7 Useful Tips on How to Write a Short Essay

What Is a Short Essay?

Short essays are mostly written to answer questions related to any course content, and their length is between 200 to 750 words. This length also depends on the guidelines given by the professors. The most important part of writing a short essay is maintaining its length. Here, you need to select only the most essential information needed for the writing subject.

Useful Tips on How to Write a Short Essay

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How Many Paragraphs is a Short Essay?

A typical short essay paragraph is usually 3These are elaborated below:

  1. Introductory paragraph: This is the very first part of your essay and includes your thesis statement. It introduces your reader to your essay topic and gives a short gist of the main ideas to be discussed in the following paragraphs. The paragraph needs to be short but interesting to draw your readers’ attention.
  2. The body paragraph: This paragraph needs to focus on any one supporting detail that is relevant to your thesis. It begins with a topic sentence and shares the relevant research anecdotes and quotes that you have gathered.
  3. The concluding paragraph: This part recreates your whole essay by summing up all your supporting details and presenting the reader with a final takeaway after reading your essay in full.

How Many Words Are In a Short Essay?

The short essay length is fixed per answering any question related to the content course and can vary from 200-750 words per the professor’s guideline. Thus, the length of a short essay has always been the most challenging part of writing it.

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What Are Short Essay Components?

The major components of a short essay are as follows:

  1. Introduction: As discussed before, it forms the first component of the essay and should be very interesting to arouse the audience’s interest.
  2. Writes argument: Here, you need to provide the readers with sufficient evidence to support your writing. You need to provide every detail of your topic using the statement as a guidepost. It would always help to make your argument credible and rely on established scholarly articles to find supportive evidence.
  3. Rebuttal: After mentioning the arguments, you need to refute your claims here. This is the writer’s challenge for countering the argument to convince the readers of the validity of already stated claims in the essay.

What Is Short Essay Format?

The main feature of any short essay is that you need to put your argument and ideas into a limited word limit. Lengths of short essays usually vary between 200-500 words depending on the topic and the given guidelines.

Thus, firstly, you need to select a good topic and find relevant sources for it. Although your essay length may be strong, you still need to convey your message very clearly via your short essay.

Outlining is a very important part of the short essay format. After coming up with all the ideas, you need to write them down to keep on track. Thus, having a proper outline for your essay is necessary. Here, you must write down all the arguments and the necessary counterarguments. This way, you can arrive at your final goal and write relevant information in each paragraph.

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What are Short Essay Examples?

  • Narrative essays
  • Expository essays
  • Descriptive essays
  • Process essays
  • Definition essays
  • Persuasive essays
  • Argumentative essays
  • Compare and contrast essays

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How to Start a Short Essay?

The starting part is basically the introductory part of your essay. It needs to be precise as well as hooking. Here, you always need to avoid dense sentences by starting with something very clear, catchy and concise to spark the curiosity of your readers. This hook needs to lead your readers into the details of your whole essay.

7 Useful Tips on How to Write a Short Essay

  1. Read the given question carefully: Short essays are always written to answer any specific issue. The first step is always to analyze the given question. Essay Questions are of 3 parts: 1) content definition with the key concepts unique to the text. 2) Terms defining the limit, 3) directive phrases to analyze, discuss, define, compare and evaluate.
  2. Make a good content outline: Before starting to write your essay, you need to create a very good outline. This can ensure that the flow of the writing is good and the whole essay is well organized. It will help you to organize your thoughts to make your argument logical and clear. It will also help you to save time and keep on track.
  3. Creating a cohesive essay: After getting the outline, you can begin to write your short essay. As we discussed before, a coherent short essay must contain- an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.
  4. Write in an active voice: You always need to write your essay in an active voice for academic purposes rather than a passive one since the active voice is more engaging to the readers.
  5. Write in clear and straightforward language: Writing in clear and simple language will always make your essay to the readers more engaging and easier to understand. The stated ideas need to be very clear and understandable to the reader by using a proper registrar. The whole essay should be written in perfect grammar. The sentences need to balance the complex messages and reading ease. All the paragraphs need to contain only one main idea and need to have a perfect flow between each other.
  6. Get data from the best sources: In writing your short essay, you always need to collect all the necessary data and information from only reliable sources. This will make your essay well-supported and accurate. The reliable sources will also make your argument stronger.
  7. Do proper editing and proofreading: You always need to do a very thorough editing and proofreading of your essay before the final submissions. A hundred per cent grammatically correct essay is always desirable for academic purposes.

Short Essay Topics

  • Women Empowerment Essay
  • Corruption Essay
  • Essay On Saving Water
  • Corruption In India
  • Road Safety Essay
  • Unemployment
  • Social media essay
  • Mobile Phones Essay
  • Science essay
  • Technology Essay
  • Essay on the Internet

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