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Nursing and Medical

  Surgical Wound & Nursing Assignment example for headings and dot points

Surgical Wound & Nursing Assignment example for headings and dot points Note: some of this material is fabricated for demonstration purposes only and not for replication (!) Please make sure you accurately reference your assignment… Surgical Wound A cut into the skin created by a scalpel by a surgeon or health professional. The wound can be left open or can be closed via several methods such as staples, stiches or glue (DePietro, 2014) Surgical Wound Classification   Class I - Clean: uninfected, no inflammation ... More

  Nursing Assignment Help On Assessment Task 370 Modules

Online Module 1 Distinguish the roles and responsibilities of a nurse in the selected specialty practice area. [LO 1.] In this module we will explore the role of the specialist nurse, including identifying the special skill set of the specialist nurse in your elective area. We will identify some of the physical and emotional safety issues related to the specialty and determine some strategies you can use to keep yourself safe. We will conclude the module with examining the legal aspects associated with the specialty, both in terms of your res... More

  Essay on Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF)

  SNPG923 Assessment Task 2- Task 2 Weighting : 30%   Essay (2000 words) Task Description : Victims  of abuse are regularly treated by healthcare services. The Australian Nursing  & Midwifery Federation (ANMF) has a number of policies relating to vulnerable members of the community. "Older people have the right to be treated   with respect and dignity, whether they are being cared for in their own homes or in residential aged care."https:/ Nurses and midwives... More

  case study on Nursing- An 87-year-old man comes into the emergency department after fainting in church

  Case Study An 87-year-old man comes into the emergency department after fainting in church. He “came to” fairly quickly however EMS was called. When EMS arrived, BP was 100/60 with a pulse of 120 and regular. He was oriented to person but kept asking where he was. EMS was unable to get an IV in place – veins kept rolling. He arrived in the ED mildly confused but pleasant. He was asked to stand up and get on a bed and became very dizzy with standing. His daughter arrived and reported that her father had diarrhea for a few days after ... More

  Assignment Task- Health and Safety Case Studies Question & Answers

Assignment Task- Health and Safety Case Studies Case study 1: A health care worker is standing beside the bed of a patient. The patient is coughing and is not covering their mouth. The patient has a wound drainage bag at the side of his bed. This is leaking into the floor. The health care worker is wearing a bloodstained apron, has no gloves on and has blood on her hands What are the infection risks (list at least 5) What other risks are there (list at least 3) How would you respond to the risk (approx 200 words) More

  INTEGRATED CASE STUDY REPORT QUESTIONS: Aetiology and pathophysiology -Bioscience

PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW, IN RELATION TO THE CASE STUDY PROVIDED 1200 words limit - Remember your answers need to reflect the case study Focus Area One - Aetiology and pathophysiology Describe in brief the aetiology of Describe in brief the pathophysiology of Pneumonia. Relate this back to the Case study provided. Focus Area Two - Clinical signs and symptoms and clinical assessment. Describe the typical signs and symptoms of Pneumonia. Discuss the full clinical assessment of a patient presenting with Pneumonia (... More

  Nursing Competencies in the scope of practice in Disasters

Scenario You are a first year RN who has been working in intensive care unit for the past six months. Today you are caring for a post-operative patient admitted from theater following thoracic surgery. The patient has the following: indwelling urinary catheter, an intravenous analgesic infusion, oxygen therapy, a central venous line for fluids and antibiotics, two wound drains and an underwater seal drain that is vented to the air and is currently swinging on inspiration. You know it is going to be a busy late shift. There are two third year ... More


NURSING CASE ANALYSIS ASSESSMENT HELP Case report: NATP121: CASE ANALYSIS ASSESSMENT A 31 year old man comes to your clinic complaining of abdominal pain. He says that the pain is focused in the upper central part of the abdomen, below his sternum, and typically occurs about 3 hours after eating. He describes it as a “burning” type of pain. These symptoms have been occurring for about the one and a half weeks. Upon further questioning the client tells you that he experiences a lot of gas and bloating after meals. He has been experiencing ... More