130+ Education Research Topics & Ideas You Must Know

What is Education Research?

Education research topics are a scientific field that tests learning and education procedures with human attributes, organisational interactions, and the institute that creates the learning outcomes.

Education research systematically investigates and studies educational practices, policies, processes, and outcomes. It is a field of inquiry that aims to understand and improve various aspects of education, including teaching methods, curriculum design, educational policies, student learning outcomes, and the overall effectiveness of educational systems.


What is Action Research in Education?

Action research is a very special form of investigation designed by teachers to attempt to solve problems and improve the professional practices of their classrooms.

This also involves a very systematic observation as well as data collection that can be used by the research professional in making the decision.

Tips on How to Choose Good Research Paper Topics in Education

  • Choose a topic of interest: Always select a topic that really interests you.
  • Knowledge: It is only sometimes necessary to have very deep knowledge of the given topic from the beginning. You will gain more and more knowledge as you begin to do your research process.
  • Work on the breadth of the given topic: It should be narrow enough that it becomes manageable; it should also be so that it becomes easier to understand the guidelines. You must always follow all the guidelines your instructor gives very thoroughly.
  • Allot enough time: you need to allot enough time to complete all the assignment work very well.
  • Resources: Always gather enough reliable resources to gather enough data and information regarding the research topic.
  • Paper length: If your instructor states a length of 7500 words, you must strictly follow the limit. It should be the given limit.
  • Fix your schedule: You always need to select a topic you can finish within the given schedule.
  • The final observation: Most of the instructors do not allow you to submit the same paper in 2 different courses. Few of them allow you to expand a precious paper and make a new research paper. These issues should be discussed with your instructor first.

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List of 130+ Amazing Education Research Topics 2024 to Choose From

Education Research Topics

  1. Can the case help in kids’ education
  2. What is the best learning method for the kids
  3. Benefits of the play way teaching method for the students
  4. How to teach children core skills
  5. Montessori-trained teachers vs conventional preschools
  6. What role is played by genes in child development
  7. How community plays a role in child Upbringing
  8. How to raise your child properly without exerting any stress
  9. Effect of ignorance on children
  10. How to provide proper care to traumatized children

Elementary Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Benefits of Montessori teaching methods in elementary schools
  2. Role of play in early education
  3. Effect of differentiated instruction on student achievement
  4. Challenges and benefits of cooperative learning
  5. How to promote student learning through feedback
  6. How to motivate students in the best way
  7. Effectiveness of inquiry-based learning
  8. How to teach children storytelling
  9. How creativity plays a role in learning
  10. Impact of new technology on student learning

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Early Childhood Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Role of environment in easy education for childhood
  2. Learning theory in early education
  3. Extracurricular activities in early education
  4. Issues and trends in childhood studies
  5. Early learning and development in children
  6. A review of early education curriculum
  7. Is learning philosophy important in early education
  8. The 5 domains of early childhood development
  9. Early Childhood Profession
  10. Baby steps taken in early childhood

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Educational Research Topics for College Students

  1. Challenges faced in the education system by Attention-deficit disorder
  2. How to control the rising cost of college education
  3. How to focus on college reforms
  4. Can you use professional development techniques for college students
  5. How effective is professional skill development at college levels
  6. Good effects of college education for higher studies
  7. How to graduate college performances
  8. building vs memorization in colleges
  9. Challenges of staff development for the college environment
  10. How to evaluate different student abilities in colleges

Research Paper Topics for Education Majors

  1. Usage of various academic models in school education
  2. How to stop bullying in schools
  3. Reducing punishment and harsh treatment at school level
  4. Skill development at school levels
  5. A systematic review of the various learning capabilities among school children
  6. Memorization and concept-building
  7. Outcomes of tertiary-level education
  8. Impact of parental insistence on student carer choices
  9. Impact of interpersonal relationships on education
  10. Effect of extracurricular activities on children

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Latest Education Research Topics

  1. Impact of education policies for accessing quality education
  2. Effect of the Standardized Testing Policies on Curriculum Design.
  3. Role of government funding for education
  4. Need for education policy reforms
  5. Influence of Teacher Training Policies on Classroom Effectiveness
  6. School Choice vs Education Policy
  7. The Intersection of Education Policy vs Technology in Modern Classrooms.
  8. Evaluating the Efficacy of Early Childhood Education Policies.
  9. Effect of higher education policy on university education
  10. Needs of special education

Topics for Action Research in education

  1. Assessment of digital literacy
  2. Promoting adult literacy and education
  3. Study on the utilization of various literary sources
  4. Training on digital literacy
  5. Importance of Extracurricular activities in student life
  6. Need for parent-teacher communication
  7. Special education for specially-abled children
  8. Evaluating home workload
  9. Significance of classroom environment education in learning
  10. Education in online mode

Provocative Research Paper Topics

  1. Are older people always wiser?
  2. Are friendship between men different from that between women
  3. Can technology be used as a gap between generations
  4. Can amusement parks can also be used for educative purposes along with entertainment
  5. What is really meant by “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
  6. What can actually make people of your country happy
  7. Can beauty define success in life
  8. Pros and cons related to different types of plastic surgeries
  9. What can really make a nation happy and prosperous
  10. How to develop your own communication skills for various places

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Distance Education Research Paper Topics

  1. The difference in stress level involved in traditional learning vs online learning
  2. Do distance learners enjoy a better work environment
  3. Administrative Progressivism of Online Learning
  4. Is online learning a better mode of education
  5. Effect of Online Classes on Student Essays
  6. How concerned are the students in online learning mode
  7. How to bring change in learning motivation for online learning
  8. Describe distance learning in the modern education system
  9. Online learning vs classroom learning
  10. Flexibility and convenience of online learning

Research Paper Topics on Educational Management

  1. Supervisory skills of the teacher’s job performance in secondary schools
  2. Effect of strike actions by various trade unions
  3. The presence of bribery and corruption in the education sector
  4. Various issues in maintaining a proper classroom environment
  5. The attitude of the education admonitory to the use of ICT in secondary schools
  6. How PTA helps in maintaining discipline in primary education
  7. What are the challenges favoured by the operators of the private primary and secondary schools
  8. Influence of guidance on the academic progress of the students
  9. Teacher quality and the working environment as determinants of the academic performance of secondary schools
  10. What are the real quails of a good teacher

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Education Research Topics on Child Development

  1. What is the pact of domestic violence in childhood
  2. What are the various phases of moral development in childhood
  3. Is preschool needed in child development
  4. What are the theories and philosophies involved with easy childhood development?
  5. Explain Vygotsky’s kids’ development philosophy
  6. How parents’ divorce affects child development
  7. How can music heal your child
  8. What are the good effects of learning with fun
  9. Significance of child development for late life
  10. A detailed analysis and prevention plan for child abuses

Education Research Journal

  1. Learning Environment a home during the COVID-19 Pandemic and kids’ Perception of it
  2. A parallel mixed as well as convergent method to study the social behavior of children
  3. Role of a kindergarten school teacher with students during the read-aloud discussions
  4. A program based on the syllabic method to enhance the early literacy trends in preschool kids
  5. The cross-border elementary schools for kids with refugee backgrounds in the pre-migration and migration phases
  6. Effects of the Self-Efficacy of the educator on the quality of interaction for child care
  7. Perception of the primary grade teacher on the internal as well as external barriers for controlling remote instructions
  8. Developing a proper teaching model for the sp4cially abled kids

Education Research Review

  1. Professional development of a teacher in the new theory with a meta-analytic test
  2. Assessing the practice of a Culturally Responsive Classroom by a teacher
  3. A systematic review of the student, teacher and observer in any teaching model
  4. Do the new reading forms pay off – a meta-analysis on the relation between digital reading and online studies
  5. Policy and research solution on Disproportionality
  6. Can disability be regarded as a Foregone Conclusion in the field of education

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Research Topics and Ideas in Education

  1. Effect of Line Learning on the Academic Performance of Students
  2. Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning to promote creative learning among student
  3. Access and Socioeconomic Status of Quality Education
  4. Augmented Reality and Virtual learning experiences
  5. How can a teacher shape the academic outcomes of a student
  6. Peering Mentoring Programs to Support Student Success
  7. Classroom Design vs Student Learning Outcomes
  8. Learning Technology-Assisted Language
  9. Differentiated Instruction to Meet Diverse Student Needs
  10. Cultural Competence contributing to the effectiveness of education and student excellence

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