100+ Interesting Debate Topics and Ideas for College & University Students 2022

Debating is a very important part of student life in College and University. Students are also of utmost importance. The grades you get in these debates carry a lot of importance in your academic as well as professional life in the near future.

Debate topics are also of utmost importance while you prepare for any debate. Some institutes give debate topics to be carried out by a group of students, while some institutes give freedom to the students to select the debate topic on their own.

100+ Interesting Debate Topics and Ideas for College & University Students

In the latter case, you have utmost freedom, so you need to choose a debate topic that interests you the most. There are 2 ways to conduct a debate- individual or in a group. But it would help if you made a good preparation to participate in both types of debates.

First, you must have a very clear idea of the debate topic for individual and group debates. In this article, we will discuss the best debate topics for students.

What are the Best Debate Topics for College Students?

  1. Should renewable energy replace fossil fuels?
  2. Freedom of speech is not negotiable
  3. Sex education to be mandatory
  4. Death penalty to be abolished
  5. Negative effects of social media
  6. Does war on terror justified
  7. Public colleges need to offer tuition for free
  8. Restoring internet neutrality is important
  9. Euthanasia to be permitted
  10. Banding plastic
  11. Having minimum basic income comes under human right
  12. Animal testing to be banned

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What are the Commonest Political Debate Topics?

  1. Is Brexit a right or wrong move?
  2. Gun control laws to be made stricter
  3. Should religious institutes pay taxes?
  4. Should the social; security system be privatized?
  5. Police officers need to be retrained
  6. What is the importance of freedom of speech?
  7. Is electronic voting more effective?
  8. Can we own automatic weapons?
  9. Is the Australian voting system democratic?
  10. Should Election Day be made a holiday?
  11. Is uniform basic income a real idea?
  12. Is it the right decision to abolish Electoral College?
  13. Should the taxation laws be revised?
  14. Can the drinking age be lowered?
  15. Are the illegal migrants criminals?

What are the Best Public Forum Debate Topics?

  1. The benefit of organic agriculture
  2. Importance of Turkey’s membership in the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization.”
  3. Should USA federal government need to legalize illicit drugs?
  4. Federal regulation of the cryptocurrency transactions
  5. Benefits of making the USA space force outweigh the harms
  6. Advantages of urbanization in west Africa
  7. Security agencies to stop surveillance of the citizens
  8. Control laws on hydrogen bombs
  9. Imposition of medical insurance acts
  10. Nuclear energy to be diverted for other energy products
  11. Economic sanctions to be lifted on a global basis
  12. European Union (EU) to join the “Belt and Road Initiative”.
  13. Price control laws in the pharmaceutical industry
  14. International sea laws to be revised
  15. Military force power to be controlled by the government
  16. Abolition of capital gains tax is needed

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Some Important Interesting Debate Topics are as follows:

  1. Is it good to be famous?
  2. Children need to choose subjects on their own
  3. Dangerous sports to be banned
  4. Is digital technology beneficial in the life of a child?
  5. Is digital technology really good for education?
  6. Are storybooks better than television
  7. Computers to replace teachers
  8. Children need pets
  9. Boxing to be banned
  10. Should 10-year-olds get mobile phones
  11. Junk food to be banned
  12. Competitive sports to be banned in school
  13. All cops need to carry guns
  14. Voting age to be lowered
  15. Teenagers to be included in the government

What are the Best Debate Topics for Kids?

  1. Can computers replace teachers?
  2. Is space exploration really needed?
  3. Are zoos good for keeping animals?
  4. Why are Olympic Games conducted?
  5. Should the usual school hours be changed?
  6. Do kids need privacy?
  7. Can kids get addicted to Facebook or other social networking sites?
  8. Is it really necessary to impose school uniforms on children?
  9. Do aliens really exist?
  10. Should kids be allowed to play violent video games?
  11. Is homework really essential for children?
  12. Should homes adopt pets mandatorily?
  13. Should mobile phones be allowed in school?
  14. Can kids be allowed to go on very long trips without their guardians?
  15. Spanking kids to be made a punishable offense

What are the Most Common Debate Topics for Teens?

  1. Should arts be made important in education?
  2. Can a student attend the school year?
  3. Can financial education be made mandatory?
  4. Should anti-bullying regulations be enacted in schools?
  5. Can students grade the teachers?
  6. Should schools become gender neutral?
  7. Are the student loans exploitative?
  8. Is a college education really needed?
  9. Should we eliminate stereotypical tests?
  10. Is android software better than IOS?
  11. Are science and technology a boon or curse?
  12. Is social media making people more unsocial?
  13. What is the future of online schooling?
  14. Can Cryptocurrencies replace cash?
  15. Is technology a savior or destroyer?

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The Hottest Debate Topics 2022

  1. Is it right or wrong to edit human genes?
  2. Importance of uniform civil code
  3. Cab COVID vaccination be made mandatory
  4. Can Cryptocurrencies be relied on as BitCoin?
  5. Is it acceptable to make the most spoken language a national language?
  6. Is it right or wrong to ban cattle slaughter?

What are the Best Debate Topics for 2023?

  1. Education is costlier with improved quality
  2. Underprivileged students should get free education
  3. Augmented reality in Hollywood and its effect
  4. Video games are promoting more violence
  5. Dating at workplaces to be banned

What are Some Controversial Debate Topics?

  1. Is homosexuality against nature?
  2. Is Google becoming an online police force form?
  3. Guardians need to monitor the computer and smartphones of their children.
  4. Is racial profiling regarded as discrimination?
  5. No third gender is there.

Best Debate Topics for High School

  1. Reasons for drug abuse among the high school students
  2. Health or wealth? Which is the necessity of survival?
  3. Shall drug addicts be legally punished?
  4. Parental support is also needed for high school students
  5. How can technology make you smarter?

Debate Topics for Middle School

  1. Can all cars become electric?
  2. Should all educators get tenures?
  3. Can a public electoral college be made tuition free?
  4. All districts to offer school vouchers

Technology Topics to Debate Topics

  1. Can robots really make our lifestyle easier
  2. What are the recent global developments in the technological field?
  3. Should net neutrality be restored?
  4. Is the latest technical advancement creating or taking away jobs from us?
  5. What is the future of digital technology in the long run?

Debate Topics for University Students

  1. Birth control pills to be available over the counter
  2. Can fossil fuels be really replaced by alternative energy?
  3. The radiation from the cell phone is dangerous
  4. Should Euthanasia be made illegal?
  5. Should Vaping be made illegal?

What are Some Really Funny Debate Topics?

  1. Cats or dogs, which can be a better pet?
  2. Which came first, chicken or egg?
  3. Do you want to be big or small?
  4. Summers or winters better?
  5. Can men or women be better teachers?

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