Topics & Ideas

Unique Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Drug abuses and remedies
  2. Rehabs for alcoholics and drug addicts
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Child abuse at home and school
  5. Dyslexia
  6. Dementia
  7. Loneliness in old age
  8. Mental health
  9. Global terrorism
  10. Defence sector
  11. National border protection
  12. Financial risks
  13. Money laundering
  14. Counselling for dysfunctional families
  15. Student Counselling
  16. Modern education
  17. Offline vs online education
  18. Covid vaccination
  19. Covid prevention
  20. Overseas travelling

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Some commonest evaluation Essay Sports Topics

  1. Performance of real Madrid
  2. Rugby world cup event
  3. Make your dream football team
  4. Pros and cons of watching sports at home, field and in bars
  5. Impact of university soccer teams on young men’ personalities
  6. Ideal sporting places
  7. Is Andre Agassi’s play underestimated or overestimated
  8. How do the sports find to influence a player’s performance/
  9. Essay on ranking American playoff system
  10. How does the performance of basketball player Kevin Durant affect sports money?
  11. Analyze the performances of college and university-level sports teams
  12. Essay on Boston Celtics
  13. Proper coaching for national-level sportsmen
  14. Is tennis available for high school students in your locality?

Some common Essay Topics on Movies, Plays, and T.V. are as follows

How have the male and female roles changed modern romantic films?

  1. How to show romance in modern movies
  2. What is the impact of fiction films on viewers?
  3. Movies on war and peace
  4. Impact of television on students
  5. Are the historical movies really evident in history?
  6. Effects of education-based programs on the minds of the students
  7. What type of movie needs to have a sequel?
  8. Movies shot in a foreign nation and their importance
  9. Effect of the “Harry Potter” movie on a child’s mind

Some popular evaluation Essay Topics on Technology are as follows

  1. Effect of IT (Information Technology) and digital marketing in the modern society
  2. Online vs offline jobs
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of satellite technology
  4. Evolution of computers- from desktop to tab
  5. How to use technology effectively for constructive purposes?

Some evaluation essay topics colleges are as follows

  1. The atmosphere and ambience of a restaurant
  2. Menu item
  3. Service quality
  4. Price and value
  5. Entertainment
  6. Design, colours, feeling
  7. Waiting time
  8. Cleanliness
  9. Hygiene
  10. Uses of smartwatch
  11. Uses of iPods, apple laptops etc.
  12. Features of the latest version of your smartphone
  13. Is there a necessity to use various apps on a smartphone?

Essay Topics Related to Food and Restaurants

  1. Nutrition and calorific value of various food items
  2. Impact of vegetarian diet
  3. Uses of consuming genetically modified food items
  4. Negative effects of junk foods
  5. Ill effects of fast food
  6. Food safety
  7. Obesity and food allergy
  8. Food additives

Evaluative Essay Topics 2022

  1. How is SAT reliable?
  2. Use of online education
  3. Are the news broadcasts still relevant?
  4. Role of videos in digital or online marketing
  5. Effect of team sports on job performances
  6. Are athletic scholarships important?

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Evaluative Essay Topics 2023

  1. What makes studying interesting to students?
  2. Why your friendship broke up?
  3. How does the loyalty of a friend matters to you?
  4. Can a pet help you with an anxiety disorder?
  5. What are the effective resources while studying?
  6. Discuss your school performance and if you were a good student
  7. How many hours do you need to sleep
  8. Do you have close bonds with your family?
  9. What car model is ideal for a student?
  10. How can reading help you?
  11. Importance and effect of reading habits in children as well as adults

Essay Topics on Health

  1. Why do we need to stop food waste?
  2. What man can conceive can achieve
  3. Water sanitation and hygiene
  4. Affordable care act suggestions
  5. Impact of social media on food
  6. Allopathic vs alternate medicines

Essay Topics on the Internet

  1. Role of the internet in addiction
  2. Effect of the internet on student lives
  3. Internet’s effect on media and journalism
  4. The necessity of Internet Censorship.

Essay Topics on Culture

  1. Importance of cultural identity in any individual
  2. Culture as a political instrument in today’s world
  3. Eastern vs western culture
  4. Role of culture on people with mixed originals
  5. Religious views on culture

Life Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate how cell phones have changed your life
  2. Explore the online relationships
  3. Scrutinize online communication
  4. How do parenting styles affect students?
  5. Care and attention for the elderly people in a family
  6. Daycare for the old people
  7. Loneliness in old age

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Art Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate the performance of your favourite band in their concert
  2. Scrutinize niche music
  3. Evaluate any famous artist
  4. Elaborate on a famous art museum

Evaluative Essay Topics about School

  1. Class education vs online education
  2. Effect of modern education
  3. Effect of COVID on school education
  4. Free education vs paying one
  5. Effect of school timings and shifts on students

Science Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. The global effect of drones on modern life
  2. The global effect of the internet
  3. Work from home on a laptop vs office work
  4. Effect of modern weapons on warfare

Evaluation Essay Topics on Literature

  1. Moral message in a book
  2. Educative value of books
  3. Various books for different age groups
  4. Entertaining value of books
  5. Book with a standing test of time
  6. Screen adaptations of the book
  7. Merits of shifting from paper to e-books
  8. Book reading vs online reading
  9. Text books vs novels and storybooks

Top 10 Controversial Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. The Impact of the Death Penalty on Crime
  2. The Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods
  3. The Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws
  4. The Advantages and Disadvantages of School Vouchers
  5. The Implications of Social Networking on Privacy
  6. The Impact of Spending Cuts on Public Education
  7. The Effect of Foreign Aid on Developing Countries
  8. The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture
  9. The Merits of Free Trade Agreements
  10. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Education

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