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Category : Quiz Questions

Which graph shows a dilation?

Which graph shows a dilation? Answer: Graph 1 depicts the dilatation between the aforementioned graphs. In graphs, dilation means multiplying each side by the same scale factor. This means that the scale factor of each dilated side to its respective old side before dilatation must be the same.   The first graph is a rectangle; the pre-dilated image contains two units along the y-axis and four units across the x-axis. It now has 4 units along the y-axis and 8 units across the x-axis after dilation. This implies that the scale ... More

Quiz 5 – Project Management questions and answers

Quiz 5 - Project Management Questions and Answers Help Note: Your answers must be very short- limited to about 5 sentences for short essay questions. Repeat the questions followed by your answers in your post. “Plan Risk Reponses” is a process that seeks to enhance opportunities to improve project objectives; but does not do anything with negative consequences of risks. True or False Agreed-upon risk responses should be integrated in updated Project Management Plan. True or False “Plan Risk Reponses” is a process that plans responsiv... More