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  Volvo Case Analysis: Finding True Value in the Electric Bus Market

You are needed to analyze the case based on the following five (5) questions either by answering each question individually or in an essay format. The analysis should be written between 2-3 typewritten pages, single space, Times New Roman, 12 Font. The analysis is research-based which requires you to conduct outside research on the case, use citations and sources and any other evidence you find appropriate to support your answers. THE CASE IS DUE ON March 20, 2018. THE DEADLINE QUESTION 1 What are the externalities an industrial or commerci... More

  A Kellogg’s Case Study -Balancing the Marketing Mix through Creative and Innovative Strategies

Assignment B A Kellogg's Case Study Help -Balancing the Marketing Mix through Creative and Innovative Strategies 1:    Summarize the case in 700 to 750 words. 2:    In what ways is the marketing mix strategy of Kellogg creative? (300 words) 3:    The 4Ps of Marketing Mix must be consistent with each other. How did Kellogg achieve this? (300 words)   More

  Gillette Case Study: Product and Marketing Innovation

Assignment A Gillette Case Study Help: Product and Marketing Innovation Evaluate product innovation at Gillette throughout its past history. Has Gillette been a victim of its success and conclusion? Has product innovation in the wet-shaving market come to an end? Explain. What do you make of the battle /conflict between companies Gillette and Schick? Is the battle of one-upmanship good for either company? What required actions would you recommend over the next 5 years that would help Gillette maintain its worldwide dominance in the shaving ... More

  Education and Health Promotion Case Presentation

Class presentation of three assigned educational methods: This assignment may be done individually, in dyads or triads depending on the number of students in the class. The student group will prepare and present to the class for 10-15 minutes three of the assigned cognitive/effective educational system used in health education and health promotion such as (1) focus group discussion, (2) nominal group process, (3) case study, (4) role play, (5) simulation, or (6) psychodrama.  The rest of the class will serve as appropriate target population/par... More

  Evaluates Economic Policies Adopted During the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)-Group Assignment

Prepare a 2,500-word report that evaluates economic policies adopted during the global financial crisis (GFC) by any country of your choice. You need to consider the following key areas: Economic climate in the country before, during and after the GFC years – covering economic growth, inflation and unemployment Fiscal policy measures and their effectiveness/ineffectiveness Monetary policy measures and their effectiveness/ineffectiveness Submission Guidelines: Professional layout and presentation, concise, informative and cor... More

  Nokia Case Study Question and Answers Report

QUESTION 1 Discusses all the IFE, EFE matrices and value chain QUESTION 2 Assess the main strategic actions taken by each NOKIA CEO. What actions created enduring sources of competitive advantage? What actions (or lack of actions) contributed to NOKIA’s fast decline? Please be sure to cover the following dimensions of strategy: products, vertical scope, horizontal scope, geographic scope, technology, organizational structure. QUESTION 3 How did NOKIA manage its ecosystem (consisting of operators in the early years and app and software deve... More

  Assignment Topic on Pacific People What Challenge

My assignment is a journal responds 250 words count not including references by answering these three questions. The name of my paper is Teaching and Learning with Pacifica people in New Zealand What is challenging for Pacifica migrants and their children? What support is offered by the Pacifica community and values to overcome the challenge? What support can be provided with a relevant educational context to overcome the problem? More

  Short Case Study Question Answers Topics

1-Sustaining an Ethnic Soft Drink-Paper Boat: Brand Positioning and Consumer Behavior (Deadline after 12 hours) How do you think are the various factors listed in exhibits 1-6 associated with each other from the conceptual viewpoint? What is your inference and interpretation of the response in Exhibit 1? What are the conclusions that you may like to draw from exhibits 2,3,4,5, and 6? What are these exhibits important? What are the significant assumptions that you can bring from your analysis of questions 1 to 3 and the case informat... More

  Establish and Maintain Effective and Compliant Participation Arrangements for Managing WHS

WHS WHS stands for Work Health and Safety. It aims to protect and maintain the safer health status of the employees under a specific institution. WHS covers standards, codes of practices, and regulations to support the WHS at a workplace. Every industry has its standards and codes of practices under the law. Same answer in Part C  1-10 Before commencement at work, employers have the responsibility to submit the candidate employees in a lecture to gain their skills in knowledge of WHS. Presenting them to a speech will equip them to over... More

  Case Analysis-Ruberic-Nusing-Respiratory-Cardiac-Gastrointestinal-Neurological-Renal

This will be self-selected case analysis from the five case studies placed on Canvas.  You will be able to choose from:  Respiratory, Cardiac, Gastrointestinal, Neurological, Renal.  Similar cases will form the basis of tutorial work throughout the semester.  Students will have access to all they need to know about the case before choosing their case.  There is no need for them to attend the tutorial on the case for them to complete this assignment.  The student will need to inform the unit convener by close of business Friday week 1 of their c... More

  Literature Review Report for MHC and GBM Students

Assessment - Learning Portfolio  This Learning Portfolio is in two parts:  Part 1: Literature Review (Maximum 3,000 words)  Part 2: Literature Review Report  For this assignment, you are to produce a 3,500-word Literature Review that discusses (summarise, synthesize and critique) a relevant topic area to your industry (guidelines are below for MHC and GBM students). This literature review will assist you to choose and focus your research topic in preparation for the completion of an independent research unit in either MHC611 or GBM914 and ... More


In July 2016, after four years of research and development (R & D) and ₹1.2 billion1 already invested, Strength Pharma was about to receive its license from the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) for commercial production of its whey protein supplement, Muscle-RDX. Strength Pharma was an Indian healthcare company that boasted ₹7 billion sales in 2015. The company, located in Gurugram (previously known as Gurgaon), focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing products that catered to India’s sports nutrition market. T... More

  Case Study on Estimate Demand for Muscle-RDX

How does Muscle-RDX compare with the current selection of protein supplements? What are Muscle-RDX’s points of differentiation?   Analyze the methods for demand forecasting that are mentioned in the case. How would you choose to estimate demand for Muscle-RDX? What would be your demand forecast for the next five years?   What considerations should be taken into account when making packaging decisions? What package size would your recommend for Muscle-RDX?   Which pricing strategy would you recommend? ... More

  Iceberg Case Studies and Essay Questions

Case: Iceberg Eight weeks ago Iceberg Limited opened its newly built food retail store on a prestige site it acquired at a premium price from Papete Investments Plc. It has invested a great deal in marketing its frozen food operations around the theme of ‘customer confidence.’ The refrigerator system was anufactured and installed by Keep–it–Cold Limited for £250 000, who also have the maintenance contract cost at 7.5% of the contract value per year – £18 750 – (though for the next 12 months the equipment remains under warranty) with a 2-hour ... More

  Case Airport Authority – Case Studies and Essay Questions

Case Airport Authority The Airport Authority (AA) has been under considerable pressure from the Regional Government to increase capacity at Changwon Airport. Originally built fifty years ago as a small regional airport serving a population of 250 000, Changwon's single runway is at full capacity for 20 hours of the day. The region's population has climbed to over 5 million and much of this growth in air travel is due to the rapid economic expansion of the region from industry and tourism. The options facing the AA are not attractive. To incre... More

  Slobovic Case Studies and Essay Questions

Slobovic Gunter Slobovic, Financial Director at Ivory Press Plc, has a formidable reputation as a ‘hard-nosed’ negotiator. He does not agree to anything easily, especially if it costs money and he does not normally indulge in social pleasantries unless it gets him concessions from whatever is proposed to him by suppliers unlucky enough to have him on their ‘slow paying’ clients’ list and due for a ‘motivational’ visit. While occasionally affable, Gunter is unfriendly. He is always in a hurry to finish a meeting with a supplier and go somewher... More

  Marketing Case Studies and Essay Questions

Case Study Dragons’ Den Troy is the sole shareholder in his small design company. He recently applied for and was granted, a patent on his latest product – the Ski Bug – a revolutionary product designed for the multi-million-pound baby care industry. He has shown the Ski Bug to several parent groups and a large baby care retailer and has had very positive feedback. Troy’s only problem is capital. To fund the production of the Ski Bug, with proper marketing to meet his customer demand projection, he would need some heavy investment. Without ... More

  The Magic Carpet Essay Questions

The Magic Carpet WKS plc. Has been a customer of Global Carpets (GC) for 20 years. They have a global purchasing agreement which is due for renewal next year. WKS regularly gives this Sales Manager of GC £2 million of business per annum for various UK projects. This particular project is worth £500,000. The London office of WKS is moving to a new HQ building in the city in 6 weeks’ time, and the carpets are scheduled to be fully fitted by GC in 3 weeks’ time. The Sales Manager of GC, Petrov, has been requested to attend an urgent meeting wit... More

  Demon’s Paperwork Case Studies and Essay Questions

NNEG08V Demon’s Paperwork Vision Ecosse is a major advertising agency which combines acute creative power with a sound feel for commercial realities. Its directors enthuse creative as well as commercial success. They contract out some specialist services to freelance specialists, leaving Vision Ecosse to concentrate its resources on creative staff. There is competition to work for Vision Ecosse because of its high reputation in media work and the prestige accounts it attracts. This has led Vision Ecosse to exploit its bargaining power on occ... More

  Kitchen Case Studies and Essay Questions

NNEG08V Case Study Stefan had been sent out today by his wife Ingrid with instructions not to come back until he has finalized the deal in their new kitchen. After weeks of searching for the perfect kitchen, Ingrid had decided she wanted the ‘Cuisinere’ style from Kitchens4U. It was one of the more expensive ranges, but it had just the right look for the house and, after all, ‘quality kitchens pay for themselves when it comes to selling the property,’ or so she had told Stefan when he complained about the cost. The most important thing was... More