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BSBFLM303B Contribute to Effective Workplace Relationships Assignment

EBONY PARK HEART ACADEMY Institution: Ebony Park HEART Academy Unit: Deal with Conflicts Situations, Contribute to Effective Workplace Relationships Introduction This research specifies the outcomes required to manage effective workplace relationships with particular regard to communication and representation. This involves analysing and communicating information, establishing systems to develop and maintain effective working relationships and networks, and implementing strategies to overcome difficulties.In the business world, employee... More

MSWPG7108 Social Work Practice with Communities and Groups

Students will form groups of 8 to 10 and research a specific natural or human-made disaster at a local, national or international level. For example: Victorian bushfires, Queensland floods, Italy earthquake, Nepal earthquake, Japan Tsunami, Asian Boxing Day Tsunami, Chernobyl Nuclear explosion, Wars (ISIS, Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq). Student groups will envisage themselves as a team of social workers asked to plan a response to the disaster and its impact on local communities, families and individuals. Your presentation will take ... More

Need Help with C++ Assignments Questions and Answers

Need Help with C++ Assignments Question and Answers like This   Problem 6 Write a program that asks the user to input a starting number of beer bottles and an ending number of beer bottles.  The beer song lyrics should start and end accordingly.  Your program should pass this code check and have the following output: Problem 7 Write a program that reads in two integers M and N from the user.  Print out N letters of the alphabet starting at the Mth letter.  You should be careful not to exceed the letter ‘z’, even if the user types an un... More

Financial Accounting Reporting Questions Answers

I need the proper solutions of 3 case questions in excel file with workings and formulas. Words:  500 Q.1 As at 1 January, 20X0 Casey plc had property, plant and equipment with the carrying amount of $ 250,000. In the year ended 31 December 20X0, the company disposed of assets with the carrying amount of $ 45,000 for $50,000. The company revalued a building from $75,000 to $100,000 and charged depreciation of $ 20,000. At the year-end, the carrying amount of property, plant and equipment amounted to $ 270,000. Q.2 How much will be report... More

Accounting Assignment – ACC-5911R – MBARSB Paper Baklava Done Better LLC (BDB) incorporated in Dubai

Accounting - Resubmission Paper The accounting paper consists of two parts:   Baklava Done Better (Rawashdeh & Escamilla, 2018) Baklava Done Better LLC (BDB) incorporated in Dubai in 2013 by five members of the Kachab family whom all became shareholders. The focus of the business was importing raw ingredients to sell to GCC producers/retailers of Middle Eastern sweets including baklava, maamoul, deblah, and makroud among others. After five years of continuous success, BDB faced a major disruption in the supply of its key ingredient: a... More

Ethic in Finance and Business Economics

Ethic in Finance and Business Economics Case 1 Case 1 Facts of the case: John Smith is the controller of a corporation whose stock is not listed on stock exchange.  The company has just received a patent on a product that is expected to yield substantial profits in a year or two.  However, the company is experiencing financial difficulties at this time; and because not enough working capital the company is on the edge of defaulting on a note held by its bank. At the end of the most recent fiscal year, the company’s president instructed Jo... More

Countries for GBC Analysis

Countries for GBC Analysis (US trading partners as reported by US Census Bureau)   North America Canada Mexico Europe Austria Belgium Czech Republic Finland France Germany Hungary Ireland Italy Netherlands Poland Spain Sweden United Kingdom Norway Russia Switzerland Pacific Rim Countries Australia China Indonesia Japan Malaysia Philippines Korea, South Singapore Taiwan South/Central America Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Venezuela Africa Alge... More

CRKC7002 -Marketing Management Formative Assessment Brief

For the formative assessment, we shall be looking for your ability to apply what we have covered so far, and your skills in writing an academic paper. You first need to choose an organization whose marketing you will study. It can be almost any kind of entity: your own company, a local private firm, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), a Not for Profit Organisation (NPO), an educational institution or even a major corporation. It would, however, help if you it knows well. The chosen organization needs to respect the following criteria: ... More

What is Branding? An Introduction by Freddy J. Nager

BRANDING – An Introduction by Freddy J. Nager   "This is not a brand," from The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier A logo is not a brand. A logo is a symbol that represents the company, just like your photo represents you. A logo is just one of the many factors that make up a brand, and it's not even the most important one. So what is a brand? There are as many definitions of "brand" as there are marketing books and marketing professors. Here is the definition that I have found most effective in discussing brands with clients. A brand... More

BSBLDR502: Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships Task 3: Networking Project

Task3: Networking Project Subject: To discuss your performance in the workplace. Hello Beth. This email has been generated to discuss various issues regarding your performance in the organization. As it's explicit that being recruited for Victoria Accountancy, there is a defined code of conduct which is mandatory to follow in order to maintain the quality of operations. For your best interest as a responsible employee of the organization, it’s important that certain instances of ineffective practices done in the workplace are avoided. In or... More

BSBLDR502: Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships Task 2

Task 2: Policies and Procedure Development Project Subject: For creating formal processes and systems for the organization This has been generated to bring formal lines of controls throughout the organization. Attached with the email are documents concerning the complete Code of Conduct for Victoria Accountancy along with the policies and procedures regarding workplace communication and consulting process and the resolution of the conflicts and disputes among the employees in the organization. The documents aim to present the scope and purpo... More

BSBLDR502: Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships Task 1: Written Questions

Task 1: Written Questions Q1. Why Are Workplace Policies And Procedures Important? List Five Key Benefits? Ans. (a) POLICY: A ‘Policy’ is a predetermined course of action, which is established to provide a guide toward accepted business strategies and objectives. In other words, it is a direct link between an organization’s ‘Vision ’and their day to day operations. PROCEDURE: The ultimate goal of every ‘Procedure’ is to provide the reader with a clear and easily understood plan of action required to carry out or implement policy. List of Fi... More

Methods to Adopt Agile Ways of Working in Testing Projects

Note: Use Times New Roman 11pt, Black Color Font and single spacing Paper submission Pages - 3/4 Coverage of all sections presented in the template is mandatory. Use “NA” if the section is not applicable Left align the text/paragraph Align the table/pictures, label the figures/charts. The format of document: Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) Assignment Format <Paper Title >  Introduction <Overview of the good practice and context in which the good practice presented in the document> Abbreviations <Abbreviation shoul... More

Resubmission – Email to the General Manager of Oz House Cleaning

To: The Assessor (General Manager) Purpose: Need to discuss about strategies of Oz house cleaning for better customer experience. To General Manager, I would like to conduct a meeting with all management team to discuss about the strategies that I have made for improving customer service in our organization and provide better quality and positive experience to the customer. So, I would like to discuss the strategies and made the appropriate changes if needed. I would like to set a meeting on below date and time: Date: Time: Duration of th... More

BSBMGT502 Performance Management Plan Assessment Task

Assessment Task 1: Development Project Points 1 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload Task summary For this task you are required to develop a simple performance management and review process. Resources and equipment required to complete this task Access to Canvas learning materials. Access to a computer, printer, Internet and email and word processing software. Boutique Build’s Strategic Plan (provided as a separate document here BSBMGT502 SD Strategic and Operational Plan (ID 124027).doc) When and where s... More

Future of Electric Cars in Mass Market

Electric cars are likely to become a mass market product in the near future. As a business manager, it is time to anticipate the shift to electric vehicles. Imagine you are the fleet manager of a company that owns about 100 vehicles for their employees. In 1 year time, all of them should be replaced. Your manager is ‘green-oriented’ and wants you to come up with a business plan on how to reduce the carbon impact of your fleet operations. In this scenario, you as a knowledgeable person on electric cars should come up with advice that comprehend... More

W18034 Apple Watch: Managing Innovation Resistance

INSTRUCTIONS The examination paper contains two (2) questions. Please answer both questions. All questions are of equal value. Please note that you will have only one opportunity to submit (you are not able to use Turnitin to check for similarity or matches) – once you submit once you will be locked out and not able to submit again. Ensure your name is provided on every page of each answer. This is an unsupervised exam. You may consult a range of sources in formulating your ideas, but your answers to these questions must be your ... More

There Are Several Ways to Reduce Money Laundering In the Caribbean

Referencing Styles: APA NARROW TOPIC: What are some of the roles the banking sector can play in regulating money laundering in the Caribbean? THESIS: There are several ways to reduce money laundering in the Caribbean.  Some of these include proper identification of customers, monitoring traceable transactions and establishing business relationships. ASSIGNMENT: Write a detailed Essay that includes the Narrow topic, Thesis, Body and Conclusion.  Please ensure all areas are covered and TIEA or TEA should be evident.   We are explicitly ... More

MANAGEMENT Quiz Question and Answer for MBA Students

MANAGEMENT   The test is an institutional assessment indicator, important for the accreditation status of SBS Swiss Business School. Directions: This is an individual exam. You are not allowed to use any papers or books or seek the help of a friend. Each section contains independent questions. Each of the questions or incomplete statements is followed by 4 suggested answers or completions. Select the one that is best in each case. Good luck! 1.   Relatively enduring resource transactions flows, and linkages that occur among two or more orga... More