Best Way to Write Business Case Study Assignment Paper

A Business Case Study in MBA is a very special type of assignment where the students need to confront with real-life business situations. Here they need to show their abilities to solve all kinds of business challenges. The ultimate aim of a business case study assignment in MBA is the profit maximization and loss minimization of an organization.

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It is one of the biggest assignments for the MBA students mostly in their final year. This assignment involves a lot of survey, study, research and analysis of various factors related to the company. In this blog we will discuss about some valuable tips to write the best business case study assignment paper in MBA.

How to write the best business case study assignment paper?

1. Have a thorough knowledge of the company: You need to have a very good knowledge of the company on which you are writing your business case study. You can get a lot of information from the official website of the company.

2. Know the customers: The students also need to have a very sound knowledge regarding the type of customers the company has.

3. Learn about the demands: Demand and supply are the two very important factors for any organization. You need to know very well the customers’ demands or expectations from the company. The aim of any company is to meet the requirements of their customers.

4. Do a proper SWOT analysis: This is one of the very important steps in your business case study. This business swot analysis involves to internal- strengths, weakness and to external opportunities, threats of any swot analysis of a business.
Before writing the case study you need to have a good idea of these four factors.The internal strengths of the company includes good will, patent, copy right, product, loyalty, etc. The internal weaknesses might include lack of quality, irregular services, lack of skilled laborers, undeveloped infrastructure, etc. The external opportunities include global R and D development in the business field, economic prosperity, more chances of profit, sales boost, business expansion, etc. The external threats are tremendous market competition, lack of customers, less sales, economic slowdown, etc.

Thus, you need to have a thorough study and analysis of all these four factors while writing the MBA case studies paper.


5. Plan good market segmentation: You always need to plan for very good market segmentation in your case study paper. This market segmentation is done on the basis of the type of customers the company is having. Different factors include age, financial condition, culture, qualification, etc. of the customers in a particular territory or region. You need to pan for the products and set the price according to the purchasing power of the customers in that region.

For example, in a place where the numbers of middle class customers are more, the company needs to offer products with medium price range. The offered services and product types also needed to be planned as per the culture and taste of the customers of any particular territory. This whole thing is known as market segmentation.

6. Carry out a proper survey: A proper survey in the market can give you a clear idea about the needs and demands of the customers on both local and global markets. Today, with the wide use of the internet, online market survey is one of the fastest, easiest as well cost-effective methods. You can ask questions to the customers regarding the offered product service in a particular area. They will give their feedback about how much satisfied they are regarding the products.
In this survey, you will get both positive as well negative feedback from them. As per these customer feedback, you can improve the quality of the offered products. Thus, a proper market survey is always very important for you.

7. Do a good market forecasting: You need to apply proper business models for accurate market forecasting of the company. You can forecast the future profits of the company with the help of good statistical models. These methods will help your company in assuring the long term profits.

8. Take industrial training: In writing your business case study in MBA, you need to undergo training in any company to get a clear ideal of the current industry. In that company you need to do a project on business case study writing based on practical projects in the industry. This project and training will also help you in your professional managerial career in the future.

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