8 Easy Steps to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Step by Step Guide?

Compare and contrast essays are important writing segments assigned to high school students and colleges. These kinds of essay writing include comparing and discerning at the same time. A student has to analyze all the facts and aspects of an object or a subject to simultaneously find similarities and dissimilarities.

Compare and Contrast Essay

Some students find it interesting while some may not. Case Study Help brings up this helping guide for writing a compare and contrast essay without any problem for such students.

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

This type of writing contains both similarities and dissimilarities of an object or a subject, as explained earlier. Hence, it takes quite an intense thinking and research to compare and contrast and write this kind of essay.

One of the significant to note before writing compare and contrast essay is never sound complicated in the description. However, it can sometimes be challenging. So it is better to know the basics of writing a compare and contrast essay. Consider this guide present by the experienced PhD degree holding essay writers at Casestudyhelp.com.

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How to Start Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Planning is the foremost step to start with any assignment. Essay writing also demands planning if you want to secure top grades in your specified subject course. Prewriting is significant as it contributes a lot to the success of your compare and contrast essay.

Have a look at the steps to be followed to write an excellent quality compare and contrast essay. We have researched and analysed a lot to present these prewriting tips for students who are willing to grab outstanding grades.

1). Choose an Engaging Subject

Do it intelligently and make sure you select the subject from the same category. However, there may be some dissimilarities but contain a few similarities as well.

2). Brainstorm Similarities and Differences

Think a lot for similarities and differences in the subject. For this, you can consider multiple sources. You can also take the help of the Venn diagram.

3). Create an Argument about the Topic

A good quality compares and contrast essay include a stance of the write. It is the main argument or thesis statement that forms the basis of an article.

4). Decide the Logical Structure

The basic logical structure formed for a compare and contrast essay is a block arrangement. Each subject’s similarity and the difference is followed by other object’s similarity and distinction for the point-by-point structure. While on the other hand, the block structure explains all the information about one subject first and then about the other object.

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The Best Representation of the Block Structure Is Below:


Object 1 – Point 1

Object 1 – Point 2

Object 1 – Point 3

Transition Paragraph/Words

Object 2 – Point 1

Object 2 – Point 2

Object 2 – Point 3


5). Create an Outline

A compare and contrast essay is good to write with the introductory essay outline of 5 paragraphs. This outline style comes with all the information divided into the following sections:


Body Paragraph 1

Body Paragraph 2

Body paragraph 3


6). Research for Supporting Material

Evidence is always required when you want to write a high-quality compare and contrast essay. So research well in advance in support of your argument.

7). Use Transitional Words

Transitional words are significant as they give a fantastic flow to your compare and contrast essay and upsurge its readability. So our experts’ team of essay writers has marked some transition words like also, however, similarly, whereas, etc.

8). Proofread and Edit

This is the final and essential step to follow. You have to read the essay and check for the mistakes in compare and contrast essay template. In case you still have any confusion, contact us at casestudyhelp.com. Our experts can assist you in guiding the best way to meet the precise format.

Significance of a Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

An outline is essential to start with a compare and contrast essay. This will manage writing to be effortless. Without a proper outline, the reader will lose the readability. The outline consists of the following points:

Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction

This has to be attention grabber with a hook statement in the starting. End the introduction paragraph with a thesis statement.

Compare and Contrast Essay Body Paragraphs

Your essay’s body paragraphs are the place to lay everything out for the readers to read and explore. Explain things here with the help of facts.

Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion

An essay conclusion is essential as it signifies your point of contrast. It is easy to place similarities but critical to put dissimilarities. It would help if you defined why you have chosen the subject or object and explain why you have drawn them.

Essential Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Tips to Follow:

  1. For inspiration and help, check to compare and contrast essays samples online with us.
  2. Writing a compare and contrast essay on your own can be very confusing, seek assistance from expert essay writers like Case Study Help.
  3. Choose the compare and contrast essay topic smartly.
  4. By following the prewriting steps, format your compare contrast essay properly.
  5. Make sure correct citation is given.

Valuable Compare and Contrast Essay Topics to Start With

Case Study Help here presents some of the best compare and contrast essay topics to start with as we know this step takes a lot of your valuable time.

  • College versus high schools.
  • Teenage versus adulthood.
  • Camping out or crashing at a motel.
  • Apples and Oranges.
  • Book vs Movie.
  • Marvel’s Spiderman or Iron Man.
  • Outdoor games or indoor games.
  • Undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Football and rugby

These are just a few. There are so many to start with your essay writing.

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