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  Diploma In Logistics Supply Chain Management

Assignment Questions You are appointed as the Supply Chain Director at the company Siyabonga.  This company specializes in providing the textbooks, electronic XPads, writing books and stationery to all the model C schools in KwaZulu Natal. The Board of Directors of Siyabonga mandated you to ensure the company provides a reliable and cost-effective service to their only client, which is the Schooling Department of the government. At the moment Siyabonga is performing well below the contracted standards, the Schooling Department has gi... More

  CA (Current Action) Individual Constructs – Financial Project 1489

FIN615 PCA MBA Financial Services and course Managerial Finance base individual CA project- (term project). CA project is the business idea for the mobile platform/application, called Efficient Money, where both customers and financial advisors get connected. It's an app for a customer, who seeks help in financial planning, budgeting, etc. But the competitive advantage of the app is that the customer can also talk to the financial advisor through the application (via video call or chat). This platform will provide an Opportunity for the financ... More

  Cola Wars Continue: Coke vs. Pepsi in the 1990s

For decades, competition between Coke and Pepsi has been described as a “carefully waged competitive struggle.” The most intense battles in the cola wars were fought over the $48 billion industry in the United States, where the average American drank over 48 gallons per year. However, industry analysts contended that the U.S. soft drink industry had plateaued, and that total consumption was unlikely to increase significantly shortly. As a consequence, the cola wars were moving to international markets. “Coca-Cola used to be an American company ... More

  1268-Computer Science assignment on Tech Startups

Please write a report about tech startups (2 or 3 pages, single spacing, 12 font size). More specifically, you want to answer the following questions. How are tech startups different from startups in other industries? (20 points) Why some startups succeed while others fail? (20 points) How tech startups raise funding? (20 points) Do social networks for startups to connect with investors work? (20 points) Why some tech startups launch IPOs while others avoid IPOs? (20 points)   More

  Accounting Case Study Question & Answers

Case Study                                                                                             Scenario 01                                                                                              Read the following case and answer the questions asked. Eric considers that the profit and the rate of return are very attractive, but he is weak in accounting.  Help Eric by solving the following questions? Question 01: Calculate the contribution margin per unit of cake. Question 02: Identify the fixed costs and find total fixed c... More

  Financial Ratio Anaysis

HARVARD REFERENCING Ensure sourced information from books, websites, publications, interviews, and others include IN TEXT CITATIONS within the body of the report. Ensure that corresponding references of the in-text citations are stated at the end of the report as the REFERENCE LIST in alphabetical order Assignment Structure: Standard Cover Page Table of Contents/Tables & Figures/Abbreviations 1.0   Introduction 2.0 Background of the selected company 3.0 Company’s market position in the industry 4.0 Analysis of financ... More

  SITXCCS007 Enhance the Customer Services Experience

SITXCCS007 Enhance the Customer Service Experience Assessment 1 – Report Student Information You are the manager of a Function and Events center. You are to stimulate the creation and selling of an event in the form of a birthday party. Research and suggest ideas for the birthday party. Your suggestions should be in the way of a written report. Below are some details provided of the clients you will be catering for? The following details are for the birthday party you will be catering for: 50 people – all adults between the ages of 25 ... More

  Finance RSS Work

The objective of this assignment is for you to explore funding options that are open to an early stage.) Based on the case and this week’s Required Studies, describe the pros and cons of RSS Works founders working with angel investors versus venture capital firms to raise needed funds. What are your assessment of the different funding sources available to RSS works and the merits of each? Based on the case information provided, how much money does the company need and want? If you were a potential investor, how would you decide whether RSS ... More

  Chemical Engineering Project Topics

Good day, I am Tosin by name, a masters student of Adamson University Philippines, studying Chemical Engineering, I was assigned to a sugar production company to get a case study which I needed to work upon so I can write my thesis. The case study given was on the aspect of Rotary Vacuum Filter, the company is having mud poll of the sucrose far higher than 3%, and I am to proffer a solution to this case for my project work. The problem is that I cannot run an experiment because I am done with the Industrial Immersion, and the company is in thei... More

  Questions on Case Analysis –De Beers ACD Analytics Assignment V1.1

Part A – Case Analysis - De Beers 1.  Examine all of the exhibits in the De Beers case and undertake a careful data analysis to determine the existence or absence of any critical trends or patterns, etc. (please carefully assess and describe what you observe, using the terminology and analytical tools learned in the Business Analytics course; you may consult the HBX Data analytics syllabus if you wish). Are these trends, patterns, and distributions to be expected or have you noticed anomalies? What do your confirmed trends and abnormalities o... More

  Applying Promotional Technique Report

A review of the objectives of the campaign The objectives of the promotional campaign initiated by WALMART include the followings. To attract customers to the business establishment. That is through promotional campaigns customers are made aware of the presence of the establishment in the particular region so that they could make plans for making their visit. To offer the customers with the ability to save money by buying products and services at wholesale prices. That is the prices are provided at considerably lower rates tha... More

  MHC611 Business Analysis Report Structure T2 2018

1. Background and Introduction (300w) Background Context Develop a succinct understanding of the organisational problem or situation you have investigated, including all essential information about the case organisation and a positioning of the problem against existing theoretical knowledge. Research Problem, Research Purpose, Aims & Objectives What are you being asked to do? What is your report targeting, specifically? Significance of the Research Scope of Report - what major sections and sub-sections are involved in your report? (Te... More

  Question on Case Analysis – De Beers-Economics of Supply and Demand

Part A – Case Analysis - De Beers Economics of Supply and Demand Instructions: Please provide a critical analysis of the case using the key questions and statements listed below. Please do not respond to these questions individually. Instead, please draft a coherent “mini-report or essay.” That covers these aspects. Required word count is 1,000 min. to 1,500 max. A.  Would you agree that the strategic decisional issue of the case is what to do with IIDV? Why? Why not? Please explain. B.  You are a member of the DeBeers Executive Committ... More

  Employment Law Assessment Notes

First Page – Last Two Paragraphs – 1. Explain what is meant by discrimination – direct discrimination- Because of the protected characteristics 2. Equality Act 2010 – Sex and Age discrimination 3. Explain Protected Characteristics 4. The burden of proof – what defence do they have? (None) 5. a. 3rd party pressures? b. Customer needs? Cannot be justified 6. Case Law – 3rd party and pressure to dismiss Second Page – First paragraph (Third sentence down) 1. Race discrimination 2. Indirect – they are rejecting him because he cannot wri... More

  MBA MPIO Group Assignment 2017-18

Managing People in Organizations Group Assignment 2017-18 Task “Organizations in the contemporaneous world have to adapt and innovate in order to compete if they are firms, or to meet society’s growing supposition if they are public service providers. It has become increasingly obvious that normal forms or organizations are not well suited to support these requirements, and a spectrum of alternative approaches is therefore being tried out. These alternatives are usually described as ‘new organizational forms’” (Child, 2015) Drawing on theory... More

  BSBWHS403: Contribute to Implementing and Maintaining WHS Consultation and Participation Processes

BSBWHS403 WHS Project Question and Answers Question 1 Multiple choices Circle the letter beside the one MOST CORRECT answer. 1. The WHS framework is characterized by: • Commonwealth Acts and regulations are overriding all existing State Acts and Legislations. • Acts and Regulations determined separately and autonomously by all State, Territory and Commonwealth governments. • Acts and Regulations adopted from a common framework by all State, Territory and Commonwealth governments. • Acts and Regulations determined by the Commonwealth... More

  Fundamentals of Business Finance Assignment Instructions

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: BACKGROUND INFORMATION You are a business executive at Business Partners Ltd. Your mandate is to ensure that sound financial interpretation and analysis support plans to expand the company's investments. REQUIRED Please refer to the attached financial information for Italtile Limited 2014. Using the understanding gained from the Financial Management Module, prepare a document for submission to the Business Partners Ltd Board who is considering acquiring a 100% shareholding in Italtile. You have been asked to addre... More

  BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan

Project – Operational Plan Assessment instructions There are 3 tasks to be completed in this assessment: The tasks are: Examining the scenario from different perspectives and producing an initial draft of an operational plan Preparing a basic two-year operational plan taking into account previously created draft operational plan, SWOT, financial details and stated strategic objectives Evaluating the operational program and presenting a report to your trainer/assessor. You will be completing all of these tasks for the menti... More

  Mrs. Jones’ Appointment Is Her Experience of Understanding ICT within the Healthcare

Mrs. Jones is a Health Care supervisor who has recently been appointed to your department in a private hospital. One of the critical strengths of Mrs. Jones’ appointment is her experience of understanding ICT within health care - which is an area currently under review in your organization. Mrs. Jones agrees to present a fact sheet to the Management team of your organization which undertakes to: (THIS IS THE CASE STUDY NEED TO USE FOR FACT SHEET) What to do (Produce a fact sheet) Q9. Analyze how judicial considerations in the use of ICT can... More

  SWB102 Human Development Case Study Analysis Assignment

Description:  In this case study analysis you are required to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding, and use of a multidimensional (MD) framework approach to human development and behavior. To do this, you will select an individual as a case; and describe and analyze the way your case chose experiences the event(s) occurring in their life and the ways the event(s) have impacted on your person (case) through the application of the multi-dimensional framework and academic material. The analysis should seek to identify and explain wha... More