A Complete Guide to Write a Plagiarism Free Assignments

What is Plagiarism?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines plagiarism as using another person’s words or ideas without properly citing them. Plagiarism in academic writing refers to the use of passages, concepts, or data without properly attributing the source. This can actually indicate a number of various things.

A Complete Guide to Write a Plagiarism Free Assignments

Plagiarism is one of the students’ biggest mistakes or intentional wrongdoing at any level of education. It is the direct copying and pasting from any source.

Content is usually considered to be plagiarized if 3 or 4 consecutive words match from any online or offline source. The online sources include various websites and blogs, while the offline sources include different books, scholarly articles, pages and many more. Thus, a student always needs to be very careful regarding plagiarism while writing any assignment paper.

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There are various ways to detect plagiarism. The first method is by using various software tools. Some of these tools are very strong and updated and will quickly detect even the slightest plagiarism in the whole content.

If your college or university assessor detects plagiarism in your assignment content, they can then and there reject them. Therefore, plagiarism adversely affects your academic career and assignment grades.

Any student’s first and greatest duty is to deliver only plagiarism-free assignment papers on any subject. In this blog, we will be concerned about how to write absolutely plagiarism-free content.

What is the Importance of Plagiarism Free Assignments?

The main objective of giving you assignment papers to complete at home is to check your creativity, originality, and ability to write the best assignment papers in your core subject area. But if you copy from any other person’s work, then there is no creativity of your own.

Therefore, there remains no credit or reason for submitting plagiarized content. Your assessor and professors will only award you a grade if you submit a plagiarized assignment paper. Your entire assignment paper will be cancelled then and there.

The main way is to get ideas from well-researched and the best sources but write them in your own words. You also need to apply many ideas to the researched matters to maintain authenticity.

A plagiarism-free assignment paper will always award you with good grades since it represents your open hard work, a basic concept, skill, genuineness and knowledge.


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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Assignments, Essays and Case Studies?

  1. Do your best research: This is the basic thing to be done carefully to avoid plagiarism. Doing good research means consulting various sources to get their best reach and assignment writing ideas. Finding the best sources is also a matter of fact here. The finest sources might include various scholarly articles related to your subject topic, books by the top writers, the best websites, blogs, articles and many more. Sometimes, you can also get ideas from the written assignment from other students or seniors. It is always advisable to refer to different sources and get more new ideas rather than a single source from where you can get a limited idea.
  2. Have a proper understanding of your researched material: Your first duty before writing an assignment is to collect all the relevant data and information from the best sources. Then, you must start writing the whole thing in your own words. The basic fact is it is only possible for you to write in your own words with a proper understanding of your subject topic and information collected from the various sources. Here, it would help if you were very thorough and strong with your basic subjective knowledge.
  3. Remember proper referencing: Never ever copy or paste any content from your original sources. This will always bring you huge penalties for plagiarism. In addition, you also need to write here in the text and reference citations. For this purpose, students need to note down the sources used and write them at the end of their assignment paper. Here, you also need to add all the in-text citations wherever you have used any source. This is a very good practice since it ensures that your piece of work is free of plagiarism and provides good credibility to your writing. It would help if you also did the referencing as per the instruction of your professors since there are different types of referencing formats like Harvard, APA, Chicago, MLA, etc. 
  4. Revise and check your assignment: After finishing your assignment, add the references, and revise your whole work to ensure quality. After proofreading, you must properly edit your entire assignment before the final submission.

avoid plagiarism

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How to Write 100% Plagiarism-Free Assignments? Step-by-Step Guide

  • Do a proper citation of your assignment content: There are a number of citation systems for students to avoid plagiarism. Some commonly used citation styles are the Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), Council of Science Editors (CSE), Chicago style, etc. Each of these citation styles is decided according to the nature of your assignment and subject area.
  • Use the latest citation style version: The citation style is changing every ear and day by day. Thus, you should follow the latest version of the specific citation style you are using in your assignment paper.
  • Enlist your cited work and write it at the end: After completing your assignment papers, including the in-text citations, you need to enlist all the citations and place them at the end of your paper. This will always give your assessors a very clear impression of all the cited materials. This formatting method differs per the citation style used as references at the end. This is needed to be done in a definite order. The order usually includes the author’s name, first and last name, title, publication date and place.
  • Use proper quotation marks for denoting featured content: You always need to ensure that by using quotation marks for highlighting your content that is copied; this will help you in writing original content. You must also state the author’s name and other publication details here. It would help if you always mentioned the whole quoted text.


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Best Online Tools to Help Students Write Plagiarism Free Assignment

Common plagiarism detection tools like spell check and grammar software can assist you up to a certain extent. These tools are significant since many students need help to detect their grammatical errors like wrong spelling and copied content. The following tools are very useful for you to detect copied or duplicate content in your assignment paper:

  1. Pre-Post SEO Plagiarism Checker
  2. Thesaurus
  3. Grammarly

Free as well as premium versions are available of the tools mentioned above. Writing a hundred per cent plagiarism-free assignment papers is a challenging job. Thus, the students should avail the best online Plagiarism Free Assignment writing service from a trusted service provider.

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