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Managing Change Individual Resit Assignment Question & Answers

This is the individual Resit assignment for this course, and in writing the assignment you will need to consider the most relevant concepts that will assist you in a practical change activity.  For this assignment, you are asked to:   Within a familiar organisation, consider a previous change initiative that in your view did not work as well as it could have. Ideally, this could be within your area of influence or familiarity.   Using some relevant change frameworks provide your analysis and perspective on what inhibited... More

Strategic Integration Question & Answers for MBA Final Paper

1.    Long-term objectives are needed at which level(s) in an organization? a.    Corporate b.    Divisional c.    Functional d.    all of these e.    none of these 2.    Financial objectives involve all of the following except: a.    growth in revenues. b.    larger market share. c.    higher dividends. d.    greater return on investment. e.    a rising stock price. 3.    What principle is based on the belief that the true measure of a really good strategist is the ability to solve problems? a.    Managing by crisis b.    Man... More

Managerial Accounting Question & Answers for MBA Final Paper

1.    A is a fixed cost; B is a variable cost. During the current year the level of activity has decreased but is still within the relevant range. We would expect that: A)    The cost per unit of A has remained unchanged. B)    The cost per unit of B has decreased. C)    The cost per unit of A has decreased. D)    The cost per unit of B has remained unchanged. 2.    Which costs will change with an increase in activity within the relevant range? A)    Unit fixed cost and total fixed cost B)    Unit variable cost and total variable cost ... More

Finance Question & Answers for MBA Final Paper

1.  The value of the Australian dollar (A$) today is $0.73. Yesterday, the value of the Australian dollar was $0.69. The Australian dollar ________ by _______%. A) depreciated; 5.80 B) depreciated; 4.00 C) appreciated; 5.80 D) appreciated; 4.00 2.  If a currency’s spot rate market is ________, its exchange rate is likely to be __________ to a single large purchase or sale transaction. A) liquid; highly sensitive B) illiquid; insensitive C) illiquid; highly sensitive D) none of the above. 3.    _________ is not a factor that causes... More

Management Question & Answers for MBA Final Paper

1.    Relatively enduring resource transactions flows, and linkages that occur among two or more organizations are called: a.    Intranet. b.    interorganizational relationships. c.    resource dependence. d.    institutional environment. 2.    A system formed by the interactions of a community of organizations and their environment is referred to as a(n): a.    interorganizational relationships. b.    organizational ecosystem. c.    collaboration network. d.    institutional environment. 3.    In this new world, managers think a... More

Marketing Question & Answers for MBA Final Paper

MARKETING 1.    One of the advantages of corporate retailing is that corporate retail organizations achieve economies of scale, greater purchasing power, better-trained employees, and ________. a.    wider brand recognition b.    more locations c.    branded merchandise d.    “fresh” merchandise e.    more advertising 2.    An independent retailer using a central buying organization and joint promotion efforts is known as a ________. a.    corporate chain store b.    voluntary chain c.    retailer cooperative d.   merchandising c... More

MBA Final Quiz questions and Answers Assessment for Business School Students

The MAB question and answer Quiz test is an institutional assessment indicator, necessary for the accreditation status of Business School students for MBA final year paper . Answers to all Assessments based on MBA quiz test question and answer - there are five major assessment indicators such as Marketing, Management, Finance, Managerial Accounting, and Strategic Integration. Objectives: This is an individual based knowledge-based MBA questions and answers exam. Instruction: Scholars are not permitted or permission to use any pa... More

PM Assignment -Time run-overs at Prime Automotive GmbH

PM Assignment -Time run-overs at Prime Automotive GmbH Background Prime Automotive GmbH are a Tier 1 Automotive Engineering Supplier, headquartered in Germany with offices throughout the world support their clients such as Ford, VW, Jaguar-Land Rover etc. They run projects for auto manufacturers, which range from the small to the large.  Recent projects included the cosmetic facelift for the new Land Rover and a hybrid powertrain system for VW for use in their Golf cars. Whilst business is good, with a group turnover of €100m last ... More

BSBWHS501 Assessment 2: Case Study On Health And Safety At Warehouse

Case Study Read the following scenario and answer the questions that follow below in the spaces provided. “MANUFACTURING & ASSEMBLY OPERATION” In a large manufacturing and assembly operation an employee was required to use a pneumatic multi-spindle nut runner to tighten wheel nuts.  The operation required the worker to adopt an uncomfortable static posture for fairly long periods of time. In addition, oil leakage from the machinery was a constant problem.  The operator reported this problem to the supervisor who agreed to resource... More

Ryanair – Financial Statements or Annual Reports for Two Years

Obtain the financial statements or annual reports for two years (attached relevant info, please also use annual report located on Ryanair web).  Guidance Some of the annual reports will be over a hundred pages long, do not be daunted by this. Only a small amount of the information from these reports with be required for this assignment. For requirement 1 below go to the contents page of the annual report and see the pages that the financial statements are located at. Skip to these pages and print out the Profit and Loss Account and th... More

6UAPM0918 Level 6 Advanced Project Management

Level 6 Advanced Project Management No more than 4,400 words Context Choose a local or international organisation with which you are familiar.You must be able to easily obtain the required background information to enable you to respond to the Tasks. In answering the Tasks, you should assume the role of an experienced consultant hired by the Board. Select a major project within your chosen organisation, i.e. a construction planning project, a project to organise major event, a project to introduce new software etc... All of your answ... More

6UCF1218 Level 6 Corporate Finance Assignment on Flyte Inc.

Assignment Length - minimum 3,600 words and no more than 4,400 words. NOTE – your Table of Contents, all Appendices and the References list are all excluded from the overall word count. Refer to the Assignment Style Guide for further guidance on the accepted format of your assignment. With its dominance of the athletic shoe business, Flyte Inc. has generated £2,127M in operating net income on sales of £19,176M in the financial year ended 31 December 2017. Although its share price has rebounded, its sales and earnings are being affected... More

Final Exam Case Study – Transformational Change and Leader Character

Case Study:  Transformational Change and Leader Character   Question 1: A transformational leader must be able to lead and support change.  Discuss Kotter’s eight steps in leading successful organizational change and why you think each is important.  Question 2: Using the Character Dimensions model, in your opinion, explain how transformational leaders utilize collaboration, humanity, integrity, justice, courage and accountability. Question 3: Give examples of how “establishing a sense of urgency” is a critical component... More

Critical Analysis Essay Help for MBA Research Paper

1. Using theories and modes from research critically appraise and evaluate their relationship to motivation at work. Attitudes and Job satisfaction 2. Analyze the impact that your selected topic will have on an employee's motivation at work (include a relevant motivation model or theory) and to the Organisational Behaviour. The assignment to be in report format and written in a persuasive style that includes critical analysis form relevant literature and research. 2,500 words exclude appendices and reference list All references t... More

MSWPG7107 Social Work Practice with Children -Case study Analysis

MSWPG7107 Social work practice with children, young people, Individual and family lifie Case study Analysis. Assessment 3: Case study analysis: Legislation, policy and multidisciplinary approaches to integrated practice, report (4000 - 4500 words in total). This task assesses based on the ability of a small group to examine a case study of a family with complex needs and demonstrate how social work professionals from different areas of practice and service contexts, guided by different policy, practice and legislative frameworks, might work to... More

BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service Assessment

BSBCUS501 Manage quality customer service ASSESSMENT 1 _ PROJECT - STUDENT INFORMATION This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements. Student lnstructions You have been engaged to review and help develop and implement customer service systems to support the strategic and marketing objectives of an organisation. For this assessment you may choose to use as a business modeli. The organisation where you currently work or another organisation that you are familiar with, provided in e... More

Finance Assignment On NPV And IRR Problems And Solutions

Question 1 Azka plc is evaluating an investment in a new machine. The cost of the machine is MVR 180,000 and is to be paid immediately. The machine has an expected life of four years and will be sold for MVR 20,000 scrap at the end of the fourth year. The company expects to generate the following pre-tax cash flows by selling goods produced by the machine. Year                                                                                                    Cash flows (MVR) 1                                                        ... More

Loganville Window Treatments Case Study Question Answers

Case Study Help Topic- Loganville Window Treatments For nearly 50 years Introduction  for  Loganville Window Treatments (LWT) Past Manufacturing and Service Operations: 2016 -products in batches of 500 to 1,000 Question Loganville Window Treatments Case Study 1.    Provide a five‐sentence summary for the case (the company and the problem it faces) not exceeding 70 words. 2.    The case is related to five of the chapters we studied in this course: i.    Provide a detailed explanation (not exceeding 100 words) to show how it is most... More

Respiratory Case Study

Respiratory Case Study Ramon Chu is a 65 year old Asian man who is admitted to the respiratory unit with exacerbation of emphysema. He has had the disease for 10 years and is well known since the hospitalizations have become more frequent. He presents this time stating “I can’t get my breath. I have a cough, fever and my chest hurts.” Your general survey reveals a frail, thin man on oxygen with obvious shortness of breath at rest. He is pursed-lip breathing. His wife comments “here we go again?” You take him to his room and make him as comfort... More

Instructions for Nursing Assignment -Surgical Wound & Wound Case Study

Instructions for Nursing Assignment -Surgical Wound & Wound Case Study 1504-Part A - iSAP Integrating Science and Practice Scenario Focusing On Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Practice Part B Nursing Assignment-Integrating Science and Practice Scenario Focusing On Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Practice NUR2447 Assignment 2: Wound Case Study FAQ Assignment Questions on NUR2447 Assignment 2: Wound Case Study   Instructions for Assignment Word count: 1500 words Submit via Moodle Drop box   T... More