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Category : Nursing Case Study Analysis


A Quantitative Analysis of the two treatments to estimate cost per life saved in Zachistan using the new treatment option; please show all your calculations, assumptions and outcomes clearly using Microsoft Excel; cost per life saved is defined as: Δ $s/ Δ Lives Δ $s : Additional dollars spent using clairadol instead of huffstatin Δ Lives: Additional lives saved using clairadol instead of using huffstatin The following calculations need to be performed to arrive at the final number: − Number of cases of severe arvophillia (in each age category)... More

Case Analysis-Ruberic-Nusing-Respiratory-Cardiac-Gastrointestinal-Neurological-Renal

This will be self-selected case analysis from the five case studies placed on Canvas.  You will be able to choose from:  Respiratory, Cardiac, Gastrointestinal, Neurological, Renal.  Similar cases will form the basis of tutorial work throughout the semester.  Students will have access to all they need to know about the case before choosing their case.  There is no need for them to attend the tutorial on the case for them to complete this assignment.  The student will need to inform the unit convener by close of business Friday week 1 of their c... More