Best Dissertation Topics and Ideas for Academic Writing in 2023


What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation typically allows students to present their findings in response to their chosen proposition or question. This project aims to test the student’s independent research skills that they have acquired during their university studies. This assessment helps to determine their final academic grade.

Dissertation Topics

How to Choose a Good Dissertation Topic?

  • Choose a topic that interests you: Always try to select a unique topic that interests you from any field. If you choose an interesting topic, it will really help you to write good quality and will research dissertation paper.
  • Select something unique: choosing a unique topic is very important in writing a dissertation assignment paper. A unique and uncommon dissertation topic will always draw more attention from your audiences as well as the university assessors.
  • Do not be vague: Do not be too vague while choosing your dissertation topic. Try to select a topic on which you have enough knowledge and enough resources to get more data and information regarding that topic.
  • Do not be narrow: Always adhere to the given word count or word limit given by your assessor in writing any dissertation topic.
  • Carry out proper research work: You must carry out proper research work to get the best dissertation topic and ideas.
  • Always try to be objective: Always try to be very much objective while choosing your dissertation topic. The used data needs to be hundred per cent correct, relevant, and adhere to the selected topic.

Unique Dissertation Topics and Ideas for Students in 2023

  1. Gender identity
  2. Uses of artificial intelligence for customer satisfaction
  3. Use of technology in the healthcare sector
  4. postnatal depression vs technology
  5. effect of financial accounting on business development strategy
  6. learning abilities in introverted ad extrovert students
  7. LGBTQ community culture in Asian vs European countries
  8. Modern challenges faced by business startups in the UK
  9. Can women’s empowerment lead to more hostility in the field of gender discrimination?
  10. The social effect of LGBTQ marriage registration
  11. Effect of capitalism on the fashion industry
  12. Social roles in gender discrimination
  13. How to teach dyslexic students effectively
  14. Effects f globalization on international law
  15. Can cultural identity affect creative art
  16. How can social media help in setting the latest fashion trends and promoting sales
  17. Can ultra-modern technology affect public health?
  18. Social impact of parents’ divorce on children
  19. Can IT help in the biomedicine field?
  20. Can art be censored


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List of 250+ Latest Dissertation Topics and Ideas in 2023

Dissertation Topics in Education

  1. Effect of the internet on the social life of students
  2. Classroom classes vs online classes
  3. Interaction between students from various ethnicities based on different approaches
  4. Prevention of harassment among the youngest students in school
  5. Antisocial behaviour of students in high schools
  6. Significance of self-study for students
  7. Importance of time management in student life
  8. Need for personal development of teachers in educational institutes
  9. Role of sustainability in educational organizations
  10. The rising cost in the academic sector
  11. Issue of teacher shortage in private schools
  12. Gender differential in the education sector
  13. Analysis of various teaching methods used in schools
  14. Depression aced by students in medical colleges
  15. Issue of rising fees in private schools
  16. Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on students across the world
  17. Cultural roots in education
  18. Importance of learning foreign languages
  19. Civic role of students in college and universities
  20. Developing a sense of self-education in students

Dissertation Topics in Business

  1. Performance of global busies evaluation within multicultural organizations
  2. How can corporate governance affect globalization, internationalization and the performance of various companies?
  3. What kinds of images and themes can make trans-cultural resonant and dissonances in an international classroom with divergent nationalities as well as cultural backgrounds?
  4. Can global market productions help business groups to mobilize effectively?
  5. How do various patterns of business-government relations affect the industrial upgrading process?
  6. How the multinational organization control the growing complexity of managing themselves in the rising power of other private companies?
  7. How can Brexit have an effect on British business for the average, small and medium-sized enterprises?
  8. How can Brexit affect the regulatory burden of the large business bodies in the USA and the UK?
  9. The Business-Government relations in a contingency theory framework
  10. Process and meaning of globalization and its impact on various business teams
  11. Effect on global business post COVID-19 pandemic
  12. How the multinational corporations do corporate governance in China
  13. How global investments in Chinese firms can intrigue the cold war between China and the west
  14. What factors affect multicultural companies to choose the corporate political strategy?
  15. How examine firms enter the Chinese market managing the political risk?
  16. An examination of the implications of Brexit for the UK firms in the European supply chain
  17. Link of Brexit with foreign direct investment in the UK
  18. Role of corporate social responsibility in local as well global business organizations
  19. How to carry out an effective market positing in marketing management for a company
  20. Effect of the global economic crisis on world business and share markets

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Dissertation Topics in Management

  1. How to implement marketing management most effectively in local and global business
  2. What are the 4Ps of marketing and how to implement them
  3. What are SWOT analysis and its implementation
  4. How to implement a proper market survey
  5. What is pricing, and how to implement it effectively
  6. What is retrograde pricing?
  7. What is psychological pricing?
  8. How to implement tax benefits in marketing management?
  9. How to implement the best market forecasting methods to maximize future profits
  10. How to recruit the best workforce by developing the best Human Resource Management (HR) in any corporate sector?
  11. How to design the best financial analysis system for a company?
  12. What is 360-degree analysis, and how to implement it effectively?
  13. What is headhunting? Why is it needed?
  14. What is the BCG matrix? What are its applications?
  15. What are the corporate managerial applications of the Delphi technique?
  16. How to prevent corporate corruption?
  17. What is whistleblowing?
  18. How to design the best logistics system for an organization
  19. What is market segmentation and how to implement it
  20. Local ns global marketing management system

Finance Dissertation Ideas

  1. Impact of COVID-19 on finance
  2. Is cryptocurrency ideal for global finance g
  3. Why do banks oppose cryptocurrency?
  4. Can BASEL rules be applied successfully?
  5. The function of RPA and automation in the audit sector
  6. What is the role of the auditors in financial reporting
  7. The financial crisis in banking management and risk management
  8. Financial exchange risk management in various financial institutes
  9. Risk management in international banking
  10. Credit risk management in financial institutions
  11. The security challenges in the online banking system
  12. Can digitization be regarded as a drastic step towards the banking sector?
  13. Can there be any sustainability to Fintechs in the long run
  14. Top security practices in online transactions
  15. How the youth and elderly make the most use of internet banking
  16. Ethics or profit to be the first priority in corporate accounting and finance?
  17. Rationality vs audit risk
  18. Does accounting really matter for a brand?
  19. Is the independence of an author a reality or perception
  20. Transfer pricing vs tax evasion

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Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Male vs female rape legislation
  2. Relationship between criminal and deference justice
  3. How can manslaughter regulations be misused?
  4. How to make a detector beneficial?
  5. How can a person accused of any crime prove that confession has been forcefully extracted from him?
  6. Ho the concept of “mistrial” comes from?
  7. What is the effectiveness of international law in combating transnational crimes?
  8. What is the impact of mental health on any criminal behaviour?
  9. What are the factors related to any crime that shall not be presented to the jury?
  10. Effects of juvenile justice
  11. Victim participation roles
  12. Legislation methods to crime witness
  13. The legislation o international murder
  14. Role of race and gender in criminal justice
  15. History of the death penalty
  16. Death penalty effect on criminal justice
  17. Implementation of criminal law
  18. Criminal legislation in American law
  19. Effect of a pandemic on the legal system
  20. Role of forensics in legal systems

Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. Prejudice vs discrimination
  2. Social cognition
  3. Attitudes
  4. Person perception
  5. Cults vs social control
  6. Persuasion vs propaganda vs marketing
  7. Nonverbal communication
  8. Attraction, romance, and love
  9. Leadership
  10. Prosaically behaviour
  11. Eating disorders
  12. Phobias
  13. Depression
  14. Seasonal affective disorder
  15. Borderline personality disorder
  16. Schizophrenia
  17. Therapy profile
  18. Antisocial personality disorder
  19. Dementia
  20. Alzheimer

Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Are the NHS nurses really angels or heroes
  2. An analysis of health care research in nursing post-COVID-19 pandemic
  3. A qualitative study of the role of the nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic
  4. Risks in patients with prostate cancer
  5. Role of nurses in intensive care units
  6. Nurses’ roe in caring the elderly patients
  7. Dealing with patients having a post-traumatic disorder
  8. Dealing with patients in various rehabs
  9. Preparing patient medical reports in the most effective way
  10. Patient psychological consoling
  11. Dealing with patients having a chronic illness
  12. Nurses’ duties for terminally ill patients
  13. Proper counselling and caregiving for the terminally ill patients
  14. Duties for minor patients
  15. Proper patient diet programs
  16. Nurse duties for mentally ill patients
  17. Duties of nurses for the wounded soldiers
  18. Emergency duties for the nurses
  19. OPD responsibilities for the nurses
  20. Maintaining general hygiene

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History Dissertation Topics

  1. Ancient Roman Empire
  2. European history
  3. Islamic history
  4. Asian history
  5. History of wars
  6. How to utilize history for future improvement
  7. How to use history to promote communal harmony?
  8. Significance of ancient history
  9. Ancient vs modern history
  10. Influence of history studies on student life
  11. Shortening large history syllabus
  12. History of the medieval ages
  13. Modern history
  14. History of the copper and stone ages
  15. Reason to like the subject of history
  16. Why do many students not like to read history
  17. Why should we read history?
  18. How to remember history dates accurately
  19. How to write a history book flawlessly
  20. Relation of history with culture

Computer Science Dissertation Topics Ideas

  1. How to prevent viruses
  2. Types of firewall
  3. Effect of internet
  4. Online life
  5. Ill effects of compose linked with the web
  6. Laptop vs desktop
  7. Good effects of computer
  8. Making computer literacy mandatory
  9. Uses of computers in daily life
  10. Image modern life without computers
  11. Mathematics in computer sciences
  12. Various industrial applications of computer
  13. System software vs application software
  14. Interpreter vs compiler
  15. Computer studies in children
  16. Ill effects of computer usage on kids
  17. Comparison of life with and without computers
  18. Typing in regional languages on a computer
  19. Medical application of computers
  20. Technical applications of computers

Sociology Dissertation Topics

  1. Gender discrimination
  2. Female feticide
  3. Dowry deaths
  4. Women empowerment
  5. Cast differentiation
  6. Racism
  7. Religious differentiation
  8. Dogmatism
  9. Acid attacks
  10. Social stigma
  11. Rapes in the society
  12. Effect of smartphones on life
  13. Smartphone effects on children
  14. Good effects of smartphones
  15. Social effects of COVID 19
  16. PTSD in the society
  17. Dyslexia is a social issue
  18. Job fraud is a social issue
  19. Insecurity is a social issue
  20. Financial crisis- social issue

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Biology Thesis Topics

  1. Physiology vs botany
  2. Zoology vs physiology
  3. Zoology vs botany
  4. Bio syllabus at different education levels
  5. Advantages of studying biology
  6. Which branch of biology is the most used now
  7. Practical classes in biology
  8. Theory vs practical lab studies
  9. Bio courses in PhD levels of education
  10. Best books on bio
  11. The essence of sex education as a part of the biology syllabus for teenage
  12. Effect of IT on bioscience
  13. Pure science vs bioscience
  14. Bioinformatics
  15. Biochemistry
  16. Microbiology
  17. Biotechnology
  18. Medicinal studies of botany
  19. Top labs for bioresearch
  20. School level bio studies


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