140+ Controversial Research Topics for Students to Consider

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What Is a Controversial Research?

Writing a controversial research paper aims to stir discussion and research revolving around any controversial topic. After choosing something that makes people think and even question some ideas to be explored to the opposite opinions to collect enough proof. Let’s Start Controversial Research Topics Journey.

Controversial Research Topics

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How to Write a Controversial Research Paper?

  • Know your readers: Imagine your type of readers from different viewpoints of your argument. Here, it would help if you considered the people who can disagree with you and those who agree with you. You need to take their concerns into consideration. Thus, you will develop a good ability for a wide range of readers.
  • Demonstrate your care for your readers: You can show your care for your readers in various ways. The best way is to bring up their concerns and address them in the right way through your writing. For example, you are convincing corporates on any particular issue and then always focus their profit in mind.
  • Avoid factual errors: Writing points can quickly make your readers lose faith in you or your argument.
  • Always avoid plagiarism: plagiarism is the biggest enemy of any assignment writing paper. You can only get an idea from any source and never copy-paste from any source. Your paper will be rejected if even a trace of plagiarism is found.
  • Polish your Controversial Research paper: Always try to avoid any spelling, punctuation, or sentence construction errors in your Controversial Research assignment paper since it might weaken your argument and create a bad impression on your readers.
  • Write a hooking introduction: This set of sentences should be sort but interesting enough to keep your readers stuck to your whole Controversial Research Paper.
  • Write important contexts: Give all the necessary contexts in your Controversial Research Papers. This might include debates on current issues, historical events, etc. People will become more familiar with your issue if you give the context. This will also help you define the issue’s significance with your argument.
  • Stating your thesis: This thesis part is your own claim or argument. It is not only a fact or statement but very much arguable based on the evidence you gave.
  • Present your argument logically: While you are presenting your argument, you always need to ensure that each of your claims supports your overall thesis. In your introductory part, you need to include a summary of your given argument as well as an overview of the organization. This will always help your readers know what you want to state and gain their trust. Start the paper body by including the sub-claims in the different sections of your paragraph.
  • Support each point with valid evidence: Do not write any vague points. Include data from the respected scientific studies of the discussed topic. For example, if you are using any scientific data, always ensure it is collected from a valid, relevant, peer-reviewed source. It must also have a statistically significant size, sample and a literature review. You can also include specific examples to make a point in your essay.
  • Take care with the statistics: Statistics are quite useful to establish the importance of any topic. It also affects various groups of people. Sometimes, it can also be misleading. Thus, it is always very important for you to acquire statistics from a reliable source. Here, you need to address the context, with size, sample, etc., to determine whether the statistics are helpful. Here, it would help if you also remembered that any statistical correlation is not equal to causation.
  • Present your argument logically: You must ensure each of your claims supports your overall thesis. In the introductory part, you need to introduce a summary of your own argument, which will help your reader understand your viewpoints and argument. In this way, you can gain their trust. You need to write the paper body with subclaims as various sections of the Paras. Here, you also need to back up each of the claims with concrete evidence. For example, if you use scientific data, ensure it comes from a relevant source. These also need a statistically significant sample size with a perfect literature review.
  • Use the best sources: Always use credible sources in your writing. While you are convincing your audiences, you need to use the most credible sources.
  • Cite the sources: you need to choose the best citation style. You need to follow this form throughout your paper. Here, you also need to include in-text citations while paraphrasing your sentences. Also, take care to avoid plagiarism.
  • Support your argument: In order to support your argument, you always need to analyze your evidence. This will need you to break down your own evidence into various components. You are clearly explaining each argument’s real purpose to your audience.

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How Do You Choose Topics For A Controversial Research Paper?

Controversial Research Topics Guide

  • Please choose a topic that is really interesting to you since you will be enjoying it more.
  • Always ensure that your topic is not very broad and over-informed
  • Ensure that your chosen topic is also not so narrow that it is difficult to find adequate information on it
  • Limit your topic to a specific period ex, 2, 5 or 10 years
  • Always limit the topic to any specific geographical area if required ex: USA, California or Kentucky
  • Consider how much information is needed for your chosen topic.
  • Start your research work for the elimination of anxiety or stress.

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List of the Best Controversial Research Paper Topics

Controversial Research Topics for School and College Students

  1. Safety Uninsured patients
  2. Responsibilities of a nurse towards patient’s behaviour
  3. Video games and their violence
  4. Controversies surrounding Covid-19
  5. Personal medical data vs its disclosure
  6. How to deal with physical disabilities
  7. Origin of religious conflicts
  8. Female vs male parenting
  9. Ethical aspects of the beauty salons
  10. Health factors in a vegan diet

Controversial Research Topics for University Students

  1. Affirmative Action
  2. Artificial intelligence researches
  3. Alternative medicine
  4. America’s global influence
  5. Research on stem cell
  6. Human-computer Interface researches and Future
  7. Affordable Care Act
  8. Atheism and its significance in society
  9. Bilingual education
  10. Human clone research ethical or not

Controversial Topics for Research Scholars

  1. Banning plastic bags
  2. Making uniforms mandatory in schools, right or not
  3. Internet privacy and ethical hacking
  4. Is having exotic pets an Ecological Threat or Personal Passion
  5. Is investment in space exploration worthwhile?
  6. Analyzing celebrity culture and media influence
  7. Is animal protection a human responsibility?
  8. Is sex education necessary at the school level?
  9. Gender equality in the society
  10. Are artificial sweeteners really good for health?

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Amazing Controversial Research Topics

  1. Is surrogacy ethical?
  2. NATO’s role in Yugoslavia’s conflict
  3. Benefits of eating meat
  4. Can genetics cause alcoholism?
  5. Psychological effects of hate crimes
  6. Should bullfighting be banned everywhere
  7. Advancement in genetic research
  8. De-addiction camps benefits
  9. Is spiritual healing useful?
  10. Ways to meditate

Captivating Controversial Research Ideas

  1. Is it helpful to have a huge interest in psychology?
  2. Healthcare among tee agers
  3. Is the regulation of social media necessary?
  4. Good vs evil, do genes act?
  5. Future of Physiognomy
  6. Are video games making our kids violent?
  7. Pros and cons of adult education
  8. Are anti-abortion laws really helpful to society?
  9. Will machines rule us in the Future?
  10. Is capital punishment ethical?

Impressive Controversial Research Questions

  1. Expression of slavery on television
  2. Medical tourism and its issues
  3. Downbeat effects of nightclubs
  4. Abortion laws in Poland
  5. Abortion laws in the USA
  6. Global warming reasons
  7. Issues associated with vaccination
  8. Laws related to weapons
  9. Sanctions on certain Middle Eastern countries
  10. Limited nature of Roman Catholicism

Trending Controversial Research Topics

  1. How history repeats itself
  2. Can student assessment be made optional?
  3. How vitamins help our body from food supplements
  4. Is free internet access really helpful for students?
  5. Do horror movies really destroy mental well-being?
  6. Is imposing uniforms a violation of human rights
  7. Practical studies should be paid more attention in colleges
  8. Global climate change consequences
  9. Marijuana is a legal drug.
  10. Adult education drive and its importance in society

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Classic Controversial Topics for Research

  1. Is calling out culture good for society
  2. Is CBD good for pets?
  3. How safe is cell phone radiation
  4. Can cheerleading be regarded as a sport
  5. Should churches be taxed
  6. Is a college education worth it?
  7. Are Concealed Handguns legal
  8. Is corporal punishment needed
  9. Is Daylight Saving Time necessary
  10. Importance of various space programs

Interesting Controversial Research Topics

  1. Can kids be allowed to vote?
  2. Does school uniform lead to equality?
  3. Is Freedom of Speech justified?
  4. Do not mix church and politics.
  5. Pros and cons of military services
  6. Fear of plagiarism
  7. Can religious education be made compulsory
  8. Black Lives Matter movement controversies
  9. Censorship in North Korea
  10. Stigma on Metal Music

Captivating Controversial Topics for Research

  1. Can abortions be legalized
  2. Is advanced education needed for everyone
  3. Is polygamy an inevitable thing even today
  4. Terrorism is a big global threat.
  5. Lesbians and homosexuals vs society
  6. Plastic surgery to be made readily available for everyone
  7. Everyone deserves forgiveness
  8. Soft drinks should not be sold to kids
  9. Fast food chains need to be government-controlled
  10. Marijuana and heroin to be made legal

Outstanding Controversial Research Ideas

  1. Dilemma on Cannabis Legalization.
  2. Why Should College Tuition be lowered?
  3. Basic work ethic research
  4. Should college tuition be made free
  5. Capitalism should be checked
  6. Rise of the machines in the modern society
  7. Gay Couples Rights for Adoption
  8. Why Businesses need to Embrace Ethics
  9. How to control the rising population
  10. Necessity of green revolution

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Excellent Controversial Research Topics

  1. Athletes to be allowed to take performance-enhancing meds
  2. Media promote terrorism.
  3. Minimum wages to be increased.
  4. Society is full of cults.
  5. Eating disorders are curable
  6. How to end capitalism
  7. How to promote public sector entities
  8. freedom of speech cannot be guaranteed
  9. All countries have the right to defend their national security.
  10. Today is the era of globalization.

Simple Controversial Topics for Research

  1. Is technology really improving our quality of life
  2. Is artificial intelligence (AI) dangerous?
  3. Do drones in public places really ensure safety
  4. Has email improved our communication?
  5. Shall we invest in technology for colonizing other planets
  6. Is technology making us less productive
  7. Should all cars be made electric
  8. Can social media really make human relationships
  9. Can net neutrality be restored?
  10. How to overcome mobile addiction

Impressive Controversial Ideas for Research

  1. Using terrorism as a global political tool
  2. Domestic violence
  3. Gender inequality
  4. Banned sport practices
  5. Illegal smuggling of drugs and weapons overseas
  6. Global industrial pollution
  7. Poisonous gases from automobiles
  8. Illegal experiments exposure
  9. Benefits of sting operations
  10. Ban on animal entertainment

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