Want to Know Why CDR Report Rejected by Engineers Australia

Casestudyhelp.com, initiated a new programme, known as Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), a programme designed to facilitate engineers looking forward to getting a skilled migration visa for Australia can prove their competencies. CDR comes with an array of categories through which a candidate can prove his/her competency. But, there are few instances in which your CDR might get rejected. Therefore, it is imperative for a candidate to go through the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet and learn more about what grounds your CDR might get rejected.

Why CDR Report Rejected

A  CDR provides ample opportunity not only for engineers but also for Engineering Technologists, Associates, and Manager to make a better career in an advanced nation, Australia. CDR is a holistic approach of Casestudyhelp.com, and thus it comes with few levels of qualification.

To know more about why CDR gets rejected and not to make the mistakes, read the following points carefully.

  1. It is imperative for a candidate to have sound knowledge of English language to get one’s CDR approved. IELTS, TOEFL and PTE ACADEMIC must get cleared with at least the minimal scores in categories of listening, reading, speaking and writing. In case a candidate doesn’t secure minimum score in all the respective fields, his/her CDR will get rejected.
  2. It is important for a candidate to upload colour scans of required original documents with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. In case, your documents are not in the English language, you have to upload the required original documents in the original language as well as the English language. Your CDR might get rejected, if you don’t translate the original language document to English language by an authorized translator with the registered ID, name, and status and contact details of the translator.
  3. In case, your application assessment is met with more details and requirements to be fulfilled, a mail will be sent to you to complete the procedure. Your CDR might get rejected, if you do not complete the application assessment procedure within the stipulated time-period.
  4. All the information provided by you will be scanned thoroughly and in case of misleading or false information, your CDR might get rejected on grounds of ethical standards along with implying a ban of 12 months from applying for a skill assessment with Engineering Assignment Help Australia.
  5. For an Engineering Manager applicant, it is imperative to provide the following documents, failing to do so will lead to rejection of your CDR.


  • Letters of recommendation and organizational charts must be provided. Should provide the Official Organizational Chart approved by the person he or she reports to in the organization
  • Official duty statement approved by authorized person in the organization Company profile of the whole organization, including details of the size and business activities of the organization being managed
  • Detailed employment documentary evidence for the last ten years Documentary evidence of your appointment as an Engineering Manager (performance reviews, letters of offers and promotion letters)
  • Historical career profile showing your career progression within the organization
  • Details of the formal management training undertaken
  • Remuneration for the last three years
  • Additional documentation to support your claim

To avoid your CDR being rejected, go through the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet carefully, which gives you a clear insight of all the requisite formalities to get cleared before your CDR gets approved.

You are just one step away from giving your career a sculpt shape, so do not hustle and make a mistake. Take time and get your CDR approved for a better future in Australia- the land of wonders!